Bunny vs Rabbit – 3 Main Differences

Bunny vs Rabbit

Written by Lex Basu

Updated: December 14, 2022

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Key Points

  • “Bunny” is a term used to refer to rabbits affectionately or even baby rabbits.
  • The main difference between a bunny and a rabbit is just that bunnies are young and rabbits are adults.
  • Baby rabbits can also be referred to as kittens, kits, or kitties.

Thanks to the numerous movies, cartoons and other media, we love bunnies. It is a fact that bunnies make great pets, especially for young children. They are soft, fluffy, cute, and fun to play with. Many religions and folklores identify rabbits as bringer of luck and prosperity. It is important to note that these are very fragile creatures and require the utmost care, protection and affection.

There are so many famous bunnies, namely the Easter Bunny and Bugs Bunny, but what exactly is the difference between a bunny and a rabbit? Is a bunny a miniature rabbit or another species entirely? In fact, “bunny” is an informal name for a rabbit, but it usually refers to a young rabbit or a baby. Baby bunnies have other names, but many people refer to rabbits and hares as bunnies.

Rabbit species are found in wooded areas, meadows, grasslands, wetlands, and even deserts and tundras across the world. Other similar animals are pikas and hares, but they are all different animals.

With that said, here are the key difference between bunny and rabbit:

Comparing Bunny vs Rabbit

DietMother’s milk.Twigs, grass, bark, clover, and seedlings.
NameBunnyRabbit, coney, cottontail

Bunny vs Rabbit – Defining Difference Between Bunny and Rabbit

Bunny vs Rabbit: Diet

Baby bunnies start by feeding on their mother’s milk. Adult rabbits have a more varied diet. In the wild, they regularly forage for many types of vegetation. Rabbits can eat weeds, flowering plants, pine needles, shrubs, and clover. They keep their teeth trimmed by chewing on tree bark and twigs.

Bunny vs Rabbit: Coat

Baby bunnies are born without fur. They usually develop fur in about a week. After 12 days, they develop a soft, fluffy coat that makes them irresistibly cute. That soft fur will last from a few months to a year. After that, they shed their fluffy coats and grow their smooth adult coats.

Both a bunny and a rabbit need to stay warm to stay healthy, they also don’t like wet and rainy weather. If you are keeping them as pets, try to keep them indoor or waterproof their sleeping area and ensure proper heat is provided.

The colors of a baby bunny’s coat don’t show what color it will be as an adult. Many bunnies start at one color and develop another when they become adults.

Bunny vs Rabbit: Name

Baby rabbits are called kittens, kits, or kitties. They are also called bunnies, but that’s not an official name. Rabbits are sometimes called coneys or cottontails. A female rabbit is known as a jill or a doe, and a male rabbit is sometimes called a jack or a buck.

Summary: Difference Between Bunny and Rabbit

CoatSoftSoft but differs in color from bunny stage
NameBunny, kit, kitties, kittensFemale: jill or doe
Male: jack or buck

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