What’s a Baby Goat Called + 4 More Amazing Facts!

Written by Sadie Dunlap
Updated: April 5, 2023
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Have you ever wondered what a baby goat is called? How about why they have strangely shaped eyes? We have all the answers (and more!) you could possibly need to know about goat babies. 

Let’s start by discovering what a baby goat is called and then get into 5 interesting facts and cute photos! 

#1: Baby Goats are Called a Kids


Baby goats are called kids.

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A baby goats is called a kid! A group of kids is called a tribe or a herd of kids. 

Did you know the act of a mother goat giving birth is called kidding? 

What about that the goat is the only baby in the animal kingdom that’s called a kid? That is if you don’t count human babies, of course! 

#2: Goats are Born with Rectangular-Shaped Pupils


A goat kid’s pupils gives them amazing peripheral vision.


Kids are certainly not known as a predator in the animal kingdom. Consequently, they’ve evolved to have incredible peripheral vision to avoid becoming prey! 

Baby goats are born with rectangular pupils. This allows them to be able to see a wider range of their surroundings, therefore keeping them safer. Goats can also see extremely well in the dark since their oddly shaped pupils allow plenty of light in.

In addition to increasing their peripheral vision, these rectangular pupils also allow kids to see in several directions at once. This means that when a threat is near, these adorable mammals are able to see it coming much quicker than animals who lack this ability. This is a prime example of how evolution helps animals survive!

#3: Goat Kids Have Four Chambered Stomachs 


A goat’s stomach has four chambers.


Herbivores have a diet that consists mostly of plants and grass. However, this can make it difficult for baby goats to get the nutrition they need. Consequently, they are born with four-chambered stomachs.

These chambers are to allow them to get all the possible energy and nutrients from the food they eat without having to completely chew it up. Once the food is halfway chewed, they swallow it. Then, microorganisms in their chambered stomachs do the rest of the hard work. While their tummies are hard at work, they’re busy finding more grass to graze on.

#4: Goats Can Pick Up an Accent


Goat kids can pick up an accent based on where they’re from.


The calls a goat makes are called bleats. Just like a human baby, goat kids let you know when they’re in need of something through their voice. Another thing goat babies have in common with us is the fact that they can have regional accents. In fact, goat kids can sometimes even be identified by the sound of their bleat.

#5: Baby Goats Can Stand As Soon As Birth 


Goats can walk very soon after birth, sometimes immediately.


Goats are born fully developed. Assuming the mother goat and baby are healthy, usually, the newborn kid will be able to walk right away or within a few minutes of birth. Kids are silly, playful animals.

Goat kids also quickly learn how to run. By the time they are around one year old, they are coordinated enough to start running, jumping, and playing with the other babies in their herd.

Some of their favorite activities include running and jumping off of rocks, hills, and even hay bales! Goat kids also love to play with other babies in their families, and can often be seen running around and roughhousing with other baby goats.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/Tutye

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How much do baby goats weigh?

Baby goats’ weight can range from 4 to 12 pounds at birth. By the time they are two months old, they weigh 30 to 50 pounds! Full-grown female goats, or nannies, will grow to weigh about 110 to 180 pounds. But a full-grown male goat, or a billy, will reach anywhere from 140 to 200 pounds.

What do baby goats eat?

Goats are mammals, which means their young are fed by nursing from their mothers. Baby goats nurse from the time they’re born until they reach about two and a half months old. Goats are also herbivores, so they only eat plants and vegetation once they’ve been fully weaned. However, they start lightly grazing in the grass with their herd around 2 to 3 weeks of age. 

How are baby goats born?

If a goat is being raised on a farm or domestically it will almost always choose to give birth in a sheltered, dry area. The first 24 hours after a kid is born are crucial for their survival. This means that mother goats must choose a safe, protected area to give their baby the best chance of survival. Most female goats will have about 2 kids per year, although twins and even triples are a common occurrence. A nanny goat can give birth to up to 6 babies at one time! 

What are baby goats called?

Baby goats are called kids. Fun fact: they were called kids far before human children were called this. They are also the only animal on Earth with this title as babies. Talk about unique!

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