Best Skiing In Maine: Guide For Best Mountains and Dates for Peak Snow Conditions

Written by Lev Baker
Published: January 12, 2023
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Although Maine is not known to be a skiing mecca like its neighboring states, Maine is home to some of the friendliest, small-town ski resorts out there. Skiing in Maine is great as it is laid-back and stress-free. Plus, the views from the ski mountains are breathtaking! Maine offers many unique ski resorts with community-minded environments that almost feel like home. Whether you want to visit Maine to ski, or even if you are just passing through, be sure to check out these fantastic ski mountains to get the full Maine experience!


Sugarloaf Resort is located on Sugarloaf Mountain in western Maine. This resort is the second largest in the area in terms of skiable area at a massive 1,240 acres. This resort is not one to miss as it has 160 different runs, with the longest run being 3.5 miles long. The sheer size of Sugarloaf Resort means that it can hold a large capacity of visitors. It even has 14 lift systems to keep the lines short and sweet!

Not only is the resort amazing, but the mountain itself is worth the visit. With a summit at 4,237 feet, the views are exceptional! If you are in the area, Sugarloaf Mountain is a place you must explore. Sugarloaf is unlike other ski resorts as it stays open into May most seasons. This means you can visit this ski resort when others are closed.

If you want to turn your ski trip into a ski vacation, Sugarloaf has lodging that can meet anyone’s needs. Whether you stay at a hotel, a condo, or a private home, Sugarloaf ensures you have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience. Lodging at the Sugarloaf will elevate your ski experience into a trip you will never forget!

Average Annual Snowfall

Annually, the average snowfall that Sugarloaf gets is around 136 feet. It is best to visit between December and March when the average monthly snowfall is at its highest. February may be the best month to visit as the average snowfall peaks at 39 feet. Visiting during these months will ensure that you experience Sugarloaf to the fullest!

Sunday River

Located in Newry, Maine, Sunday River Resort has over 880 acres of skiable terrain. This large resort is well known for its various runs that cater to snowboarders and skiers of all abilities. Sunday River has 139 trails to choose from, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs. They even have a terrain park and several halfpipes. A full range of hire equipment is available, making it very popular for amateurs and professionals alike.

When you need a break from the slopes, there is an abundance of restaurants, cafes, food courts, and bars available. The resort also offers a range of other winter activities, such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice skating. Live music, torchlight parades, and fireworks displays are also featured. If you are after a place to stay, Sunday River offers hotels and budget-friendly inns that are perfect for your ski vacation.

A notable feature of the resort is “The Jordan 8”, the fastest 8-person chairlift in North America. The design is the most advanced in the world! It features extra wide heated seats, enclosed bubble covers, and excellent wind resistance, making your trip to the top the most comfortable you have ever experienced!

Sunday River Mountain in Maine
Sunday River Mountain in Maine is known for its stellar skiing with an annual snowfall of around 100 inches.

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Average Annual Snowfall

Sunday River is known for reliable snow conditions, dropping around 100 inches annually. It is open from November to April, with February being the ideal time to visit when 37 inches of snowfall are common. However, if snowfall conditions are not ideal, the resort has a snowmaking system that can cover around 95% of its trails.

Pleasant Mountain

This ski resort is located on Pleasant Mountain in Bridgton. The resort has 245 skiable acres and is the oldest major ski area in the state. It first opened in 1938 and has been called both Pleasant Mountain and Shawnee Peak. Even though the skiable area is relatively small, there are still many runs and lifts to ensure you can enjoy yourself as much as possible!

This resort offers 44 trails and glades at varying degrees of difficulty. As three-quarters of the trails cater to beginners and intermediate skiers, this resort is great for practicing your skiing skills. The 6 lifts provided keep the lines to a minimum. The summit at Pleasant Mountain peaks at 1,450 feet and has a vertical drop of 1,300 feet. One unique activity Pleasant Mountain offers is night skiing. With 19 open trails and 4 lifts, night skiing provides an experience that is sure to impress.

Lodging at Pleasant Mountain is a treat for everyone staying here at the resort. Pleasant Mountain offers on-slope and near-slope lodging! Offering various options like cabins and yurts, the lodgings here are unique and affordable. Sleeping here will help elevate your experience on Pleasant Mountain in every way.

Average Annual Snowfall

The annual snowfall at Pleasant Mountain is around 83 feet. The best time to visit the resort is between the months of December and March. The average snowfall during these months is the highest at this mountain. The best month to visit would be around February, as the average snowfall is the highest at 36 feet.

Saddleback Mountain

Saddleback Mountain is a ski resort located in Sandy River, Maine. It is widely known for its challenging terrain and natural beauty, featuring a 2,000-foot vertical descent. The summit peaks at 4,120 feet, making it one of the highest in the state. The resort features 600 acres of skiable area and 68 runs, with the longest at just over three miles long. It also includes two terrain parks. One is a steep ungroomed terrain that has jumps and rails, and the other is catered toward freestyle skiers and snowboarders.

This resort is friendly for all skiing levels as it includes beginner, intermediate, and expert trails. Even though the resort caters to all skiers, expert skiers, in particular, seek out this mountain due to the terrain. So if you are an experienced skier, Saddleback Mountain should be your first to visit in Maine! They also have in-house gear rentals for the casual skier and offer ski and snowboard lessons for every experience level.

The base camp sits at 2,460 feet, the highest of any ski area in the east, with a cozy fireplace, comfortable seating, and panoramic views of the mountain. It is a perfect place to warm up and wind down after a day on the slopes. There is also a range of amenities at the resort, including dining and bars, to suit your preference. Saddleback Mountain also offers lodging from single-night stays to accommodations that can host large families. From rustic campsites to contemporary condos, they have lodging that can cater to anyone!

Average Annual Snowfall

The average annual snowfall at Saddleback Mountain is 62 feet. The months with the highest snowfall are from December to March. February may be the best time to go as snowfall reaches its peak at 21 feet. To get the best skiing experience possible at Saddleback Mountain, you should strive for prime snow conditions!

The Camden Snow Bowl

The Camden Snow Bowl is known for its breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most affordable and friendly ski resorts in the area. With a small-town atmosphere, this resort is perfect for those wanting a laid-back ski trip. The skiable area at the Camden Snow Bowl is 105 acres, consisting of 60 acres of trail and 45 acres of glades. Though it is one of the smaller ski areas in the area, the resort still offers 20 runs, with the longest run being 1 mile. 

The runs offered are suitable for everyone with varying skiing abilities ensuring everyone has fun at the resort. However, even if you do not ski, the Camden Snow Bowl has an insane toboggan chute that you must experience. In fact, the Camden Snow Bowl is where the U.S. National Toboggan Championships are held annually.

There is a variety of lodging available near the Camden Snow Bowl. Hotels and inns are available at an affordable price to extend your ski vacation. This is a great idea if you want to ski for a few more days or even explore this area of Maine. This ski resort is not one to miss, as this is an exceptional resort that offers breathtaking ocean views!

Average Annual Snowfall

The snowfall at the Camden Snow Bowl annually is around 40 feet. The best months to visit the resort are around January and February. This is when the average snowfall is at its highest. February has the highest average snowfall at 21 feet. Although they can generate snow throughout 80% of the resort, be sure to check the snowfall before your visit to get the best skiing experience possible!

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