The 8 Biggest Roller Coasters in America in 2024

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Updated: July 26, 2023

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Thrill seekers and adventure junkies, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for an unbelievable ride on some of the most heart-pumping, adrenaline-inducing roller coasters in the world, look no further. Check out the biggest and baddest roller coasters in the United States! These towering structures are a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the engineers who designed them. They offer a one-of-a-kind experience that simply cannot be matched. So, strap in and hold on tight as we discover the biggest roller coasters in America — and the biggest roller coaster on the planet! 

Kingda Ka is not only the biggest roller coaster in America, but as of 2023, it is also the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the entire world.

8. Titan – Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, Texas)

The eighth biggest roller coaster in America is Titan, an intense steel roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. This hypercoaster was designed by Werner Stengel and built by Giovanola, opening its gates in April 2001. Rising to a heart-stopping height of 245 feet, Titan features a twister track and out-and-back layout. Riders also plummet down a 255-foot drop at a blistering pace of 85 miles an hour!

The feeling is intense! Some riders have reported blackouts or grayouts during the helix sections of the ride. They also report headaches along certain parts of the track. However, these incidents are most common during the scorching summer months when visitors may be dehydrated. If you ever find yourself at Six Flags, make sure that you drink plenty of water before climbing aboard Titan!

Height245 feet
Length of track5,312 feet
Top speed85 mph
Drop255-foot drop
Duration3 minutes and 20 seconds
Titan roller coaster station at Six Flags over Texas.

In addition to its height and crazy 255-foot drop, Titan also has a 540-degree spiral.

©Chris Hagerman / CC BY-SA 3.0 – Original / License

7. Orion – Kings Island (Mason, Ohio)

This coaster was designed exclusively by Bolliger & Mabillard, the Swiss-based experts behind the Diamondback and Banshee (also at Kings Island). Orion is one of the biggest roller coasters in America! Not only is it incredibly tall, but it is also one of only seven giga coasters in the entire world. (A giga coaster is a roller coaster with a height or drop of 300 to 399 feet). Building this enormous roller coaster was part of the largest investment in Kings Islands history. It cost an estimated $30 million dollars. Orion debuted in July 2020.

With 5,321 feet of track, Orion stands a mind-boggling 287 feet tall, towering over everything around it. It reaches a top speed of 91 mph, and the jaw-dropping 300-foot drop will have you screaming! You can find the Orion roller coaster in the Area 72 section of the park.

Height287 feet
Length of track5,321 feet
Top speed91 mph
Drop300-foot drop
Duration2 minutes
Orion's first drop with a train going down it, Kings Island.

Orion is one of only seven giga coasters in the entire world.

©Airtime Thrills Raw Footage / CC BY 4.0 – Original / License

6. Intimidator 305 – Kings Dominion (Doswell, Virginia)

The second giga coaster to be built in the United States was the Intimidator 305. It is located at Kings Dominion, an amusement park in Doswell, Virginia. Standing tall at a staggering 305 feet, this massive roller coaster was named after the iconic Dale Earnhardt. He was known as “The Intimidator” in the world of NASCAR. 

Much like its name, the Intimidator 305 is one of the biggest roller coasters in America. It is definitely not one for the faint of heart. In fact, when it first opened in 2010, the Intimidator 305 ran into some trouble due to its intense g-forces. Some riders even experienced temporary vision loss and/or blackouts! But don’t worry, the ride was closed and revamped to ensure the safety of all thrill seekers. Now with its updated design, the Intimidator 305 offers a three-minute adrenaline rush that will leave you breathless. You can find it in the Jungle X-Pedition section of the park.

Height305 feet
Length of track5,100 feet
Top speed90 mph
Drop300-foot drop
Duration3 minutes
Intimidator 305 ride at Kings Dominion, as seen from Eiffel Tower replica.

The Intimidator 305 is the second giga coaster built in the United States.

©Ben Schumin / CC BY-SA 3.0 – Original / License

5. Millennium Force – Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio)

Our next giant roller coaster is located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. The Millennium Force stands tall at 310 feet and was manufactured by Intamin. Opening in 2000, the Millenium Force was the first giga coaster in the entire world. However, this monster coaster is not just super tall — it also covers an insane 13 acres of land with 6,595 feet of track!

With a top speed of 93 mph, it only takes about two minutes and 20 seconds to complete the ride! The Millennium Force features a 300-foot tall cable lift hill with a 300-foot drop, three overbanked turns, two tunnels, and three hills. For a short time, it was both the tallest and the fastest roller coaster in the world. However, its reign was cut short as the Steel Dragon 2000 opened in Japan later that same year. 

Height310 feet
Length of track6,595 feet
Top speed93 mph
Drop300-foot drop
Duration2 minutes and 20 seconds
Millennium force at dusk

Millennium Force was the first Giga coaster in the world. It broke five world records in 2001.


4. Fury 325 – Carowinds (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Crafted by the renowned manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, Fury 325 was a massive project that cost $30 million dollars to complete. This steel behemoth is 325 feet tall and opened in March 2015. Fury 325 spans an incredible distance of 6,602 feet and has a top speed of 95 mph. Although it is not the tallest roller coaster in America, Fury 325 is the tallest overall among roller coasters that use a traditional chain lift hill.

Fury 325 is a buzzing roller coaster that is themed after a hornet. Charlotte’s rebellious past as “a hornet’s nest of rebellion” during the American Revolution inspired the ride. The track of the Fury 325 roller coaster is a striking shade of teal that matches the Charlotte Hornets logo. However, Carowinds Park has never officially confirmed whether the NBA team had any influence on the color scheme.

Height325 feet
Length of track6,602 feet
Top speed95 mph
Drop320-foot drop
Duration3 minutes and 25 seconds
Entry area for Fury 325 Giga-coaster at Carowinds

It took around $30 million dollars to build Fury 325.

©Ronwen1 / CC BY-SA 4.0 – Original / License

3. Superman: Escape from Krypton – Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, California)

Not only is Superman: Escape from Krypton one of the biggest roller coasters in America, but it is also one of the most unique. Located in Valencia, California at Six Flags Magic Mountain, this steel shuttle roller coaster opened in 1997. At the time, it was the tallest roller coaster in the world, and tied with Tower of Terror II in Australia as the fastest roller coaster in the world. 

Both of these insane roller coasters paved the way for an innovative technology called Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM), which allows the coasters vehicles to launch at a high speed using a series of magnets. This cutting-edge technology offers passengers a smooth and seamless ride that makes you feel like you’re flying like Superman! 

But what makes Superman: Escape from Krypton really unique is its reverse free-fall design — yes, this roller coaster travels backward! The ride launched riders straight up a tower, into a backward-facing free fall, plummeting towards the earth at breakneck speed. 

Height415 feet
Length of track1,235 feet
Top speed104 mph
Drop328.1-foot drop
Duration28 seconds
Superman Rollercoaster ride in California Six Flags Magic Mountain in front of a palm tree

The name of the ride was changed to “Superman: Escape from Krypton.”

©Denis Galushka/

2. Top Thrill Dragster – Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio)

Nestled in Sandusky, Ohio, at Cedar Point, Top Thrill Dragster is one of the biggest roller coasters in America, a hydraulic steel roller coaster built by Intamin and designed by Werner Stengel. It opened its gates for the first time in 2003, earning its place as the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world at the time. In addition, Top Thrill Dragster is also the first strata coaster ever (coasters that are at least 400 feet tall). Launching from 0 to 120 mph in just a few seconds, this gargantuan roller coaster takes riders up 420 feet into the sky!

The launch system of Top Thrill Dragster resembles a drag strip so that you feel like you’re at the starting line of a high-octane race. The coaster propels riders from 0 to 125 mph in just 3.8 seconds! In its heyday, this coaster was one of the most popular in the world. However, after a piece of the coaster fell onto a guest waiting in line in 2021, the park closed the ride and made plans for a new experience. A modified version of Top Thrill Dragster will open in 2024. 

Height420 feet
Length of track2,800 feet
Top speed120 mph
Drop400-foot drop
Duration30 seconds
Amusement Park Roller Coaster

Top Thrill Dragster is one of just two strata roller coasters in the entire world.

©James Marvin Phelps/

1. Kingda Ka – Six Flags (Jackson, New Jersey)

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for — it’s time to look at the biggest roller coaster in America: the legendary Kingda Ka! Kingda Ka is one beast of a ride. Not only is it the biggest roller coaster in America, but as of 2023, it is also the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the entire world! Manufactured by Intamin in 2005 and designed by the renowned Werner Stengel, Kingda Ka is the second strata coaster ever built, towering at a mind-blowing height of 456 feet — that’s like standing on top of a 45-story building! In fact, it’s so incredibly tall that in May 2009, Kingda Ka was actually struck by lightning!

This incredible king of coasters has an impressive upside-down U-shaped track that towers 45 stories high, and blasts riders from 0 to 125 mph in a jaw-dropping 3.5 seconds. Once at the top, writers are taken on a 90° straight up climb, and then plunge down in a thrilling descent in a 270° spiral before topping off the ride with a 129-foot camel hump. Kingda Ka sits within, The Golden Kingdom, a lush and exotic jungle-themed section of the park. The thrilling roller coaster is inspired by the story of a fabled Bengal tiger, one that was said to have once roamed the nearby Temple of the Tiger attraction.

Height456 feet
Length of track3,118 feet
Top speed128 mph
Drop418 feet
Duration50 seconds
Highest roller coaster in the world: Kingda Ka.

Kingda Ka is the biggest roller coaster in America, and the largest roller coaster in the world!

©Dusso Janladde, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons – Original / License

Summary of the 8 Biggest Roller Coasters in America

RankNameHeightAmusement ParkLocation
1Kingda Ka456 feetSix FlagsJackson, New Jersey
2Top Thrill Dragster420 feetCedar PointSandusky, Ohio
3Superman: Escape from Krypton415 feetSix Flags Magic MountainValencia, California
4Fury 325325 feetCarowindsCharlotte, North Carolina
5Millennium Force310 feetCedar PointSandusky, Ohio
6Intimidator 305305 feetKings DominionDoswell, Virginia
7Orion287 feetKings IslandMason, Ohio
8Titan245 feetSix Flags Over TexasArlington, Texas

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