Kirstin Opal
Author for A-Z Animals

When she's not busy playing with her several guinea pigs, her 14-year-old dog, or her cat Finlay Kirstin is writing articles to help other pet owners. She's also a REALTOR® in the Twin Cities and is passionate about social justice. There's nothing that beats a rainy day with a warm cup of tea and Frank Sinatra on vinyl for this millennial.

Rivers in Washington State  Picture

In Washington, there is magnificent natural beauty almost everywhere you go! Our state is full of fantastic locations for kayaking and fishing, from the countless gorgeous lakes to the limitless… Read More

By Kirstin Opal 2 weeks ago

Rivers in Switzerland  Picture

Switzerland is a stunning nation! It's famous for its Swiss Alps and numerous lakes, but visitors frequently overlook the nation's rivers.  Magnificent rivers that connect the countryside are abundant in… Read More

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Rivers in Australia  Picture

Pieman River, Tasmania Due to its reputation as one of the most beautiful rivers in Australia, the Gordon River is sometimes busy and packed with tourists. The Tasmanian countryside, where… Read More

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Rivers in Nevada  Picture

Nevada contains many lovely mountains and is infamous for the Las Vegas strip. Believe it or not, Nevada has some of the most stunning rivers you'll ever see. Although some… Read More

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8 Rivers in Wyoming Picture

The state of Wyoming is filled with a plethora of breathtaking sights to see. There are dusty deserts, towering mountains, and raging rivers. Some of the rivers in Wyoming are… Read More

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The Best Swimming Holes in Utah Picture

The steep mountains, scorching deserts, and numerous canyons in Utah are well recognized. You may not anticipate that there are a surprising number of swimming holes in Utah, including lakes,… Read More

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