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Nikita Ross is a professional ghostwriter with a background in marketing and fitness. An aspiring plant parent and avid coffee drinker, you can often find Nikita watching her Coffea Arabica plant for signs of a single coffee bean (no luck yet) or giving her 30 indoor plants a pep talk about surviving the impending Canadian winter.

Kohlrabi vs. Potato: Two Versatile Crops Picture

When researching cold-hardy, resilient vegetable crops, kohlrabis and potatoes are two leading contenders. While these plants have similar growth needs and versatility, they're two very different vegetables. Here's everything you… Read More

By Nikita Ross 1 week ago

Bartlett Pear vs. Anjou Pear Picture

Pears have been a favorite snack in North America since the 17th century when European immigrants arrived with pear trees. Thanks to their smooth texture, colonizers referred to pears as… Read More

By Nikita Ross 2 weeks ago

Fresno Pepper vs. Jalapeño Picture

Jalapeño peppers are one of the most common culinary ingredients for adding spice to a dish. However, the lesser-known Fresno pepper is quickly gaining in popularity as well! While these… Read More

By Nikita Ross 2 weeks ago

Laurel Oak vs. Live Oak Picture

There are over 500 species of oak trees. As such, it's no surprise that they're often mistaken for one another. While the laurel oak and live oak look similar, there… Read More

By Nikita Ross 2 weeks ago

Kentia Palm vs. Majesty Palm Picture

Kentia palms and majesty palms are popular indoor plants that look similar at first glance. However, these two members of the palm family have vastly different temperaments and subtle aesthetic… Read More

By Nikita Ross 2 months ago