Camera Catches a Grizzly Bear and Wolf Team Up to Sneak Attack a Moose and Her Calf

Written by Sammi Caramela
Published: September 15, 2023
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A recent video went viral showcasing a grizzly bear and wolf hunting two moose together. The footage, which captured the scene near Gustavus in Glacier Bay National Park during an ADF&G wolf predation study, features a large grizzly bear and a wolf sneaking up on an adult moose and its calf.

When the mother moose notices the bear, she immediately goes into defensive mode. The bear and the moose fight each other while the wolf then goes in for the attack against the moose calf. The video, which you can watch at the end of this article, ends before we can see how the match concluded — but we can probably guess the moose’s fates. 

Keep reading to learn more about moose and wolves — as well as their hunting behavior.

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Do Grizzly Bears Hunt Moose?

Yes, grizzly bears are known to hunt moose — primarily calves but also adults during certain times. In fact, in the video (which you can watch below), the grizzly bear went directly for the large mother moose. This is most common during the springtime.

Mother grizzly bear ever vigilant monitoring the whereabouts of her cub.

Grizzly bears are extremely aggressive creatures.

©Kelp Grizzly Photography/

Do Wolves Hunt Moose?

Yes, wolves do hunt and kill moose — specifically moose calves. As wolves age, they are better able to take down moose, as they grow larger and stronger. However, adult moose usually put up a good fight against wolves, which is why they typically stick to the calves. This is exactly what happened in the video: the grizzly took down the adult moose while the wolf ambushed the young moose calf.

Do Grizzly Bears and Wolves Usually Hunt Together?

Bears and wolves don’t typically hunt together. However, it can happen — as we witnessed in the video below. Still, this is a relatively rare occurrence. In fact, grizzly bears and wolves often work against each other, as they hunt the same prey. They more commonly interact as competitors and will sometimes even attack each other. Otherwise, they mainly just coexist. 

Watch the Rare Footage of the Grizzly Bear and Wolf Teaming Up

Rare predator prey footage captured on camera!

📸 Prey and predators collide in this trail camera clip 🌲🐺 captured by remote camera near Gustavus in Glacier Bay National Park during an ADF&G wolf predation study. Witness the intense moment when prey and predators come face-to-face in this clip! 😮 😱 This camera was perfectly positioned along a popular animal travel corridor, giving us a front-row seat to Mother Nature's drama. 📢🦌🐾 #WildlifeEncounter #PredatorVsPrey #NatureDramaFor more on Southeast Alaska 🐺 wolf research:… and see Wolf Trails: Bay National Park and Preserve

Posted by ADF&G, Southeast Alaska on Monday, August 28, 2023

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Lindberg

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