Lisha Pace
Author for A-Z Animals

After a career of working to provide opportunities for local communities to experience and create art, I am enjoying having time to write about two of my favorite things - nature and animals. Half of my life is spent outdoors, usually with my husband and sweet little fourteen year old dog. We love to take walks by the lake and take photos of the animals we meet including: otters, ospreys, Canadian geese, ducks and nesting bald eagles. I also enjoy reading, discovering books to add to my library, collecting and playing vinyl, and listening to my son's music.

10 Animal War Heroes Picture

Key Points: Many a warhorse has carried knights and soldiers into battle - But Warrior, and the soldier he carried, Captain Jack Seely, led their British regiments to victories during… Read More

By Lisha Pace 11 months ago

Top 9 Fastest Horses Picture

Key Points: Until the invention of trains, horses were the fastest source of locomotion on land.The Thoroughbred is largely considered to be the fastest horse breed in the world over… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

Top 8 Strangest Dog Breeds Picture

Key Points: Many of the strangest looking dogs have adapted to their unique environments.The New Guinea singing dog's voice has been compared to whale song and human yodeling.With the appearance… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

Cute and Unique Dog Names Picture

Key Points: Dog names with two syllables seem to be the sweet spot. Longer names are usually shortened to nick names anyway - so stay away from too many syllables.Stay… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

Do Bears Have Tails? Picture

Key Points: Bears have vestigial tails - which are small remnants of what their tails were like before they evolved to not need them.Some bears, such as Grizzlies and Polar… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

Cute Snails Picture

Key Points Snails are soft-bodied, slow-moving mollusks with coiled shells for protection.The spectacular Red Nerite Snail from the Philippines features striking patterns of red, yellow and black. No two are… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

Cute Kitten Names Picture

Key Points: Choosing a name for your new kitten is important and forms a bond with your family.Names like Callie, Tabby and Lynx are good for kittens who look like… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

Orange Kitten Names Picture

Key Points: Cats in comics and children's literature, like Garfield, Tigger and Heathcliff have made orange cats popular. Sunny is a great name for a charming kitty girl with a… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

Why Do Cats Love Catnip? Picture

Key Points: Catnip is an herb and a member of the mint family known for its medicinal qualities.Nepetalactone in catnip stimulates pheromone receptors in a cat's nose, providing a chemical… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

10 Animals in Harry Potter Picture

Key Points: Author, J.K. Rowling, created a wizarding world in the Harry Potter book series that featured magical creatures based upon real animals.Animagus are wizards who can transform into animal… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

How Many Legs Does A Butterfly Have? Picture

Key Points: Butterflies have six legs.Some butterflies, in the Nymphalidae family, including the Monarch, hold their forelegs close to their bodies, making it look as if they have four legs.Caterpillars… Read More

By Lisha Pace 12 months ago

Where Do Butterflies Live? Picture

Key Points Butterflies share the same insect order,Lepidoptera, with mothsAntarctica is the only continent in the world where butterflies cannot live.Overwintering is one of two ways butterflies survive the coldest… Read More

By Lisha Pace 1 year ago

What Do Turkeys Eat? Picture

Key Points: Turkeys mostly eat seeds, grains, insects, vegetables and sometimes small animals like lizards.People domesticated turkeys as early as 200BC.Like all birds, Turkeys are related to dinosaurs like the… Read More

By Lisha Pace 1 year ago

Types of Guard Dog Breeds Picture

Key Points: Guard dogs were bred to protect property and livestock from working and hunting breeds. The Cane Corso and Tibetan Mastiff have the most powerful bite force.German Shepherds are… Read More

By Lisha Pace 1 year ago