Best Skiing In Wisconsin: Guide For Best Resorts and Dates for Prime Snow Conditions

Written by Jennifer Gaeng
Published: December 30, 2022
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If you’re looking for a top ski resort, Wisconsin has you covered. In fact, Wisconsin is home to nearly 20 ski resorts, so there is quite a bit to choose from. While all of them are fairly rated, in this article we are going to take a closer look at the top three ski resorts in Wisconsin, so you can be assured that your next ski vacation will be a great one!

3. Devils Head Ski Resort

skiing ski lift
A ski Lift is transporting skiers up the mountain. Snow in the background. Wisconsin is a top state for skiing due to its high snowfall.

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With nearly four stars online, Devils Head Resort is absolutely one of the best spots to book your next skiing adventure. This resort is in Merrimac, Wisconsin, near the Baraboo Bluffs in south central Wisconsin. This glacier-formed area has become a popular spot for both skiing and snowboarding and is considered one of the Midwest’s top 10 ski resorts. It offers many different amenities and also has some pretty decent snowfall throughout the winter months of the year, even though the area is mostly machine groomed.

Devils Head Ski Resort Weather Conditions and Peak Snowfall

As mentioned before, the majority of Devil’s Head Ski Resort is machine groomed, but during some winter months, the area does see snowfall. Between the months of December and January, historical snowfall reports an average total of 11” each month, while the peak snowfall usually hits in February with an average of 12”. Thankfully, the website lists a daily snow report to inform guests of not only what trails and lifts are open, but the current snowfall as well as base depth.


Devils Head Ski Resort Amenities

Devils Head Ski Resort provides lodging that includes suites, condos, and rooms with excellent sleeping arrangements. Additionally, this resort provides a variety of lessons for both adults and kids, as well as affordably priced lift tickets and passes for when you’re ready to go skiing for the day. If you plan to take a ski holiday soon, you should definitely check out this resort!

2. Alpine Valley Resort

skiing Wisconsin
A picture of a woman skiing down a slope in Wisconsin. This state has many different resorts to choose from!

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Alpine Valley Resort is a wonderful ski destination located in Walworth County, WI. With nearly 4.5 stars online, this ski resort is one of the top-rated and preferred ski resorts not only in the state but in the midwest. Alpine Valley offers over 100 acres of skiable terrain as well as 20 different runs that vary in difficulty. It has a vertical drop of 388 feet, and its longest ski run is nearly 3,000 feet. This resort also has three different terrain parks, and several amenities, and also sees some snowfall during the winter months of the year, so not every bit of snow is machine groomed.

Alpine Valley Resort Weather conditions and peak snowfall

Even though the snow at this resort is mostly machine groomed, some cooler months of the year do provide a few inches of snow. Snowfall peaks in January and February, with an average snowfall of 5″, although the overall average snowfall in December often hovers around 4″. In order to keep visitors informed of the weather, base depth, and which slopes and lifts are open right now, the website features a daily snow report that is updated as soon as you arrive.

Alpine Valley Resort Amenities

The wealth of amenities at Alpine Valley Resort is what sets it apart. This resort not only offers ski instruction, but it also runs its own ski school! Along with the 110 different hotel rooms, there are also fantastic vacation packages to choose from. Additionally, this resort has a bistro and dining lounge with an outstanding menu and even drink specials. Alpine Valley features its very own store with a broad selection of equipment and gear to fit your demands if you’re in the market for some ski gear shopping, making this resort a notable and family favorite.

1. Cascade Mountain Resort

As for the top ski resort in Wisconsin, Cascade Mountain Resort truly deserves to be number one. This resort is on Cascade Mountain in Portage, Wisconsin. It has 47 trails, four terrain parks, and almost 175 acres that can be used for skiing. Cascade Mountain Resort has even more to offer than just an exceptional amount of terrain for skiing, so let’s take a look at what makes this resort the most notable!

Cascade Mountain Resort Weather conditions and peak snowfall

This resort receives more snowfall despite being machine manicured similarly to other resorts. The average amount of snowfall in December is about 10 inches, while the most snow falls in January and February, with maximums of 12 inches each month. Every day, the snow report on the website tells visitors what the weather is like, how many trails are open, and how deep the base is, so they can be ready to ski!

Cascade Mountain Resort Amenities

Aside from the numerous trails and fantastic terrain parks, Cascade Mountain Resort also offers night skiing, snow tubing, and a variety of lessons for people of all ages and skill levels. It also offers a ski shop, a tech shop, and season passes! This resort is filled with action-packed adventure, things to do, and scenic views and is definitely noted as the top resort in Wisconsin for a trip of a lifetime!

In Conclusion

Even though all three of these Wisconsin resorts are worth a visit, each one is different from the others because of the things it has to offer and where it is. Give one of these three top resorts a try if you’re seeking to reserve your next ski trip in Wisconsin!

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