Sarah Psaradelis
Author for A-Z Animals

I am an animal lover that not only enjoys owning and getting to care for them, but also writing about them! I currently own fish, a crested gecko, an adorable hamster, fancy rats, and a docile tarantula. Writing has become my passion and I enjoy writing about the animals I love so dearly so that I can share my knowledge and expertise in my work.

Can Hamsters Eat Lettuce? Picture

Hamsters are small omnivorous rodents that thrive on a varied diet. In the wild, hamsters are natural foragers and eat a mixture of seeds, grains, insects, and leafy greens. When… Read More

By Sarah Psaradelis 4 weeks ago

Can Hamsters Eat Cucumbers? Picture

As omnivores, hamsters eat a wide range of foods, including certain fresh fruits and vegetables. However, not every fruit or vegetable is safe for hamsters. It is important to determine… Read More

By Sarah Psaradelis 2 months ago

Can Hamsters Eat Carrots? Picture

Hamsters make popular small pets that thrive on a healthy and balanced diet. Feeding your hamster nutritious and safe foods alongside their main diet provides them with extra nutrients and… Read More

By Sarah Psaradelis 3 months ago