Bear Stuns in Last Minute Charge of Hunter

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Published: August 25, 2022
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If you are an avid hunter, you may have come across some startling wildlife in the woods. This hunter saw a bear. This hunter tried to scare the bear away. In the end, this hunter was charged at by a bear!

Don’t worry, both man and bear leave the brief encounter unscathed. But their adrenaline must have been through the roof as they took each other in.

The video begins with the hunter concealed in a blind. This is a way for hunters to conceal themselves in the woods. Blinds often use camouflage prints and natural elements to help hunters blend into their surroundings. The video is shot from the hunter’s point of view and we can see twigs, branches, and camouflage material.

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The bear is on the other side of a small clearing. There are trees and shrubs around, making it an ideal environment for wildlife. This includes bears. Bears have reasonably good eyesight and it is likely that the bear can see the man just as well as he can see the bear.

The bear doesn’t act aggressively, just ambles toward the man. He tries to scare it away with some noises and gestures. Wisely, the man does not leave his hunting blind, which is up in a tree. While bears can climb trees, they are less likely to do so unless there is a good reason. It doesn’t seem like the bear is interested in the man as food or is threatened by him being there.

That is, until the bear suddenly charges at the man.

Avoiding a Bear Attack

Fortunately, the bear stops short of the man by at least 20 feet. The man continues to make grunting noises, hoping to scare the bear away. Like most wildlife, bears are not actually interested in fighting or attacking humans. They typically only do so when they feel threatened or are extremely hungry.

Bear attacks are rare. Most occur when humans unknowingly get too close to a bear’s territory. This is especially true when there are cubs around. This is the reason for the thought of mama bears as particularly protective of their young.

The bear in this video turns away and leaves the way that it came. Other than an amazing video and a rapid heartbeat, the bear leaves the man in the exact same way that he found him.

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