Best Skiing In Missouri: Is Hidden Valley or Snow Creek Better?

Written by Hannah Ward
Published: March 6, 2023
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Located in the Midwestern region of the United States, Missouri has an average snowfall of 18 to 24 inches in the northern regions and around 8 to 12 inches in the southern regions. However, there’s still plenty of snow around for people to hit the slopes in the winter. Missouri has only two ski resorts — Hidden Valley and Snow Creek — and both are known for their stunning scenery and thrilling runs. But which one is better?

Join us as we discover what each resort offers and the best time to visit before determining which provides the best skiing in Missouri.

Hidden Valley

Located in Wildwood, a suburb of St Louis, Hidden Valley Ski Resort consists of 30 skiable acres spread across two peaks and is Missouri’s largest winter resort. Popular with locals and tourists alike, Hidden Valley has plenty to offer for everyone, whether a complete beginner or a seasoned skier.

Hidden Valley has a vertical drop of 310 feet. It has 16 runs, which include six for beginners, seven for intermediate, and three for advanced trails. There’s also night skiing available, a 1,000 feet tubing hill, and two terrain parks. The Badlands Terrain Park is located on the main mountain. It has terrain features suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers who want to try out a new trick. The Outlaw Terrain Park is located on West Mountain and is packed from top to bottom with an array of features, such as rails and jumps of various sizes. This park is typically open from January and suits the more advanced skiers.

Hidden Valley also features seven lifts and a ski lodge featuring a bar, café, shops, and a fireplace so you can defrost after a thrilling run. However, possibly one of the best things about Hidden Valley is its inclusive Snowsports Academy which caters for people of all ages and abilities. There are also seasonal programs for different age groups (starting at 5 years old) and an adaptive program for people with disabilities. Plus, Hidden Valley has its very own ski team. There are four different training programs and racing opportunities for all ability levels and youngsters aged between 5 and 19.

Best Time to Visit

Hidden Valley receives an average snowfall of just 10 inches. However, it maintains a base depth of 20 inches thanks to its snowmaking equipment. January and February receive the most snow, with an average of 5 and 4 inches, respectively. Therefore, January and February are the best times to visit based on the amount and quality of snow. Although Hidden Valley doesn’t have on-site accommodation, plenty of highly-rated hotels and lodges are available in nearby St Louis and Wildwood.

Snowstorm in St. Louis, Missouri.
Heavy, wet snow coats every branch and every surface after a snowstorm in St. Louis, Missouri. Hidden Valley receives an average snowfall of just 10 inches.

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Snow Creek

Located on the bluffs above the Missouri River in Platte County, Snow Creek Mountain Resort boasts 30 acres of skiable terrain and 12 runs that cater to beginners through to advanced. The longest run is 0.3 miles long, with a vertical drop of 300 feet. Snow Creek also offers night skiing and two terrain parks. The Rattlesnake Terrain Park has extensive features suitable for intermediate and advanced-level skiers. However, the Gunslinger Progression Park boasts small to medium features which are suitable for all skill levels but especially beginners.

Snow Creek has six ski lifts which include three surface lifts, two triple chairs, and one double chair. There’s also a ski lodge on site with several shops selling clothing and souvenirs. Plus, there’s a bar, cafe, and pizzeria on site too. There’s also a 700-foot-long Tornado Tubing park which ensures that there’s something fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Snow Creek also offers equipment rental and group and private ski and snowboarding lessons for all ages and abilities. Plus, there’s a whole host of seasonal programs on offer. These include a three-week beginner program and a women-only clinic for women and taught by women.

Best Time to Visit

Snow Creek has an average base depth of 36 inches, and snowmaking is employed when temperatures drop below 20°F. There is an average snowfall of 21 inches per year, with a peak of eight inches in January, making this the best time to visit. Again, Snow Creek does not offer accommodation on-site. However, there are typically facilities with rooms available within a one-hour drive of the resort.

Man looking down at frozen Missouri River
Frozen Missouri River in Platte County, Missouri, during the winter.


Which is Better: Hidden Valley or Snow Creek?

When deciding which resort offers the best skiing in Missouri, there is little difference between the two based on the quality and quantity of the skiing they offer. Both are pretty evenly matched on the number and length of the runs and cater to various ages and abilities. Plus, although Snow Creek has a higher average snowfall, Hidden Valley has a slightly longer peak.

However, Hidden Valley is the better resort based on the wide range of options available for lessons and programs. Hidden Valley does cater to everyone — no matter their age or ability level — and if you’re looking for a program to get the kids involved, there’s sure to be something to suit.

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