Bear Spotted on Trail Cam and Takes Offense and Yoinks The Camera Down

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 20, 2023
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Have you ever met someone who hated to be on camera, like really hated it? It’s to the point where they don’t like their picture taken, or they don’t want to be a part of a TikTok video, or they don’t want to be on the news if it came around their neighborhood. Well, for this enormous black bear caught on camera, he wasn’t too happy with being filmed. Learn what he does next!

Watch the Incredible Video Posted Below!

Black Bear Sighting in Michigan 

This next YouTube video posted at the bottom of this blog post takes us to the great state of Michigan. This video was posted by the YouTube channel Todd’s Projects and Outdoor Journal. Todd and his wife, Laura, have gathered more than 800,000 views on their channel. They share their passion with their channel below.

“Welcome, my name is Todd.  My wife Laura and I live in a small town located in Michigan.  We also have a cabin and 80 acres of woods located about 2.5 hours North of our home. 

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We’re hands-on DIY people and we enjoy spending time outdoors doing the things that we love.  Riding motorcycles, mini-bikes, horses, camping, canoeing/kayaking, Jeep ORVing, hunting, fishing, target shooting, working to improve whitetail deer and wildlife habitat on our property, and more…”

Black Bear Vs. Trail Camera

Black Bear by the river fishing

Most black bears have a thick, black coat, but it can look dark brown, grayish-blue, blond, or cinnamon.

©Mark Caunt/

At the start of this video, it is quite literally impossible to be able to tell what type of bear this is on the camera. Because he has already rushed in with his anger to get this trail camera down. However, by the end of the video clip, the videographer had posted an image of the enormous black bear that had been the perpetrator. 

For whatever reason, this large black bear was not happy with this trail camera. Perhaps he thought it was a threat, or just maybe he assumed it was food that he could eat. Nonetheless, he took offense to it and yoinked the trail camera straight down!

How Many Black Bears Are There?

The North American Black Bear is centralized in North America. There are approximately 800,000 black bears left. Their conservation status is considered to be of least concern. And out of all the locations in North America, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game shares that the majority of that population lives in Alaska. There are approximately 100,000 that are in just that one state alone. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Constance Mahoney/

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