Best Skiing In New Hampshire: Guide For Best Mountains and Dates for Prime Snow Conditions

Written by Jennifer Gaeng
Published: December 29, 2022
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One of the most incredible places to go if you want to plan a trip to a ski resort is the state of New Hampshire. This state has an average of five and a half months of snowy weather each year! You may almost certainly find an incredible destination to book your next winter vacation because the state is home to at least 28 ski resorts in total. This article will look at the top three best ski resorts in New Hampshire! This will include the best mountains and dates for prime snow conditions. Let’s go!

3. Attitash Mountain Resort

Attitash Mountain Resort New Hampshire

Beautiful sunny day on the ski hill at Attitash Mountain Resort, New Hampshire

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Attitash Mountain Resort is a top ski resort to stay at when in New Hampshire, with an average rating of 4.3 stars. Attitash, a destination in Bartlett, New Hampshire, offers a variety of sights to see, things to do, and scenic vistas for everyone to enjoy. Particularly, this resort spans via Attitash and Bear Creek mountains. It includes 68 routes totaling 23 miles of trail, 8 lifts, and more than 311 acres of skiable terrain spread across the entire resort. Let’s look at the amenities and the climate of this famous resort in more detail.

Attitash Mountain Resort Weather Conditions and Peak Snowfall

When planning a trip to a ski resort, you need to be aware of the weather and peak snowfall if you want to find the best time to ski. Attitash Mountain Resort gets an average of 31″ of snow every year, and most of it falls in February. On the resort’s website, there is a daily weather report that tells guests how to get to the trails, what the weather is like, and when the ski lifts will be open.

Attitash Amenities

Not only does this resort offer one-on-one sports guides, but it also has several different lessons available for children, adults, or those looking to take private lessons. Because this resort is large and shares two separate mountains, there are at least five hotels in close proximity, with most of them being at the base of the mountains. Attitash Mountain Village is a resort located at the base of Attitash Mountain Resort. It offers over 350 rooms and even townhouses, which often feature kitchens, fireplaces, hot tubs, and amazing scenic views. All of these hotels near the resort offer a wide range of deals and dining options, making it one of the most popular places to stay in the state.

2. Cranmore Mountain Resort

North Conway New Hampshire

Image of Mount Washington from North Conway. Cranmore Mountain Resort is is located in the Mount Washington Valley near North Conway, New Hampshire.

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Cranmore is a great place to go skiing because of its convenient location in the Mount Washington Valley, not far from North Conway Village. Cranmore Mountain Resort has an average rating of 4.4 stars online and offers an amazing amount of ski terrain and amenities. This resort sits on Cranmore Mountain and has 57 trails and seven lifts, covering at least 78 acres of land. Not only is this resort optimal for skiing, but it also has several different events, amenities to offer as well as favorable weather conditions.

Cranmore Weather Conditions and Peak Snowfall

At Cranmore Mountain Resort, daily reports are posted online. These reports include information about the resort’s groomed and maintained areas, open trails, parks, and lifts, as well as the weather every day. This resort’s website is always up to date with new information about how much snow has fallen, how deep the base is, and how many inches of snow have fallen so far this year. February is also known as the month with the most snow at this resort, with an average of 30 inches.

Cranmore Amenities

Cranmore Mountain Resort offers a variety of facilities, activities, and even live events all year. Although this resort doubles as an adventure park in the summer, the winter has much more to offer. Three separate terrain parks, hotel rooms, condos, a sizable basecamp, and a variety of culinary establishments are all part of this complex. All ages can take courses, and there are all-inclusive deals and reasonably priced rental services as well. In terms of attractions, Cranmore is unquestionably a noteworthy resort because of its memorable experiences and engaging activities. In addition to snow tubing and live music events, Cranmore also provides night skiing. If you are looking for a fun-filled adventure, Cranmore Mountain Resort is certainly meant for you.

1. Bretton Woods

Bretton Woods

Winter at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

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One of the best sites to reserve while looking for the ideal ski resort is Bretton Woods, the premier resort in New Hampshire. This resort, which is rated 4.7 stars online and is situated in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, has a lot to offer visitors of all kinds, not just skiers. Nearly 468 acres make up the resort’s terrain, which is located in the New Hampshire White Mountains alongside US Route 302. Let’s take a deeper look at what it’s like to stay here since it is packed with various amenities, activities, and experiences.

Bretton Woods Weather Conditions and Peak Snowfall

Not only does this resort give extensive, daily weather reports, but it also details available acreage, trail, base depth, and snowfall. Although this resort sees quite a bit of snowfall during winter months, at the beginning of the year is when you can expect the peak amounts. In January, peak snowfall usually averages around 33”, while in February

Bretton Woods Amenities

Bretton Woods undoubtedly has the most amenities to offer. Along with guest rooms and hotels, this resort also provides a number of townhomes as lodging options. Additionally, there are two churches, numerous shops, golf courses, riding stables, and other amenities. Numerous live events will be held here, and the resort’s spa will offer a wide variety of packages. Bretton Woods also has you covered if you’re seeking a range of dining options. Overall, this resort is close to a paradise and is well worth a visit!

In Conclusion

Although there are many ski resorts in New Hampshire to select from, these ones are well worth visiting while you’re there. These places clearly offer the best skiing in New Hampshire, as their rave customer reviews prove! So, if you’re looking for a trip of a lifetime, these resorts have you covered with their wide variety of mountains, terrains, trails, and experiences.

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