Best Skiing In West Virginia: Guide For Best Mountains and Dates for Prime Snow Conditions

Written by Lev Baker
Published: January 20, 2023
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West Virginia may be small, but when it comes to downhill skiing, it has impressive options. Nestled in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains and loaded with plenty of world-class ski resorts, skiing in West Virginia is amazing. The ski resorts in the area are friendly to all skiing levels – even for those that do not know how to ski yet. From excellent lessons for beginner skiers, diverse terrain for intermediate skiers, and steep slopes and glades for expert skiers, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Although the average snowfall in this region is not significant, the resorts have great snowmaking equipment, ensuring you don’t miss out on your ski day!

Snowshoe Mountain

beautiful nature and scenery around snowshoe ski resort in cass west virginia
Snowshoe ski resort in West Virginia.


Snowshoe Mountain is the place to go when skiing in West Virginia. It is between Cheat Mountain and Back Allegheny in Snowshoe, West Virginia. It is a large resort with 257 acres of skiable area. This area includes 60 runs for all skiing levels. Although the steep runs and glades will suit experienced skiers, 75% of the runs are more suited for beginner and intermediate skiers. Known for its steep vertical drop, Snowshoe Mountain has an incredible drop of 1,500 feet!

Snowshoe Mountain, located on the state’s highest peaks, is a must-see. The resort gets plenty of snow thanks to the high elevation of nearly 5,000 feet. This ensures the snow is groomed to perfection for your skiing needs. In addition, the slopes are extremely beginner-friendly, and skiing classes are available for those who want to learn the basics. Another perk of this resort is its terrain parks, night skiing, and tubing.

There is plenty of accommodation available at the resort if you wish to stay on Snowshoe Mountain and enjoy the full experience. Snowshoe Mountain offers lodging, including places for large gatherings, romantic getaways, or single rooms. Visit Snowshoe Mountain’s website for more information.

Average Annual Snowfall

The annual snowfall in Snowshoe Mountain is one of the highest in the state because the resort is located on the two highest peaks in West Virginia. The average annual snowfall in Snowshoe Mountain is 105 inches. The best months to visit are January and February, when the average snowfall per month is at its peak. During each of these months, the average snowfall is 31 inches. Snowshoe Mountain takes its snowfall so seriously that they guarantee more snow than any other resort in the Southeast! Definitely a ski resort that is worth visiting!

Canaan Valley Resort

Located in Davis and spanning over 90 acres, Canaan Valley Resort has 47 trails to conquer! The resort also features a terrain park and nighttime skiing. Canaan Valley Resort is perfect for all ages and experience levels. Their full range of equipment and instructors ensures your experience will be top-tier.

Being a valley resort, Canaan’s vertical descent can’t compete with its mountains, but the 850-foot drop is still enough to keep you on your toes. The base camp sits at 3,430 feet above sea level, with the top elevation at 4,280 feet. The resort also offers other winter activities, such as cross-country snowshoeing, a 1,200-foot-long tubing slope, and ice skating in the covered rink. So it goes without saying that there is plenty to do and see at Canaan Valley Resort.

Lodging and dining around the resort are a must! Canaan Valley Resort offers a 160-room lodge, 23 cabins, and room for camping – allowing you to turn your ski trip into a ski holiday! The restaurants and bars are fun to visit between runs or at the end of a busy day, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus available.

Average Annual Snowfall

Canaan Valley has an average of 76 inches of snowfall per year. And if you’re planning a trip to this resort, the ideal time to visit will be February, which usually gets around 33 inches of snowfall. January also has a lot of snow, usually around 28 inches. Finally, March usually gets an average of 11 inches. However, even in the lighter months of snowfall, the resort ensures the fun continues with its snow-making equipment, which can supplement 75% of the park.

Best Skiing in West Virginia: Timberline Mountain

Skiing West Virginia at Timberline
Timberline Mountain has a vertical drop of 1,000 feet, and the longest run is 2 miles.

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Timberline Mountain is a top-rated local ski resort with modern lifts and varying terrain. This resort is better suited for beginner to intermediate skiers. However, there are terrain parks and glades for expert skiers to enjoy. Timberline Mountain is known for its expert terrain. With 100 skiable acres and just over 40 runs, you will surely be challenged no matter your skiing abilities. The most notable feature of this resort is the new chairlift. This chairlift is high-speed and can carry six passengers! This ensures a quick and easy journey to the summit.

Timberline Mountain does not disappoint as the vertical drop is 1,000 feet, and the longest run is 2 miles. This resort also offers night skiing on weekends, meaning you can have fun even when the sun goes down! Timberline Mountain is very close to Canaan Valley Resort, so it is possible to enjoy both resorts if you want some variety.

Lodging at Timberline Mountain is convenient as the resort offers a hotel next to the chairlifts. The hotel has rooms suitable for small and large families. There are also plenty of Airbnbs and other accommodation options nearby. This includes motels, bread and breakfasts, and cabins. Timberline Mountain recommends staying more than a day to enjoy everything the mountain offers.

Average Annual Snowfall

The average annual snowfall at Timberline Mountain is 58 inches. Although this is not the most impressive amount, Timberline Mountain has many snowmaking machines to make up for it. The best time to visit would be between January and March, as the average monthly snowfall is at its highest. February usually sees an average monthly snowfall which peaks at 25 inches. To get the best out of Timberline Mountain, check the snowfall report before you visit.

Winterplace Ski Resort

Winterplace Ski Resort is the number one place to learn how to ski in the southeast. While on the smaller side of mountain resorts, with only 90 acres of skiable area, it features 10 lifts, 27 runs and a terrain park. It also claims to have the largest snow tubing park in West Virginia, featuring 2 carpet lifts and 14 lanes to race down.

The longest run you will find at Winterplace is on the intermediate-level trail. “Panorama.” This is a 1¼ mile trail with a vertical drop of 603 feet and a top elevation of 3,600 feet. Night skiing is also available at Winterplace Ski Resort on 26 runs, the terrain park, and the snow tubing park. There are also various dining options to choose from to keep you energized for your long days in the snow. A bar for adults is also available when you need to wind down.

Lodging at the Winterplace Ski Resort is quick and easy. You can see all the lodging options through the Winterplace website and book online. The lodgings include cabins, inns, suites, and hotels. Because of the variety of accommodations around the area, you will surely find one that fits your needs. Stay nearby and get the most out of Winterplace Ski Resort!

Annual Average Snowfall

With an average annual snowfall of 38 inches, Winterplace Ski Resort does not get much snowfall compared to the other ski resorts in the state. However, the resort can provide snow to 100% of the ski area with snowmaking machines. January and February may be the best time to visit the resort as the average monthly snowfall is at its highest. In February, snowfall can peak at 16 inches.

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