Black Moon Lilith Placement: Meaning and Traits for All 12 Houses of the Zodiac

Written by Dayva Segal
Published: December 1, 2023
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Black Moon Lilith is the apogee, or the furthest point, of the Moon from Earth. It is the “dark side of the moon.”

In a natal astrology chart, Black Moon Lilith represents the complex relationship between our inner motivations and our shame, especially as these concepts relate to sexuality, our feminine side, and the rebellious person that lives inside each of us, even if we never let that side see the light of day (like the lunar apogee). It interacts with our awareness of hierarchies and power structures.

People often go through several Black Moon Lilith transformations in their lives, during which they set shame aside and become even more empowered. Betrayal is also a theme in the way Black Moon Lilith shows up.

In mythology, Lilith was Adam’s first wife in the Garden of Eden. She was not made from his rib like Eve; she was made from the same dirt as Adam. However, she refused to be subservient to him and was expelled from Eden. This legend informs how Black Moon Lilith shows up in astrology.

Black Moon Lilith Placement: Black Moon Lilith Meaning in Each of the Houses

In Western astrology, there are 12 houses in the zodiac wheel of a natal astrology chart. Each house represents a different area of life. Which house any planet or astrological point falls into will have a bearing on where the qualities of that planet or point show up in your life.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 1st House

Male Coworkers Whispering Behind Back Of Unhappy Businesswoman In Office

With Black Moon Lilith in your 1st House, people may gossip about you because of your confident nature.

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Your 1st House is all about what makes you, you. With Black Moon Lilith here, you do have an inherent confidence. However, people can read this as flirtation or even sexual when you’re just trying to be kind. You have a way of enchanting people and drawing them in, but that can make others jealous. Some may try to put you down because they are insecure. Your Black Moon Lilith journey will be about finding the people who know and support your true character while getting your inner insecurities to match your outer confidence.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 2nd House

British pounds banknotes background

For people with Black Moon Lilith in the 2nd House, money has a more loaded meaning.

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If you’ve got Black Moon Lilith in your 2nd House of values, you likely view money as tied into your personal self-worth. You don’t see business as just a way to get paid and pay for life’s needs. Instead, you see it as a reflection of who you are and your value to the world. You love comfort and are willing to pay for it, but you are also inherently aware of each dollar you spend. Unique ways of gathering money that require you to use your sex appeal or confidence may draw you in. Your Black Moon Lilith journey in this life is about recognizing that you have value as a person, regardless of the money you earn.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 3rd House

Portrait of tired schoolboy sitting in classroom elementary school

If you have Black Moon Lilith in the 3rd House, you may have disliked school as a child.


People with Black Moon Lilith here tend to have communication trouble as children. If this is you, you were probably smart, but your interests did not fit into what others expected you to learn. You were naturally curious, but perhaps you were curious about topics that were not suitable for children. You may lean on defensive communication as a tactic to protect your confident inner self. As you learn and grow, you will learn to communicate your authentic desires and shed your defensiveness as you find people who will accept the real you.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 4th House

Family Conflicts. Sad little black children covering ears with hands while their parents arguing in the background, upset boy and girl don't want to hear quarrel, stressed kid sitting on the floor

People with Black Moon Lilith in the 4th House often had tumultuous childhood homes.


Black Moon Lilith in the 4th House often indicates a difficult childhood that can affect the rest of your life. As a result, the feeling of home is hard for you to find as an adult. You feel let down by your family and God or the universe. However, as you get older, you will come into your own if you work on these issues. You have been hurt but you will come to learn that there are safe places in this world. You can create your ideal home and family, but you will likely reach these milestones later than your peers.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 5th House

Sisters playing together in the park

When Black Moon Lilith is in your 5th House, you have a playful side, but it is hidden by shame.

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The 5th House rules over your playfulness, sexuality, and creativity. It is also the house of procreation. With Black Moon Lilith here, you likely are a playful person, but have shame around lighthearted attempts at play and creativity. Either your own inner insecurities stifle your creative voice based on those experiences, or you develop a false outer self that does not reflect your true creative or playful desires. As an adult, this extends to your sexuality. The Black Moon Lilith transformations in your life will be about identifying and indulging your authentic creative impulses.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 6th House

Woman looking at her coworker with a displeased expression, woman working in her office

People with Black Moon Lilith in the 6th House may not get along with authority figures at work.

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Black Moon Lilith in the 6th House makes you an industrious person. Working and being productive is what gives you energy, while many other people find it draining. However, the passion that drives you may feel difficult for other people. You don’t like hierarchy, and if you have to be in one, you’d rather be in charge. However, when you are in charge, you can be a micro-manager. When you’re not in charge, you don’t get along with bosses or managers. You’d probably do best in an organization with a flat management structure or working for yourself.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 7th House

Young Couple Arguing and Fighting. Domestic Violence Scene of Emotional abuse, Stressed Woman and aggressive Man Having Almost Violent Argument in a Dark Claustrophobic Hallway of Apartment.

Black Moon Lilith in the 7th House may make intimate relationships more challenging for you.

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With Black Moon Lilith in your 7th House, you might find a life partner later in life because you need to integrate your Black Moon Lilith energy first. With this placement, you deeply desire a partnership, but you also fear the vulnerability that comes along with that, so you push people away. You may have some attachment trauma from childhood, that causes this push-and-pull dynamic. You are also attracted to people who embody your attachment wounds, and the energy of Black Moon Lilith. As you get more life experience, you will work through these wounds and learn how to let people into your life to create the loving partnership you desire and deserve.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 8th House

Person with a secret

People with Black Moon Lilith in the 8th House may have secrets in their love lives.


When Black Moon Lilith combines its energy with the 8th House of trauma, secrets, sex, and transformation in the natal chart, it creates complex situations. If you have this placement, you may end up in partnerships where you keep secrets from your partner, especially financial ones. Despite your tendency towards secrecy, you want a fully committed partner. Your reason for keeping secrets from your partner isn’t to be duplicitous. It’s because you never fully trust anyone no matter how much you love them. Your secrets are to protect your feeling of security.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 9th House

Male reading the bible in the church

You likely have very strong convictions if your Black Moon Lilith is in your 9th House.

©Wirestock/iStock via Getty Images

The 9th House is all about beliefs, travel, and philosophy. If you have Black Moon Lilith here in your natal chart, you probably have an idealistic outlook that may or may not be religious. If you are a religious person, you are likely disillusioned with the hierarchy in your religion of choice and you may convert to another religion as you get older. Whether your beliefs are spiritual or secular, you are likely the kind of person who feels that your beliefs are the way that everyone should think. The journey of your path with Black Moon Lilith is to accept that multiple viewpoints and beliefs are valid.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 10th House

Celebrity couple in car hiding with hand from magazine photographers cameras

You may be prone to public scandal if your Black Moon Lilith is in your 10th House.

©Motortion/iStock via Getty Images

Placements in the 10th House affect your career and public image. With Black Moon Lilith here, your coworkers may see you as seductive, even when you’re just trying to do your work. They might accuse you of things like sleeping your way to the top. You might find yourself attracted to inappropriate relationships that could affect your career. Even if you’re not a celebrity, you still have a public image. This placement makes it likely that your public image could suffer from some kind of scandal, especially one related to sexuality or speaking your mind at some point.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 11th House

Upset male outcast feel lonely sitting alone in cafe

When your 11th House has Black Moon Lilith, you don’t fit into groups easily.

©fizkes/iStock via Getty Images

Whatever is present in your 11th House in your natal chart affects how you interact with groups. With Black Moon Lilith here, it’s not easy for you to fit into a group, but for different reasons than other 11th House placements. People tend to see you as a disrupter. You come into groups with your revolutionary ideas. The people established in the group don’t love it. In your early adulthood, it’s hard for people to see your good intentions. However, as you age, you will find the people who truly appreciate you exactly as you are.

Black Moon Lilith Placement In 12th House

Spiritual practice. Harmony balance. Meditating woman silhouette in pink ethereal smoke double exposition.

With Black Moon Lilith in the 12th House, you’re drawn to spirituality but susceptible to group-think.


When Black Moon Lilith mixes its characteristics into the dynamics of the 12th House, its qualities become deeply buried in your subconscious. This is typically a spiritual placement. You feel called to explore the “why” behind our existence. However, because Lilith is buried so deeply, you are less aware of hierarchies and power structures that hold you back. Because of this, and because you don’t like to be alone, you are susceptible to groups with a strong message of control. As you age, you will find your path to independence and start to be more independent.

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