Discover the Best Black Houseplants for Your Elegant Home

Written by August Croft
Updated: December 22, 2022
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Some of the best black houseplants available are simply varieties or cultivars of houseplants you’re likely familiar with. Grown for their attractive and unique foliage, black houseplants are all the rage for an elegant or contemporary home. Whether you want to update your interior design or want some unique houseplants to care for, here are some of the best black houseplants that you can grow today!

“Black Prince” Echeveria 

black prince echeveria succulent

The Black Prince grows in a gorgeous clustered way.

©Inna Reznik/

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A hen and chicks variety of succulent, “Black Prince” echeveria is ideally grown in full sunlight. The leaves range in color from deep green to brown, often grey or black in appearance. If left unattended, this succulent variety will propagate quickly and spread throughout whatever container it is kept in, so be sure to thin or re-pot as needed!

“Black Magic” Elephant Ear

Black Houseplants

Also happy to grow outside,


ears come in a black shade.

©Malisa Nicolau/

Elephant ear plants are also known as wild taro, despite there being a variety of cultivars. The “Black Magic” cultivar is a fantastic choice for those of you seeking a plant with attractive dusty-black foliage. The leaves are extremely large and beautiful, but keep in mind that elephant ear plants grow best outdoors in hot climates. If you need to grow them in a container indoors, make sure to give them plenty of water and a large pot to rest in.

Burgundy Rubber Tree

Black Houseplants

Rubber plants are very easy to grow and they come in a deep green or maroon shade!


Looking for a houseplant that’s attractive and easy to care for? Rubber trees are perfect for first-time houseplant owners, and there’s even a burgundy variety that appears black given its dark red and green leaves. With bright, indirect light and daily misting, you can easily keep your rubber tree happy and produce large, waxy leaves!

“Black Cardinal” Philodendron

Black Houseplants

Philodendrons are extremely popular houseplants, and they come in black hues!

©LADDAWAN photo/

Have you considered growing a philodendron in your home yet? The “Black Cardinal” cultivar is a great choice for those of you seeking a dark houseplant, as the leaves change from maroon to deep green, nearly black as the leaves age. Avoid damaging your plant as it grows for the darkest, blackest leaves possible, and enjoy how relatively easy it is to care for a philodendron!

“Raven” ZZ Plant

Black Houseplants

A specialty houseplant, ZZ plants can be difficult to find in black.

©Andriana Syvanych/

Also known as Zamioculcas zamiifolia, ZZ plants are incredibly easy to care for. Often mistaken as fake plants, ZZ plants are glossy and attractive, with the “Raven” cultivar developing extremely dark leaves. While it may grow slowly, ZZ plants are a great choice for those worried about getting trapped taking care of a fussy houseplant.

Black Hedgehog Succulent or Chinese Jade

Black Houseplants

Hedgehog succulents can be found in a dull gray-green color, close to black.

©Daydreamr Digital Studio/

Chinese jade succulents are uniquely shaped compared to a variety of other succulents. Also known as hedgehog succulents, you can find Chinese jade plants in a dark gray hue. They grow upright spikes that resemble the prickly back of hedgehogs, and this plant prefers standard succulent care. This means that you can likely get away with a bit of neglect before this houseplant needs care!

“Black Fancy” Begonia

Black Houseplants

Thriving in multiple environments, black begonias are a stand-out in any garden.


Begonias are great when grown outdoors, but you can also keep them as houseplants just as readily. The “Black Fancy” begonia variety is velvety, dark in hue, and easy to care for so long as you keep this black houseplant moist. Also, keep this delicate guy out of direct sunlight, as it can easily burn its leaves.

“Dark Desire” Inch Plant

Black Houseplants

While its leaves are technically green and purple, the inch plant is a popular houseplant.


Purplish and striped, “Dark Desire” inch plants are unique in any houseplant setting. Capable of trailing from a hanging pot, inch plants are easy to care for and only need bright, indirect light and weekly watering to thrive. However, most inch plants need thinning, propagating, and trimming as they age, given how delicate the leaves and vines are, so keep in mind that this plant needs more care than average. 

“Witchcraft” Orchid

Black Houseplants

Black orchids might be difficult to grow, but they’re worth it.

©Joy Baldassarre/

Speaking of more care than average, orchids are not for the average houseplant owner. However, the “Witchcraft” orchid variety produces compact black blooms that make a striking addition to any home decor, so long as you’re up for the task. Orchids need air circulation, specific light needs, and a strict watering schedule in order to thrive!

“Dottie” Calathea

Black Houseplants

With bright pink patterns surrounded by lush, dark foliage, this calathea is sure to start a conversation.


Calathea plants are iconic for their many different colors and varieties, and the “Dottie” cultivar is no exception. With bright pink patterns surrounded by lush, dark foliage, this calathea is sure to start a conversation. Make sure your calathea has a warm place to remain in your home, and mist this beauty frequently!

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