Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility: Romance, Friendship, and More

Written by August Croft
Published: December 8, 2023
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There are many important aspects to discuss surrounding Cancer and Capricorn compatibility. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this astrological match? How do Cancers and Capricorns interact, both in love and in friendship? If you’re part of a Cancer-Capricorn relationship, you may be contemplating these very questions.

Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the relationship dynamics of Cancer and Capricorn. We’ll address how these two zodiac signs fall in love as well as how they might get along in other relationship types. But first, let’s discuss the astrological basics of both of these signs so that you can fully understand the results of their compatibility report!

The Foundations of Cancer and Capricorn

cancer and capricorn compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility is rooted in their mutual devotions.

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Only interested in the astrological basics of Cancer and Capricorn? Let’s go over those now.

Astrological FoundationsCancerCapricorn
BirthdaysJune 21st-July 22ndDecember 20th-January 19th
Astrological Placement4th10th
RulerThe MoonSaturn
KeywordsNurturing, sensitive, practicalAmbitious, dedicated, pragmatic
Notable CelebritiesAriana Grande, Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Kevin Hart, Meryl StreepDenzel Washington, Kate Middleton, Jared Leto, Dolly Parton, Ryan Seacrest

When Practicality Meets Dedication: Cancer and Capricorn Basics

cancer and capricorn compatibility

Water and earth partnerships are often strong, as is the case with Cancer and Capricorn.


With compatible elements and strong foundations, Cancer and Capricorn have high compatibility in many types of relationships. Despite their shared modality, Cancer and Capricorn couples have a great capacity for caring for one another. They often align well on practical, home-oriented affairs for the following reasons.

Cancers are the 4th zodiac sign connected to the 4th astrological house of foundations, homes, and ancestry. Tradition and familial ties are incredibly important to Cancers. Capricorns are connected to the 10th house of status and social standing. While these houses have very different themes, Capricorns share Cancer’s dedication to family, to how life at home might reflect upon their status.

Capricorns are also ruled by Saturn, a planet representing tradition, time, and lifelong lessons. The practical, mature sensibilities in every Capricorn appeal to Cancer. While Cancers are ruled by the Moon, a celestial body associated with shifting moods and nurturing, there is a foundational practicality in every Cancer. This is another important commonality between these two zodiac signs.

Cancer is a water sign, while Capricorn is an earth sign. Just as water nourishes life-bringing earth, so too do Cancer and Capricorn care for one another. Capricorns ensure Cancers have a pragmatic, solid foundation. Cancers ensure Capricorns have an empathetic ear to voice their feelings. But are all of these things enough to keep Cancer and Capricorn together long-term?

Cancer and Capricorn: Romantic Compatibility

cancer and capricorn compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility may be affected by control.

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There are very few negatives to Cancer and Capricorn romantic compatibility. This zodiac match is a classic for many reasons. As a water and earth pairing, Cancer and Capricorn suit one another, making up for one another’s weaknesses naturally. When Cancers get lost in their emotional intuition, Capricorns provide practical knowledge. And when Capricorns get lost in their rationalization of things, Cancers provide heart and soul. 

Both of these zodiac signs are also drawn to one another’s immense strength and power. As two cardinal signs, both Cancer and Capricorn have an authoritative, leadership mentality. Cancer leads with a bit more subtlety compared to Capricorn, but this pair truly seeks strength in romance. They will certainly find this in each other, and typically in arenas the other isn’t powerful in. 

Capricorn and Cancer also align well when it comes to home, family, and romantic expectations. There is a devoted nature in both of these zodiac signs, a nature rarely reciprocated. Both Cancer and Capricorn tend to overextend and give themselves to those they love, receiving very little in return. But Capricorn and Cancer will ensure the other feels the same love right back!

While Cancer and Capricorn compatibility is healing and fulfilling overall, two cardinal signs can certainly run into control issues in their romance. These issues may affect long-term compatibility, something we will discuss soon. 

Cancer and Capricorn: Friendship Compatibility

cancer and capricorn compatibility

Cancers appreciate how authoritative and dedicated Capricorns are.


Cancer and Capricorn will likely begin as friends before they become lovers. The friendship compatibility between these two zodiac signs is high because of the same reasons listed for their romantic compatibility. Cancer and Capricorn will feel drawn to one another’s strengths, particularly in the early days of their conversations. 

Both Capricorn and Cancer tend to have large friend groups and families. These zodiac signs enjoy being needed and wanted, useful and helpful. When Capricorn and Cancer become friends, they will find that their typical nurturing natures aren’t necessary in one another’s companies. These two zodiac signs understand what it means to be needed and what it means to overextend oneself for others. 

Not only will Cancer and Capricorn have an easy, one-of-a-kind way of talking to one another, but they will also commiserate over their shared capacity for others. This friendship will be fulfilling and healing in ways that are different than what both Cancer and Capricorn are used to. Shy Cancer will be drawn to authoritative Capricorn. And curious Capricorn will be drawn to unique Cancer. 

If it’s easy for Cancer and Capricorn to fall in love, then it’s even easier for them to become friends! These two homebodies will spend a great deal of their spare time and one another’s company, catching up and reinvesting in one another again and again. 

Cancer and Capricorn: Workplace Compatibility

cancer and capricorn compatibility

Capricorns appreciate how careful and aware Cancers are.


Two cardinal signs certainly have the potential for workplace conflict, which can be said of Cancer and Capricorn. However, Cancer and Capricorn tend to prioritize different things professionally. This helps these two cardinal signs align and work toward a shared goal rather than compete for leadership. 

Capricorns are connected to the 10th house of status. As an earth sign of a cardinal modality, Capricorns place a great deal of importance on their career path. Their professional life is part of their identity in a way that Cancer’s is not. This isn’t to say that Cancers don’t also care about their chosen profession, but Capricorns dedicate their lives to building a professional legacy more often than not. 

Cancers have a similar practicality as Capricorns thanks to their connection to the 4th house of homes and foundations. They value their careers as a sense of stability and self-worth. However, Cancers tend to lead with their hearts before their heads. Should Cancer and Capricorn choose to work together professionally, their leadership is likely to inspire. 

Cancers will lead a team and offer their emotional intuition. They will know what to say to employees and coworkers, equal parts inspiring and empathetic. Capricorns have the practical aspects of any career handled. They will inspire others with their ambition and strength. Both of these zodiac signs are strong leaders and can truly benefit from observing one another’s unique leadership styles! 

Cancer and Capricorn: Long-Term Compatibility and Marriage

cancer and capricorn compatibility

Long-term compatibility for Cancer and Capricorn couples is high.


As a compatible, enhancing zodiac match, Cancer and Capricorn may be together for the long haul. In fact, committed, long-term relationships are often dreams for both Cancer and Capricorn. Capricorns are ruled by Saturn and have a measured, dedicated timeline for their lives. Cancers don’t necessarily feel this pressure from their planetary ruler, but the Moon influences Cancer in devoted, sentimental ways. 

Remember how important the home is to both Cancer and Capricorn. Not only will these two zodiac signs build a sustainable, beautiful home together, but they will also find that home in one another. Capricorns are an anchor in any relationship, but especially for dreamy, sensitive Cancer. And Cancer provides Capricorn with a different type of stability than they are used to, a stability rooted in emotional intelligence. 

One of the few problems Cancer and Capricorn may encounter in their long-term relationship is likely due to their shared modality. Just as Cancer and Capricorn have the potential to clash in the workplace, these two cardinal zodiac signs may need to address issues of control early on in their romance. Still, strength is attractive to both Capricorn and Cancer. Even if these two signs disagree or try to overpower the other, it likely won’t be a deal-breaker! 

Cancer and Capricorn: Famous Couples

cancer and capricorn compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility is high because of their abilities to enhance one another.


With so much heart and strength, there have been many celebrity and notable couples born under the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, including:

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton
  • Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley
  • Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Padalecki
  • Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

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