Bear Casually Pauses to Take Poop In Downtown Traffic

Written by Katie Melynn
Published: November 24, 2022
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Ever seen a bear poop in the middle of traffic?

During a walk across a residential road, a bear decided to stop and do its business right in front of a stopped car.

As we can see in the below video, the bear partaking in a leisurely stroll in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, didn’t seem too preoccupied with the surrounding humans. Bears are common in this part of Canada so seeing one, even in this populated area, is not that unusual. What’s a little less usual is what the bear stopped to do in the middle of the road. 

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The person who took the video was on their way to go snowboarding and was behind another stopped car when the bear approached.

The driver saw the bear walking across the road on his left, and when the car in front drove away, this confused the bear a little bit. The bear then looked at the videographer as if wondering what their next move would be.

Grizzly bear pooping
Bears are common in Canada, but seeing a bear poop in the middle of town isn’t so common!


A Viral Video

The driver decided to stay put and let the bear cross the road. After all, pedestrians of all kinds have priority! The driver then grabbed their camera to film the bear walking across the intersection. That’s when they noticed the bear had decided to leave a little surprise on the way.

The now-viral video shows the bear looking at the car before walking across the road. The bear stops, and a few droppings fall to the ground. As the bear continues to poop, it looks again at the person taking the video. It’s almost as if the bear knows its antics are being recorded in video, yet it doesn’t care!

Once the bear is done, it crosses to the other side of the road and continues its walk. While the bear might not remember the encounter, the driver will surely remember this funny moment.

The Driver explains that after the funny encounter, they drove to Blackcomb and proceeded to have an epic day of snowboarding.

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Grizzly bear pooping
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