9 Best Kept Secret Places to Retire In Arkansas

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: November 1, 2023
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Arkansas is highly recognized for its stunning natural scenery, which includes lakes, mountains, and more. It is the perfect location for retirees looking for a serene and beautiful setting to enjoy their golden years. This piece will examine some of Arkansas’s top areas for those ready to retire. 

Discover the 9 Best Kept Secret Places to Retire in Arkansas.

These Arkansas communities offer attractions for everybody, whether they love boating, hiking, or simply taking in the beauty of the great outdoors. In order to find the best locations that provide the ideal retirement haven, it is essential to check out our top picks.

1. Fort Smith

Fort Smith is known for its rich history.


For seniors trying to find the perfect spot to retire, Fort Smith, AR, is a great option. This charming community, situated along the Arkansas River, offers a calm, friendly atmosphere that is ideal for seniors to enjoy their later years. 

The low cost of living in Fort Smith is one of the main factors making it a desirable location for retirees. Seniors are able to extend the money they have saved for retirement while living comfortably thanks to the affordable housing possibilities. 

Retirees have the opportunity to receive excellent medical care thanks to Fort Smith’s stellar reputation for healthcare services and facilities. Numerous healthcare providers and specialized healthcare facilities are located in the city, ensuring complete medical support. 

Fort Smith also provides a wide range of recreational possibilities, including parks, golf, and other outdoor activities.

2. Eureka Springs

Historic suspension bridge over the White River is a historical landmark. Located in Beaver, Arkansas just Northwest of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

A historic bridge in Eureka Springs goes over the White River.

©Bonita R. Cheshier/Shutterstock.com

Eureka Springs, which is tucked away in the quiet splendor of nature, offers retirees a luxurious refuge where they can delve into seasonal events, art, and tradition. The Ozark Mountains conceal the community of Eureka Springs. 

Around 2,000 people live in this relaxing town, which is known for its magnificent Victorian architecture, abundant natural geothermal hot springs, and fascinating past. Seniors wishing to retire love Eureka Springs because of its rich heritage and artistic culture.

The Ozark Mountains form a breathtaking backdrop for the city, which is situated in breathtakingly gorgeous natural surroundings. This town’s proximity to the Ozark National Forest would excite anyone who likes hiking or exploring new things in general. 

In addition, seniors have a wide range of opportunities for fishing, sailing, and various other water-related pursuits thanks to several breathtaking lakes including Beaver Lake and Table Rock Lake. 

3. Prairie Creek

Beautiful sunset on Beaver Lake near Rogers Arkansas.

Prairie Creek is a short drive from Rogers, AR.

©Patrick Jennings/Shutterstock.com

With 2,274 residents, Prairie Creek is a small town in Arkansas. One of the most beautiful places to call home in the state is Prairie Creek, which is located in Benton County. Homeowners of Prairie Creek enjoy a residential and country mix to their surroundings. 

Prairie Creek is home to many retirees, many of whom are conservative. This village can be the perfect place to spend your golden years if you adore boating! On Beaver Lake, the neighborhood is home to Prairie Creek Marina. More than 500 boats can dock at the marina.

4. Bella Vista

Waterfall at Tanyard Creek Nature Trail, Bella Vista, Arkansas

Tanyard Creek has cascading waterfalls.


Bella Vista, a great location for retirees seeking a vibrant, invigorating way of life, is situated in the lovely and tranquil northwest region of the state. Here, there are countless alternatives for exciting outdoor experiences and leisure activities. 

Numerous bodies of water dotted across this gorgeous town, from Lake Ann to Loch Lomond and more are perfect for boaters and anglers, among others. The town’s many picturesque walkways provide opportunities for walking through the outdoors.

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail is one of our favorites! Retirement residents can enjoy top-notch golf courses and become a member of the Bella Vista Country Club. Retiring here is easy thanks to the breathtaking vistas of the Ozark Mountains in the distance. 

Due to its reasonable cost of living, this Arkansas town attracts seniors looking for peace and simplicity of living. You can be sure that Bella Vista, a retirement haven, will be a haven for people desiring adventure and relaxation thanks to the wealth of amenities available to them. 

5. Harrison

Buffalo National River

Kayaking on the


National River is an excellent way to spend an afternoon in Harrison.

©Strekoza2/ via Getty Images

You’ll discover Harrison provides an array of exciting things to see and do for retirees. One of the coolest things this place has to offer is cave exploration! The weather is tolerable most of the year and the surrounding mountains give homeowners a picturesque view everywhere they turn. 

Spend a day on the Buffalo National River in the summer or take an afternoon and walk around the historic downtown area. Another popular activity for seniors is relaxing on a bench and watching elk graze in the prairies. 

6. Lowell

Golf, Golfer, Golf Swing, Beauty, Men

Golfing is a popular pastime for retirees in Lowell.

©microgen/ via Getty Images

If you’re looking for a more bustling city to retire in, consider Lowell. This is also a great option for retirees with several grandkids! All of Northwest Arkansas’s major hospitals are within a short drive of the city. The city, which now has more than 10,000 residents, keeps drawing more people. 

With additional companies arriving in the area, including FedEx, the economic atmosphere has also been improving. Lowell is located along the 36-mile Razorback Regional Greenway, a wonderful, secure trail for walking, jogging, and bicycling that connects seven significant cities from Bella Vista to Fayetteville. 

The yearly Mudtown Days festival, the J.B. Hunt Senior Center, and First Tee with a fantastic nine-hole golf course are all located in the 72-acre Ward Nail Park in Lowell. This area of Arkansas will soon be home to the 100-acre Kathleen Johnson Memorial Park. 

It will eventually have a trailhead, farmer’s market, recreational area, and a connecting route to the 36-mile Razorback Regional Greenway, among other amenities.

7. Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA Skyline

Little Rock is the most populous city in Arkansas.

©Sean Pavone/iStock via Getty Images

We can’t have an article about retiring in Arkansas without mentioning Little Rock. Little Rock, the state’s capital, is a dynamic city that offers a blend of metropolitan conveniences and scenic natural surroundings, making it a great option for retirees. 

For people looking for nice weather, the city has a temperate environment with pleasant summers and mild winters. There are many senior-friendly neighborhoods and retirement centers in Little Rock that offer a variety of housing alternatives to suit various needs and incomes. 

There are numerous leisure opportunities for retirees in Little Rock. The elderly can enjoy wildlife and stay healthy by enjoying the city’s beautiful green spaces and paths for walking like Riverfront Park. The city also offers many possibilities for academic and creative enrichment through its cultural events.

8. Hot Springs

Skyline of Hot Springs, Arkansas

The town of Hot Springs has a small skyline and everything you need in one place!

©Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.com

The picturesque town of Hot Springs, which lies inside the Ouachita Mountains, is a wonderful retreat for seniors looking for a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere. The thermal pools at this lovely location are renowned for their purportedly remarkable medical qualities. 

This town’s crown jewel is the Hot Springs National Park, where guests can indulge in a wide variety of hot springs and bathhouses. The park also offers a variety of breathtaking paths for hiking which show off the magnificence of the nearby mountains. 

The lovely lakes scattered throughout the town, like Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine, which provide a variety of water sports, like fishing and being on the water, will also delight nature lovers.

Hot Springs, AR numerous museums and historic sites showcase its rich past and offer an engaging chance for exploring.  For those looking for a peaceful, restorative getaway in a location of unparalleled natural splendor and history, Hot Springs is a real wonderland.  

9. Mountain Home

Sunset on the White River in the Mountain View, Arkansas Ozark Mountains

The elderly love taking their grandkids to the White River in Mountain Home.

©Jennifer White Maxwell/Shutterstock.com

Situated in the state’s northern region, Mountain Home provides retirees looking for an idyllic retirement with serene and picturesque surroundings. The city has a temperate temperature with every one of the seasons and is encircled by the stunning Ozark Mountains. 

Retirement communities and assisted living facilities are abundant, providing retirees with a caring and relaxing lifestyle. Mountain Home is a great place for anyone in need of consistent medical care at hospitals or their primary doctor’s office.

Baxter Regional Medical Center, which offers full health services and individualized treatment, is one of the top medical facilities in the state. The adjacent Norfork Lake and White River provide options for fishing, sailing, and swimming for retirees who appreciate outdoor activities. 

Seniors can have fun and interact with others in the city thanks to its year-round cultural activities and festivals.

Summary of the Best Secret Spots to Retire in Arkansas

1Fort SmithLow cost of living, excellent healthcare services, rich history, recreational opportunities
2Eureka SpringsLocation in Ozark Mountain, seasonal events, Victorian architecture in town, water recreation
3Prairie CreekCharming small-town feel, country setting, boating marina
4Bella VistaNumerous lakes for walking and water activities, golf courses, Ozark Mountains, reasonable cost of living
5HarrisonCave exploration, scenic, good weather, wildlife viewing
6LowellHospitals nearby, city of 10,000, located along the 36-mile Razorback Regional Greenway trail, golfing, farmer’s market
7Little RockVariety of housing alternatives, temperate climate, academic and creative opportunities
8Hot SpringsPeaceful, rejuvenation atmosphere, picturesque area, Hot Springs National Park, water sports
9Mountain HomeLocated in Ozark Mountains, retirement communities, regional medical center, lakes for water recreation

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