Sarah Psaradelis
Author for A-Z Animals

I am a big animal lover that not only enjoys owning and getting to care for them, but also to write about them! I own many fish, along with shrimp, hamsters and a docile tarantula. Writing has become my passion and I am grateful to be able to write about the animals I love so dearly so that I can share my knowledge and expertise in the articles I write.

Dumbest Horses Picture

Even though your average horse is viewed as smart and majestic, there are horses that don’t live up to those standards. Horses have a great memory and can be trained,… Read More

By Sarah Psaradelis 3 months ago

8 Smartest Fish Picture

When people think of a smart animal, a fish rarely comes to mind. But fish can be smart too, in ways that might surprise you. Aside from their amazing physical… Read More

By Sarah Psaradelis 5 months ago