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Katie is a freelance writer and teaching artist specializing in home, lifestyle, and family topics. Her work has appeared in At Ease Magazine and The Spruce, among others. When she is not writing, Katie teaches Creative Writing at Indian Creek School and was awarded an Author Fellowship to Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing. She also enjoys spending time with her three kids and cat.

Just How Enormous Were Ancient Cave Bears? Picture

Cave bears are so-named due to their tendency to hide and hibernate in caves. These ancient bears are actually two distinct species: Ursus spelaeus and Ursus deningeri. Both species are now extinct. But when they lived, these bears were quite large and imposing. Just how big were these bears? And what did they eat to […] Read More

Discover The 4,000lb Bear That Was The Largest Ever Picture

Today’s bears are some of the largest land carnivores in the world. With reputations as fiercely protective mothers, even modern bears are no match for the 4,000-pound bears that lived in prehistoric times. The Arctotherium angustidens could weigh up to 4,000 pounds and towered over many other animals that lived at the time. Now extinct, […] Read More

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys So Much? Picture

Canines are natural hunters in the wild. They can track their prey, pounce on them, and ultimately enjoy the rewards of a tasty meal. Pet dogs have the same instincts but their reward is often a squeaker toy, a tasty treat, and a well-deserved pat on the head. Why do dogs love squeaky toys so […] Read More

How to Safely Treat and Clean Your Dog’s Wound Picture

Oh no! Your loyal companion pup has an injury! Fortunately, with the right tools and know-how, you can safely clean and treat your dog’s wound by applying first aid right there at home. The most important thing is to get the wound clean and dressed to prevent any unwanted items, like dirt and germs, from […] Read More

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Treat Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety Picture

Separation anxiety can cause healthy, well-adjusted dogs to experience distress when their owner has to leave. Whining, accidents and other unwanted behaviors are all signs of separation anxiety. But many dog owners still have to go to work, school, or other places that don’t allow pups to tag along. Fortunately, there are ways to help […] Read More