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Niccoy is a freelance writer and content creator, experienced in topics like nature, animals, travel, and food. She lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and enjoys hiking, reading, and cooking!

25 Turtles in Texas Picture

Turtles are fascinating creatures because they can live as long as humans, sometimes even longer. Their slow-moving mannerisms and rigid shield make them unique in the animal kingdom. In Texas,… Read More

By Niccoy Walker 2 days ago

Coyotes in Texas Picture

Coyotes are clever creatures, ever adapting to changing landscapes and increasing their population despite humans expanding their reach. Farmers and ranchers in the south have long raged a war on… Read More

By Niccoy Walker 2 weeks ago

Mosquitos in Texas Picture

Texas reigns supreme when it comes to mosquitos. Due to the state’s warm temperatures, mosquito season can last from February to November, much longer than in many other areas. According… Read More

By Niccoy Walker 2 weeks ago

What Do Hawks Eat? Picture

Hawks are powerful, fierce birds of prey. These efficient predators are carnivores that feed on small mammals, fish, insects, and more.  Hawks are skilled hunters and can take down anything… Read More

By Niccoy Walker 1 month ago

10 Incredible Wallaby Facts Picture

Wallabies are marsupials and members of the kangaroo family. These large rabbit-like creatures are native to Australia and neighboring islands. You often see them hopping about, munching on grass, leaves,… Read More

By Niccoy Walker 1 month ago

What Do Maine Coon Cats Eat? Picture

Maine Coon cats are large domesticated cats native to North America. These gentle giants are playful, loyal, and loving to their owners. Maine Coons need lots of protein in their… Read More

By Niccoy Walker 2 months ago