Patrick Sather
Author for A-Z Animals

While some dog breeds can run fast, you’ll occasionally come across a dog that can run like the wind. These lightning-quick canines really know how to put the pedal to the metal and can accelerate to insane speeds. Most of these speedy pups started out as sighthounds bred to course or track down agile game […] Read More

Mosasaurus vs Megalodon; in a fight between these giant aquatic predators, who would emerge victoriously? Hypothetical scenarios like these always require us to bend our imagination to allow such a fight to happen in the first place. Mosasaurus, or “lizard of the Meuse River,” is an extinct species of squamate reptile. It lived 82 to […] Read More

The bald eagle is the national bird and symbol of the United States. In 1782, the Continental Congress adopted the bald eagle for its design of the Great Seal of the United States. Since then, it went on to grace many other official government designs, including the presidential seal and flag and the logos for […] Read More

Which dog breed is the heaviest? Some dogs stand taller than others, while others appear muscular or big-boned. Then there comes along a dog that tips the scale higher than the rest. These giant dogs rank as the heaviest dogs in the world. While giant breeds vary in terms of their origins, most share a […] Read More

Which dog breed is the tallest? With so many breeds out there, it’s difficult to say for sure which breeds stand head and shoulders above the rest. That said, some dogs clearly stand taller than others and earn a reputation for their immense height. However, measurements can vary within breeds, so when discussing the tallest […] Read More

Ligers, tigons, and bears, oh my! People have flocked to large cat hybrids for years due to their novelty, size, and unique appearance. Despite widespread interest, few people know the differences between a liger vs tigon. These large cat hybrids result from the mating between a tiger and lion, with each belonging to a different […] Read More

Did you know that every person once possessed a tail? We grow tails in utero around the time we’re 31 to 35 days old, but then our tails regress and fuse into our vertebrae. The spot where our tail fuses is called the coccyx, or “tail bone.” Sadly, we don’t get to keep our tails, […] Read More

Few creatures can match the manta ray or stingray when it comes to gracefulness in the water. These cartilaginous fish appear to glide through the water with each flap of their pectoral fins, looking remarkably similar to giant birds in flight. Divers worldwide love encountering these intelligent and magnificent creatures, but few can tell them […] Read More

Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers count among the most popular dogs in America. According to the American Kennel Club, in 2020, the Golden Retriever ranked as the 4th most popular dog in America. Meanwhile, the Labrador Retriever won the top spot as the most popular dog in the country, a position it’s held since 1991. […] Read More

Why do bears hibernate during the winter? Hibernation is one of the most fascinating and misunderstood behaviors in the animal kingdom. Contrary to popular belief, bears do not actually sleep the entire time they hibernate. During “true hibernation,” animals become almost impossible to awaken. Woodchucks, ground squirrels, and some bat species enter true hibernation. In […] Read More

You see a spider crawling through the grass toward you. Can you tell if it’s a wolf spider or grass spider? Most likely you’ll struggle to identify the differences between these two common arachnids. Their range is similar, they eat similar food, and possess almost identical coloring. To the untrained eye, it seems an impossible […] Read More

Can you spot the differences between a spotted bass vs largemouth? Prized for their size, taste, and tendency to put up a fight, spotted and largemouth bass hold a special place in fishing culture. Native to the eastern and central United States, these carnivorous freshwater fish belong to the genus Micropterus, or black bass, in […] Read More

In the conversation of the ocean’s greatest predator, the debate usually comes down to orca vs great white shark. Most people would likely say the giant, man-eating great white, and it’s easy to see why. For years, great white sharks slowly generated a reputation as the apex predators of the ocean. With rows upon rows […] Read More

A bear is wandering through the woods when, suddenly, a tiger leaps out from behind a nearby bush. The two animals square off with each other, neither side backing down or giving an inch of ground. The tiger came here for one reason, to hunt the bear and turn it into dinner. However, now that […] Read More

Giraffes are most well-known for their long necks and legs. However, another distinctive feature of the tallest animal on Earth is certainly their spots. These spots, or patches, cover their bodies from head to toe and appear in innumerable combinations of shapes, patterns, and shades. While the patterns certainly look pleasing to the eye, their […] Read More

If you ask most people to think of gophers, their thoughts will turn to the lovable rodent from the 1980 cult-comedy, Caddyshack. The film used an animatronic puppet rather than a real gopher, but the likeness is still fairly accurate. Meanwhile, if you ask someone to name a famous mole, they’re most likely to name […] Read More

When you think of cold-weather dogs, what breeds come to mind? Two of the most popular answers that dog-lovers think of include Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. These working dogs share many features in common. Considered spitz breeds, which means “pointed” in German, they thrive in cold-weather climates. Humans raised them to pull sleds over […] Read More

How do you save a dying species? It’s an important question that troubles conservationists around the world. Currently, the IUCN indicates 41,415 species on its Red List, with 16,306 endangered animals threatened with extinction. Climate change, habitat loss, poaching, and natural predation threaten many of these species.  While some species receive significant attention, such as […] Read More

When you see a wasp flying toward you, what do you do? Most people’s first instinct is to run away screaming, and it’s easy to see why. They inflict a vicious sting, and some pack so much venom that even a few stings can kill a person. However, wasps also serve an important role in […] Read More

Eels first appeared over 65 million years ago, and they continue to thrive to this day. There exist over 800 species of eel throughout the world, and most populations show few signs of decay. Whether they live in fresh or saltwater, these ray-finned fish find a way to dominate their territory. Part fish, part snake, […] Read More

When you look at a salamander, what do you see? While they appear similar to lizards, salamanders are actually amphibians, not reptiles. Most species live the majority of their lives near or in water. In addition, many possess special respiratory abilities that allow them to take in oxygen in and out of water. Their moist, […] Read More

The alligator gar is a living legend. Over 100 million years, this “primitive fish” evolved into a voracious ambush predator. It is the largest member of the gar family and one of the biggest freshwater fish found in North America. Belonging to the Holostei class of ray-finned fish, these bony marine monsters are the ultimate […] Read More

With their bright colors and remarkable ability to mimic human speech, parrots are among the most popular birds among enthusiasts and the general public. There exist more than 398 species worldwide, broken up into three superfamilies: “true parrots” (Psittacoidea), cockatoos (Cacatuoidea), and New Zealand parrots (Strigopoidea). They range throughout tropical and subtropical climates, primarily in […] Read More

Although movies and television often portray them as cute and cuddly, few animals can be more intimidating than bears. While they come in all shapes and sizes, all eight extant bear species possess excellent survival skills. Bears can live in harsh environments and take down some of the toughest animals on the planet. Their robust […] Read More

Equally mysterious and beautiful, octopuses are captivating creatures. There are over 300 species of octopus, and they thrive in every ocean and habitat. Their soft bodies can rapidly change shape, shifting from small to large within moments. Their nervous system and brain function are among the most complex found in any invertebrate. Octopuses come in […] Read More

For thousands of years, wolves have captured humanity’s imagination. While they may not be as large as lions or bears, wolves still fill people with fear. These sociable animals hunt in packs and are capable of bringing down prey much heavier than them. Their territory can spread over hundreds of miles, and packs can include […] Read More