Katie Begley
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Katie is a freelance writer and teaching artist specializing in home, lifestyle, and family topics. Her work has appeared in At Ease Magazine and The Spruce, among others. When she is not writing, Katie teaches Creative Writing at Indian Creek School and was awarded an Author Fellowship to Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing. She also enjoys spending time with her three kids and cat.

The Gobi Desert Picture

Have you ever wanted to go digging for dinosaur fossils in the desert? The Gobi is the perfect place to do that. Spanning vast parts of Mongolia and China, this… Read More

By Katie Begley 24 hours ago

The Patagonian Desert Picture

The Patagonia region is well-known as a wild and beautiful place full of mountainous landscapes, wildlife, and hiking trails. Within this large area is the Patagonian Desert, an arid part… Read More

By Katie Begley 2 days ago