Blue Butterfly Sightings: Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: June 3, 2023
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The transformative meaning of butterflies is lost on no one. They endure dark, quiet periods before their final return only to surprise all with their dazzling new shape, colors, and abilities. These flying insects point to constant change, an ebb, and flow that leads you toward further evolution. To learn more about everything related to having a butterfly as your spirit animal, click on over to this page. To learn specifically about the blue butterfly’s spiritual meaning and symbolism, keep reading.

Blue Butterfly Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

blue morpho butterfly on giant leaves

The morpho is a type of butterfly that is truly recognized for its blue color.


If you’ve been blessed enough to spot a blue butterfly in person, you know just how magical they are. You can’t help but get drawn in to study their beauty. Some gorgeous blue butterfly species include:

  • Giant blue morpho (scientific name: Morpho peleides Kollar)
  • Variable beauty mark (scientific name: Rhetus periander)
  • Blue cracker (scientific name: Hamadryas arinome)
  • Ulysses butterfly (scientific name: Papilio ulysses)
  • Pipevine swallowtail (scientific name: Battus philenor)

Each butterfly color holds a special meaning. Blue butterflies are rare, and when they appear either in person, in dreams, or in repeated synchronistic images, they point you toward joy. It means good fortune is on the horizon. You’ve been noble and honorable, and your efforts are to be rewarded. They appear as messengers to remind you there’s more in store for you.

Blue Butterfly Symbolism: Love and Relationships

Dorsal view of a beautiful blue female Diana Fritillary, Speyeria diana, feeding on yellow butterflyweed. This species is very rare throughout its range.

A blue butterfly holds a special significance.

©Sari ONeal/

Message From a Departed Loved One

In Japan, butterflies hold special meaning. They are perceived as entities that usher those who have passed into the next spiritual plane. In ancient Greek mythology, butterflies took care of loved ones lost. When you are grieving or lovingly remembering someone who has passed, a blue butterfly may appear to remind you that they are still with you.

Receive it as validation that the loved one you are holding in your conscious awareness is also aware of you and that they are experiencing indescribable peace on the other side. Since blue symbolizes loyalty, it is a wonderful reminder that what once was continues, but in a different shape, like the butterfly itself.

Confirmation of Spiritual Purpose

The color blue is also closely associated with the element of water. When blue butterfly sightings are a part of your life, it’s confirmation that you are flowing with the natural order of your life. You’re letting all unfold as it should, not swimming against currents, and instead trusting the powerful direction leading you.

Cleansing and Transformation

In keeping with the element of water, a blue butterfly may be signaling a time of cleansing and transformation. If you are experiencing blue butterfly sightings, reflect on what’s being removed from your life, what actions you’re taking to cleanse your spirit, and how you are transforming into a new version of yourself in the process.

Blue Butterfly Symbolism: Career and Finances

Butterfly sitting on a dandelion.

A blue butterfly carries symbolism for career and finances.


A Time for Growth

Butterflies are about metamorphosis and when combined with the color blue, they help you recognize when it’s time for another growth spurt. Blue symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, and while you can only gain wisdom through experience, you can acquire knowledge at any time, allowing you to traverse a new path. Consider a blue butterfly sighting an invitation to your next career move. Accept it as a reminder that you’re being divinely guided.

Redirection May Be Required

When you’ve set your sights on a certain outcome, especially in the realm of career and finances, it can be heart-wrenching having to redirect. However, the blue butterfly arrives to remind you that you have the knowledge and wisdom you’ve acquired, and you can use it to move in a new direction. Nothing is ever lost; it is only reborn.

Blue Butterfly Symbolism: Health and Wellness

Replenish and Rejuvenate

There’s a reason blue is used in bedrooms by interior decorators. This color invites serenity, which helps you relax and recover. Life can get chaotic, especially when you’re balancing multiple responsibilities, and you can too easily wear yourself out. If the spirit of the blue butterfly is showing up in your life, it’s a sign that you need to take some time to decompress. Your transformation won’t happen overnight. Sometimes, you need to settle into a little chrysalis, take some time for yourself, and emerge once again with the vigor and passion you know still fires within you.

Remember Your Power

It’s easy to forget how powerful you are. Sometimes your thoughts get pulled in one direction and you become single-minded. While the skill of focusing has its place in your life (as a tool, not a way of living), sometimes you need to pause. This is a time to remember who you are and move forward knowing that even though you feel like a caterpillar sometimes, you’re transformative. You can take leaps and trust that the net will appear (but let’s leave flying for the butterflies!).

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