Discover the Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall

Written by August Croft
Updated: January 24, 2023
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Whether you want to prepare your fall garden or plan on keeping an eye out for gourds at your local pumpkin patch, some of the best pumpkin varieties for Halloween and fall are easy to get your hands on. You can easily grow pumpkins from seed, depending on your region, especially if you have plenty of space in your garden for these beauties.

From miniature decorative gourds for your fall centerpiece to 100-pound marvels made for jack-o-lantern carving, here are some of the best pumpkin varieties for Halloween and fall. 

Autumn Gold: Classic and Award-Winning

Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall: Autumn Gold pumpkins

Autumn Gold pumpkins are extremely popular.

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Considered one of the most popular pumpkin varieties, Autumn Gold pumpkins typically produce well and mature quickly. The average pumpkin produced by this particular cultivar weighs anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds, making them ideal for both carving and baking. These gourds also turn a golden yellow color long before many other varieties, giving your garden a beautiful hue while these pumpkins mature! 

Jack-Be-Little: Tiny and Decorative

Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall: Jack-Be-Little pumpkins

Perfect for centerpieces and decor, Jack-Be-Little pumpkins weigh less than 10 ounces.


Maturing in just over three months, the Jack-Be-Little cultivar is perfect for decorating and should be a mainstay in your Halloween and fall decor. These tiny pumpkins weigh less than 10 ounces on average and have deep ridges in their sides, giving them an iconic pumpkin look. While these pumpkins aren’t for eating or carving, they make the perfect decoration on an end table or as part of a harvest centerpiece! 

Atlantic Giant: For Huge Pumpkin Lovers

Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall: Atlantic giant pumpkins

You can carve Atlantic Giant pumpkins, but know they weigh over 100 pounds on average.

©Studio Barcelona/

If you want a garden that you can brag about, you should consider planting Atlantic Giant pumpkins in it. This pumpkin variety produces huge pumpkins, some weighing over 200 pounds. While they need a little over four months to mature, Atlantic Giant pumpkins are perfect for those of you looking for a challenge when it comes to carving, or perhaps you just want a pumpkin that you can show off! 

Howden Field: An Iconic Mainstay

Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall: Howden Field pumpkins

You’ve likely carved a Howden Field pumpkin before!


Most pumpkin experts consider the Howden Field pumpkin to be the industry standard of jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Growing uniformly tall and wide, Howden Field pumpkins were cultivated in the 1970s and have been considered the primary pumpkin for Halloween ever since! You can’t beat its classic orange look.

Warty Goblin: Covered in Warts

Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall: Warty goblin pumpkins

If you want a unique pumpkin variety in your garden, consider the Warty Goblin cultivar.


If you want something that looks a bit more unique alongside other classic pumpkins, consider planting the Warty Goblin cultivar in your backyard. These pumpkins are perfect for making a statement, as they are covered in green warts that stay green even after you pick your pumpkin from its vine. Plus, they reach up to 20 pounds, and they still have a classic orange pumpkin look beneath all their warts! 

Dark Knight: Black Pumpkins Exist

Dark Knight pumpkins

If you want a gothic look, Dark Knight pumpkins are black from their stems to their 10-pound frame.


The Dark Knight pumpkin variety is perfect for those of you seeking an elegant, gothic look for your Halloween display. These pumpkins are black from their stems to their 10-pound frame but be sure to pick some early: they will ripen into a classic orange look if left alone! These pumpkins are definitely a variety that you need to see to believe. 

Marina Di Chioggia: Green and Bumpy

Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall: Marina Di Chioggia

Warty and eye-catching, you can cook with the Marina Di Chioggia pumpkin.


This pumpkin cultivar is perfect for those of you seeking a standout, and not necessarily a beautiful one. Covered in bumpy warts and a unique shade of gray-green, the Marina Di Chioggia pumpkin is compact and unique. If it isn’t quite aligning with your decor, you can always eat this pumpkin variety, as it has some of the tastiest meat inside!

Gladiator: Disease Resistant and Prolific

Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall: Gladiator pumpkins

Gladiator pumpkins are more disease resistant than others.


If you are worried about your pumpkin patch surviving in varying weather conditions, you may want to consider the Gladiator variety for its disease resistance and overall hardiness. This is also a classic orange pumpkin to grow for jack-o-lantern carving or other decorations, and it produces a large number of pumpkins per plant!

Casper: White and Elegant

Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall: Casper pumpkins

Ghostly and elegant, Casper pumpkins are all white.

©Sean Wandzilak/

Just like its ghostly namesake, the Casper pumpkin variety is a pure white color, making it perfect for decorating and carving. You can also eat this particular pumpkin variety, and it only reaches an average of 15 pounds. This cultivar looks great alongside other classic jack-o-lanterns, and you can definitely have some fun painting the exterior of this ghostly gourd! 

Fairytale: Edible and Attractive

Best Pumpkin Varieties for Halloween and Fall: Fairytale pumpkins

Flat and delicious, you can decorate or cook with Fairytale pumpkins.


Often looking like a flattened pumpkin, Fairytale pumpkin varieties are popular for their decoration as well as their edible flesh. These pumpkins are surprisingly delicious and ideal for making pumpkin pies, once you have grown tired of their attractive appearance in your fall decor! Don’t confuse them with Cinderella pumpkins, though you can also use these for eating and decorating too!

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