Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? How Dangerous Are They?

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Updated: September 21, 2023

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Everyone has tried poppy seed bread or muffins at one point or another. They can be a tasty human treat, but dogs should stay clear of these magical seeds. Because dogs are highly vulnerable to poppy seed poisoning, they cannot safely eat poppy seeds, buds, or any part of the poppy plant. Keep a watch out for other symptoms of poppy poisoning, such as trembling and pinpoint pupils. 

If your dog licks tiny amounts of edible poppy seeds off the ground (like a few that dropped off your poppy seed bread or muffin), your dog may merely feel an upset stomach. The central nervous system of your doggie can suffer significant harm by eating a lot of poppy seeds. Call your pup’s vet or Pet Poison Helpline if you believe your dog has consumed a substantial amount of the seeds. So let’s learn a bit more about poppy seeds. 

Can Dogs Have Food with Poppy Seeds?

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Poppy seed bread is not recommended for dogs, no matter how it’s mixed into food. There are several reasons why poppy seed bread, muffins, and other human desserts aren’t suitable for dogs. First off, dogs can’t eat heavily poppy seeds. Even a tiny amount of poppy seeds on a slice of bread can be enough to upset your dog companions’ stomachs. 

Second, Poppy Seed bread purchased from a store is frequently sweet and contains high sugar. Poppy Seed bread has a lot of sugar, which is bad for dogs since it can suddenly raise blood sugar levels. Dogs who consume excessive sugar may also develop diabetes, dental problems, metabolic abnormalities, obesity, upset stomachs, and even pancreatitis. 

Sweet bread, whether it contains poppy seeds or not, is bad for dogs since it has a lot of simple carbs. Dogs who overeat carbohydrates risk becoming obese and developing heart disease. Additionally, poppy seed bread gives dogs empty calories. This means that while boosting their daily calorie intake, eating poppy seed bread won’t benefit your dog.

What to Do if Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds

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The poppy is perhaps best recognized for its role as the field of crimson poppies Dorothy falls asleep in The Wizard of Oz. Even though this is a movie, the signs of poppy toxicity are remarkably similar. Poppy consumption can result in depression, drowsiness, coma, and even death. Although this blossoming plant is uncommon, anyone or anything that consumes it faces grave risk. 

You must notify your veterinarian and visit the clinic if you think your pet swallowed the poppy or seeds. One of the most well-known wildflowers is the poppy plant, which has a distinctive red blossom. The poppy is poisonous if consumed; despite its beautiful appeal, if your dog ingests this plant, it’s an emergency. 

How to Help Your Pup

The most important thing is to prevent your dog from ingesting poppy seeds. Put anything containing poppy seeds your dog might ingest out of their reach. Take your dog to the hospital immediately if you suspect it may have eaten poppy seeds. Since little doses may not cause harm, some people may not even know that poppies are deadly to dogs. Tell the vet when you take your dog that you believe they ate some poppy seeds so they can treat them appropriately.

What Is Poppyseed Poisoning?

Studies have revealed that each gram of poppy seeds typically contains between 0.5 and 10 micrograms of morphine. Fortunately for humans, you would need to consume a large amount of food to get any drug high or narcotic effects. 

However, any quantity might be poisonous and hazardous for dogs. The alkaloids found in poppies vary depending on the species; some have the potential to harm the central nervous system, according to the Pet Poison Helpline. 

Any plant portion can cause drowsiness or a euphoric mood upon ingestion. So be careful to keep anything you plan to eat that contains poppy seeds far away from your dog. Accidents do occur, but you should make an effort to prevent this particular accident.

How Are Dogs Treated for Poppy Seed Poisoning?

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To eliminate any lingering poppy bits in your dog’s stomach, the vet may make him vomit. Additionally, they might give the patient activated charcoal to bind to any leftover toxins and prevent them from entering the bloodstream. Your pet will probably be hospitalized, and intravenous fluids will likely be started. 

Your veterinarian may start your dog on oxygen through flow-by or place him in an oxygen cage if they are having trouble breathing. The vet might need to intubate your pet and keep giving him oxygen through intubation until he stabilizes if he has severe difficulty and edema. Keep your dog in a quiet, dark area until the toxic effects subside if they exhibit signs of lethargy, depression, constrained pupils, or other mood-related symptoms. 

Your dog will be put on monitoring devices if they have heart issues. This will give the vet a continuous view of his vital signs, including his pulse, and enable prompt action if their heart rate unexpectedly plummets. To avoid potential difficulties, the veterinarian may provide extra drugs as needed.

Recovery and Outlook

Your dog’s ability to recover from poppy toxicity will mostly depend on how much poppy he consumed and how quickly he received medical attention. The likelihood of your dog’s full recovery is good if they ingested a small number of seeds or nibbled on the leaf. 

The prognosis may be fair if you promptly sought veterinarian attention for your dog even when it consumed more. But if your pup ate a lot of it or didn’t get any veterinary care, the chances of a full recovery are poor. 

Your doggie will be allowed to return home once all of his laboratory results are normal, he is acting normally, and he has regained his appetite. The poppy is not common in many places due to its potential for illicit use. If you stumble across this plant while out for a stroll with your dog, stay away from it. The best type of treatment is prevention.

Can Dogs Eat Seeded Crackers?

In general, seeds are safe for dogs to consume, and crackers containing seeds are typically non-toxic. Nonetheless, it’s essential to exercise caution and ensure that your pet doesn’t overindulge, as some seed-laden crackers might contain elevated levels of sodium.

Dogs can partake in plain crackers that are free from additional ingredients, excess salt, sugar, or fats. However, it’s advisable to offer crackers to your dog as an occasional treat since they offer minimal nutritional value to your pet’s diet.

Additionally, dog owners who want to share lemon-poppy muffins might be tempted to offer a portion to their canine. Nevertheless, it’s best to not do that. Poppy seeds are not considered safe for dogs to consume.


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Your dog can get very sick from poppy seeds and the plant. Although poppy seeds may contain trace levels of opiates, have you ever encountered a dog that liked to consume only a tiny quantity of something? 

Therefore, keeping poppy seeds and any of these foods out of your pet’s reach is a good idea. If you believe your dog has consumed them, seek medical attention immediately. Opioid poisoning is just as fatal for dogs as other types of poisoning. Therefore, you don’t want your dog to suffer from it. Instead, feed them healthful, high-quality dog food.

Now that you understand why it’s dangerous and know what to do if your dog eats it, share this article with a pup owner who loves poppy seed snacks. Check out other articles to see what else is toxic or safe for doggies. 

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