Ballard Farmers Market: A Complete Guide

Written by Justin Zipprich
Updated: February 28, 2023
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Located in the heart of Seattle, Ballard Farmers Market is the first year-round neighborhood farmers market in the state. It has been around since 2000, and ever since that first year, customers and locals cannot get enough. Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about Ballard Farmers Market, including the times you can visit, the vendors you may see during your stay, and what you can expect now and in the future at this amazing place.

What is the Ballard Farmers Market?

The Ballard Farmers Market is a fixture of Seattle. The market first opened its doors in 2000, when it became the first year-round neighborhood farmers market in the area. The best part about the market is that they don’t use outsourced vendors. Instead, the market only sells items grown and manufactured by Washington state farmers and vendors. 

In 2015, the Ballard Farmers Market was recognized as Best in Washington by Cooking Light magazine. In the article, they named the best farmers market in each state, and Ballard was chosen for Washington.

When Is The Ballard Farmers Market Open?

The great thing about the Ballard Farmers Market is that it is open every single Sunday, all year round, rain or shine. The hours of operation are from 10 am to 3 pm. The only day they are closed is if Christmas falls on a Sunday.

The farmers market is located down the stretch of Ballard Avenue NW, which is between Vernon Place and 22 Avenue. All of the vendors line up down the middle of the street, so you can’t miss it. 

You cannot park directly at the farmers market, but there is parking available on all surrounding streets. On Sunday, the meters are free, but you will need to pay every other day. The market can also be approached via bus, bike, or foot. 

The Vendors at Ballard Farmers Market

Ballard farmers market

The Ballard Farmers Market features many unique vendors every day.

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Every day, hundreds of vendors line the street for the farmer’s market. Although you may not see the same vendors every week, there are several that are standards of the market. Various vendors that are often in attendance include: 

Forged and Found Edibles

First, we have Forged and Found Edibles, which is one of the leading growers and sellers of foraged mushrooms, wild greens, teas, and berries in the area. They sell wild edibles that are harvested solely in North America and the Pacific Northwest.

Skagit River Ranch

This amazing ranch is family owned and is located less than 2 hours from Seattle. They provide many delicious products, including pork, and many organic foods, including wagyu beef, chicken, eggs, beef, and turkey. The ranch is “certified organic,” and they meet strict guidelines that prohibit the use of pesticides, chemicals, and herbicides. Every week, they sell delicious food at the Ballard Farmers Market.

Hot Cakes

The molten chocolate cakery known as Hot Cakes is a tasty vendor at the Ballard Farmers Market. They serve tasty treats in a variety of flavors, and they have locations in Ballard and Capitol Hill. Hot Cakes actually started as a vendor at farmer’s markets around town, and they were able to build their business from there. Their prized product is the molten chocolate cake that is simply delicious. Hot Cakes has won several awards and accolades over the years.

Tall Grass Bakery

Makers of homemade artisan bread and granola, Tall Grass Bakery is a great vendor at the Ballard Farmers market, and their products are to die for. In addition to their booths at the market, they also have a grocery store and bakery. Try their famous baguettes, rolls, and their sourdough rye.

Nash’s Organic Produce

Ever since 1941, Nash’s Organic Produce has been a staple in Washington and a fixture at the farmer’s market. These days, Nash focuses on raising veggies, grain, seeds, eggs, and pork, and it is all delicious. This is some of the best healthy food you can get.

Growing Things Farm

Established in 1991, Growing Things Farm has believed in producing great products while making as little of an impact on the world as possible. Instead of food products, this farm focuses on creating goat milk soaps and shampoos, salves, balms, tinctures, laundry soap, numerous lotions, gems, and facial serums. Check them out next time you are in town.

Lopez Island Vineyards

If you love drinking the finest wine, then Lopez Island Vineyards is at your service at the next Ballard Farmers Market. They are recipients of several awards, and they also host tastings and tours of their vineyard. Their exciting new Raven’s Caw red blend is making the rounds. Try it at the next market.

Jerzy Boyz 

The self-proclaimed home of the best apples in Washington State, Jerzy Boyz is always a fan favorite in Ballard. In addition to apples, they also grow and sell many other delicious fruits, including pears. Best of all, you can buy all of their products in their famous gift boxes that are packed with flavor.

Samish Bay

The award-winning Samish Bay farm is another mainstay at Ballard Farmers Market. They sell a variety of foodstuffs, including cheese, milk, yogurt, kefir, and various meat products. Their homemade milk is pasteurized, not homogenized, with cream on top, and it is worth tasting at least once.

Loki Fish

One of the most famous fish companies in Seattle, Washington, Loki Fish is most known for their wild Alaskan salmon that comes directly from the fishermen of that area. This is a family operation that has many tasty offerings, including smoked lox, salmon roe, salmon filets, and more.

Olsen Farms

Another mainstay at the farmers market is Olsen Farms. They sell some of the tastiest food in the state, including their famous beef, pork, bintje, ground sausage, sausage links, and various types of potatoes. This is a great farm that has been around since the 1990s.

Golden Glen Creamery

The Golden Glen Creamery is a Ballard mainstay that claims that its cheese is more than just a food but an experience. They are also famous for their milk, which does not contain antibiotics and is considered all-natural. 

Eaglemount Winery

Home to some of the best wine, cider, and mead in the area, Eaglemount Winery is a historical farm in Washington that you must check out. In addition to selling their delicious beverages, they also host weddings and events. Ask them about it the next time you are in town.

Grateful Bread Bakery & Cafe

If you love breakfast foods, then you need to check out Grateful Bread Bakery & Cafe the next time you are at the farmers market. They are famous for their cinnamon rolls that are made daily and their delicious sconces that are made with Remlinger berries. They are a tasty neighborhood bakery, and you can check them out next time you are in town.

Whitehorse Meadows Farm

A fan favorite at the Ballard Farmers Market, Whitehorse Meadows Farm is famous for their certified organic blueberries. You can go to the farm and pick your own berries, and it is an experience to remember forever. 

Sea Breeze Farm

Known for their magic meat trucks, Sea Breeze Farm is a mainstay in Ballard. They serve everything from rice and crepes to sausages, mashed potatoes, and Gyoza (Japanese pot stickers). You can order online or check them out at the farmer’s market.

Apres Vin

Another great vineyard, Apres Vin is a small, family-operated company that is famous for getting every bit of taste out of every grape. They use their skills to make delicious products, including merlot, riesling, chardonnay morocco, and more. Taste some of their offerings at the farmers market.

Other vendors that show up from time to time include:

Annual Events

The annual events held at the Ballard Farmers Market vary by the year. However, there is always something new to discover. In the past, there has been the famous Sidhu Farms 7th Annual Pumpkin Patch, the Ballard Artwork, and youth art classes. There is also the monthly craft social.

The point is that there is always something to do at the Ballard Farmers Market. Whether you are buying the healthiest food, the tastiest wines, or you are just there to enjoy the local flair, there is a ton to discover. Check it out every Sunday.

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