Bison Stampede in Yellowstone in Incredible Footage

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Updated: August 30, 2023
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Key Points:

  • This article covers a video filming a large herd of bison in Yellowstone, however, the bison were causing a traffic jam!
  • The herd travels down the bridge which is empty aside from a truck.
  • Bison are common in Yellowstone, but not on the streets.

We’ve all seen a traffic jam that is the result of a bad vehicle accident, rush hour, or weather. But have you ever seen stand-still traffic caused by a bison stampede?

This video shows cars stopped on both sides of a small bridge in Yellowstone National Park as a herd of bison cross from one side to the other. Multiple camera angles capture the amazing and powerful movement of these majestic animals.

The video begins with a wide view of the large herd moving from one end of the bridge to the other. They enter the video’s frame near vehicles that are stopped on the road and on the shoulder of the road.

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The herd thunders down the bridge, which is empty of vehicles except for one truck that was beginning to cross the bridge from the opposite end when the animals made their way onto the road. The truck reverses and stops off the bridge to get out of the way of the herd. The bison then go around the parked truck, eventually leaving the road and going off into the grass.

The second shot is taken from the truck closest to the herd. In the video, you get an up-close view of the bison as they come running toward the camera. The truck backs up to give the bison their space. We can only imagine how intense the experience must have been for the driver. Fortunately for the people in the truck, the bison veer off before getting too close. It is still some amazing footage!

Visiting Yellowstone

As one of the most recognizable animals in Yellowstone National Park, bison are a common sight there.

©Daniel Mayer / Creative Commons

Bison is a common appearance in Yellowstone and one of the most recognizable animals in the national park. Visiting the park in the summer months allows you the most opportunities to drive its many roads in your own vehicle.

Yellowstone National Park, an expansive wilderness of approximately 3,500 square miles, is situated above a volcanic hotspot. While primarily located in Wyoming, the park extends into portions of Montana and Idaho as well.

The Volcanic Peaks showcase breathtaking canyons, alpine rivers, verdant forests, thermal springs, and erupting geysers, notably the renowned Old Faithful. Moreover, it serves as a habitat for numerous animal species, including bears, wolves, bison, elk, and antelope.

In the winter months and even into the spring, many roads are closed due to ice and snow. If you do drive in Yellowstone, you should stay vigilant for wildlife.

After all, the park is their home and we are just visitors.

View The Full Video By Watching Below

Check it out:

Bison stampede on a bridge in Yellowstone National Park.

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