Best Skiing In Utah: Guide For Best Resorts and Dates for Prime Snow Conditions

Written by Alan Lemus
Published: January 19, 2023
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The landlocked state of Utah is located in Western US, particularly the Mountain West subregion. It borders Nevada to the west, Arizona to the south, New Mexico to the southeast, and Wyoming to the northeast.

Utah is a worthwhile destination if you are looking for a place with the right quantity and quality of snow for the best skiing experience. The state receives an average of 500 snow inches and approximately 40 snow storms annually. It also has several competitive mountain terrains and slopes that can accommodate experts and beginner ski enthusiasts. 

Besides, Utah is home to several ski resorts, most located within one hour’s drive from an international airport, making them accessible. 

Today, we highlight Utah’s best four skiing resorts and dates for prime snow conditions. So let us dive right in.  

1 – Park City Mountain Resort

This resort is one of the best skiing destinations in Utah State, with a four-and-a-half average rating online. It consists of two bases: Canyons Village and Park City Mountain Village. The two are different in what they offer, which includes separate parking. 

Skiing from one base to the other can be tedious; therefore, many skiers opt for one section at a time.

Canyons Village is more prominent with a variety of terrains. It has outstanding on-hill restaurants with a unique menu. The section also has an active base area filled with events and concerts, especially during spring. 

On the flip side, the Park City Mountain Village is popular for good intermediate runs. But it still has room for beginner skiers and experts. It is popular among skiers because of its massive terrain, fascinating parks, snowmaking capabilities, and excellent infrastructure.

The resort is located at the center of Park City, a 35-minute drive from an international airport. As the largest ski resort in the US, it provides a 7300-acre of skiable land that offers opportunities to skiers of all levels. It has over 330 trails, six terrain parks, 43 lifts, and entrance-and-exit ski access to the main street.

Park City Canyons Ski Area in Utah
This resort is one of the best skiing destinations in Utah State, with a four-and-a-half average rating online.


Park City Mountain Resort’s Weather Conditions and Peak Snowfall

Park City receives an average of 238 inches annually. December marks the snowiest month at the Park City Mountain Resort, with an average snowfall of 65 inches in 13 days. However, the snow period declines in the subsequent months, with February receiving 55 inches of snow while January gets 54 inches. 

The snow report indicates May and June as snowless months in Park City, with both holding an average of 0.0 inches. During this period, guests can focus on other activities, such as tubing and biking. 

As a snow resort, Park City Mountain Resort supplements natural snowfall with artificial snow. 

But what does the artificial snowmaking process entail?

The snowmaking process works by pushing water and compressed air into the atmosphere through a snow gun. Once the mixture interacts with humidity, it forms water droplets that fall as snow. This practice has been in place since the 1970s to ensure that the resort remains open even during poor snow seasons. 

The resort is open from Monday to Sunday. Be sure to track the seven-day snow forecast to plan your trip. The forecast also includes the number of open trails. 

Park City Mountain Resort’s Amenities

The resort offers an array of options when it comes to accommodation. They range from luxurious hotels to spacious condominiums and homes per guests’ needs. 

The rooms allow you to experience the beautiful mountain views from within. In addition, there is a fireplace in the living room for warmth, more so during winter. The hotel guests also get free parking, afternoon appetizers, and internet access. 

If you opt to stay at the resort hotels for more than four days and ski for more than three days, you can save 15% of the total fees. This can be achieved through early bookings of the lodging and lift tickets. In addition, pass holders can save up to 20% on meals. 

The equipment rental service also provides high-quality ski gear in your condo, hotel room, or home. 

This resort stands out thanks to Park City, situated at the base of the resort. The city also provides accommodation for some of the skiers. 

2 – Deer Valley Resort

This resort is one of the best in Utah, with a four-star rating. Unfortunately, snowboarding is not allowed here as it is a ski only resort. 

The facility is located a few miles from Park City and less than 50 minutes drive from Salt Lake City. It has over 2000 acres of woodland terrain and over 100 runs facilitated with unique fall lines. 

Deer Valley Resort prides itself in exemplary customer care, providing services such as free gear storage. In addition, for a wonderful experience, the resort only allows 7500 skiers daily. This also helps control the crowds during the holidays.  

Deer Valley Ski Resort
Deer Valley Resort prides itself in exemplary customer care, providing services such as free gear storage.

©David A Litman/

Deer Valley Resort’s Weather Conditions and Peak Snowfall

The resort’s website has a daily weather forecast under the mountain report section. It details the trail status, the current lift, and the weather forecast for up to five days. This information helps you decide on the best days to ski and what trails to use. 

Deer Valley Resort receives an average of 221 inches of snowfall every year, with December to January receiving the highest snow, with an average of 58 inches each, making them the peak months. Despite the snow, the resort also enjoys 300 days of sunshine yearly. 

Deer Valley Resort’s Amenities 

The resort allows you to purchase winter lift tickets early, saving up to 25% of the total fee. This enables you to avoid last-minute purchases, especially during the holidays when the number of guests skyrockets. The online purchase also guarantees access to the mountains, providing a scenic view of the beautiful features. 

Deer Valley Resort also offers ski lessons to both adults and children. As an award-winning ski school, it provides tailor-made lessons to its guests in line with their needs and ultimate goals. It also has an online rental shop for ski gear, allowing you to book the gear online. 

Another exciting feature of the resort is its top-notch day lodges. The lodges come with towering windows, a wood fireplace, a classy menu with on-hill dining, and comfortable seating arrangements. 

Besides, Deer Valley Resort has condominiums, ski-in and ski-out hotels for accommodation, and parking for commuters. 

Deer Valley Resort also has a licensed children’s center that offers supervised activities for children aged between two months and 12 years. Such activities entail singing, reading books, performances, storytelling, quiet time, play, and art projects. The children are placed in separate rooms based on their age and needs. 

3 – Snowbird Resort

If you are looking for a real challenge, head to Snowbird Resort. This resort has one of the most elevated terrains, making it ideal for expert skiers. 

It can get challenging because of the open bowls and steep runs, but it is manageable. In addition, it offers magnificent scenes compared to other resorts in Utah. 

The resort is next to the Alta Ski Resort. With a joint ticket, you can ski the resorts together. The two jointly connect at the tip of Sugarloaf Pass and offer extensive terrain. 

Snowbird Resort has 171 ski trails and 14 lifts operating in a 2500 acre of skiable terrain. 

Besides, Snowbird Resort allows you to receive live forecasts, snow totals, trail maps, and resort updates for your upcoming ski trip, thanks to the webcams on its website. 

Snowbird Ski Resort
If you are looking for a real challenge, head to Snowbird Resort. This resort has one of the most elevated terrains, making it ideal for expert skiers.


Snowbird Resort’s Weather Conditions and Snowfall Peak

Snowbird Resort experiences an average of 400 inches of snow every year, with December as the snowiest month with a snowfall of 88 inches, followed by February, with an average of 84 inches of snow. Conversely, June marks the most snowless month at the resort, with an average of 0.0 inches. 

Snowbird Resort’s Amenities

Snowbird Resort has world-class amenities with ski-in/ski-out options. It has five exquisite lodgings with a hot tub, a balcony, and a good view of the mountains. The price is pocket friendly and designed to suit your needs. 

There are also meals where one can opt for fine dining or a casual treat. Additionally, a spa allows the guests to rejuvenate through massage treatments. It also has yoga classes. Events such as weddings and meetings can be held at private and ballroom resorts. 

4 – Solitude Mountain Resort

Solitude Mountain Resort is located at the finish of the Cottonwood Valley and has 80 runs and eight lifts. In addition, the resort sits on 1200 skiable terrain and a total of three bowls. Since it has fewer challenging terrains, beginners and intermediates will find this resort friendly.

Solitude Mountain is located in a laid-back environment which contributes to the fewer crowds at the resort, which is the reason for the extensive powder stash in the area.

The hill’s elevation makes Solitude Mountain Resort an ideal ski location for families. It has two base areas: Entry One (the main base area) and Entry Two, which takes care of the condos and the village area. 

Solitude Mountain Resort
Solitude Mountain is located in a laid-back environment which contributes to the fewer crowds at the resort, which is the reason for the extensive powder stash in the area.

©Alexander Gordeyev/

Solitude Mountain Resort’s Weather Conditions and Snowfall Peak

The snowiest months at Solitude Mountain Resort are December and March, with February being the peak month, with a monthly average of 81 snow inches for 13 days. According to the snow planner, Solitude Mountain Resort receives an average of 321 snow inches yearly. The big win is that the website provides online updates on the best days to visit and the trails to follow. 

Solitude Mountain Resort’s Amenities

The resort has limited facilities and parking. For accommodation, most guests opt for private homes, townhouses, or condominiums in the village. Because of the limited capacity, it is fancied more by the locals than vacationers. The lift tickets can also be purchased online, and there are guide services for first-timers. 

For the on-hill dining, there is the Moonbeam Lodge and the Himalayan-Styled Roundhouse, located at the entry-level one. The resort also offers snowshoeing and Nordic skiing. 

Final Thoughts

Utah is a fantastic place for skiing. It has numerous skiing resorts that will make your vacation a memorable one. 

There are several ski resorts in Utah, with around eight found within an hour’s drive from an international airport. 

As much as they offer ski services, they all come with different experiences according to their features and amenities. 

For instance, the Deer Valley Resort has a school dedicated to teaching ski enthusiasts how to navigate various terrains, making them ideal for beginners. Conversely, some have snowing machines that make the resorts independent from the natural snow patterns. 

We have provided four of the best resorts in Utah that will serve you according to your needs and goals. Be sure to check out the best dates to visit each of the resorts, usually when snowfall is at its peak.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the best month to ski in Utah?

February and Spring Skiing

With a solid snowy base and storms refilling Utah’s ideal powdery base regularly (the word for it is “flotation”; to geek out, read The Science Behind Utah’s Snow), this is a great time to experience all this State has to offer and what draws people back each year.

How many ski resorts are in Utah?

There are 10 world-class ski resorts in Utah within a one-hour radius of the Salt Lake airport and plenty more scattered around the state. You can easily enjoy several skiing trips within one visit to our state, or relax and shred the slopes at a single resort throughout your stay.

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