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When she's not busy playing with her several guinea pigs or her cat Finlay Kirstin is writing articles to help other pet owners. She's also a REALTOR® in the Twin Cities and is passionate about social justice. There's nothing that beats a rainy day with a warm cup of tea and Frank Sinatra on vinyl for this millennial.

The Intriguing Love Life of Penguins Picture

While there are plenty of entertaining and heartwarming movies about the beloved penguin, whether or not these animals are monogamous remains a question without a straight answer. It all depends… Read More

By Opal 2 weeks ago

The 10 Scariest Airports in the World Picture

While landing at some airports, pilots must exercise extra caution since the location, topography, weather, and/or peculiarities of the airport's design may make the task much more challenging. So buckle… Read More

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