Caring Dolphins Appear to Save Surfers From a Huge Shark!

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: September 5, 2023
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The two surfers in this extraordinary clip have a lucky escape. A large shark is paying them a lot of attention and is moving in closer to investigate. At the last moment, it veers to the side and makes its way into the distance. However, that is not the remarkable thing about this footage. If you watch closely, you can see a pod of dolphins circling the shark. They seem to be trying to steer the predator away from the surfers. Drone footage is providing us with more and more information about how different species react under the ocean. We still have a lot to learn about dolphins and whether they try to protect us!

Why Are Sharks Interested in Surfers?

Nobody knows exactly why sharks are interested in humans at all. There are, however, several interesting theories. One theory is that sharks are hungry. Many sharks have a varied diet and large predatory sharks can hunt several different species. The sharks may want to eat the humans. However, if you study the bite wounds that sharks inflict on humans, they are usually single lacerations. This is not the same sort of injury that is inflicted on prey that is being eaten. Sharks may taste human flesh but find it unpalatable.

The more likely explanation is that this is a case of mistaken identity. Sharks may be looking for prey and are stimulated to check out humans by their movements in the water. Sometimes they get closer to humans and then veer away because they realize that we are not a tasty seal!

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Sharks are highly inquisitive animals. They like to find out about their environments and the animals that enter them. Sometimes, sharks come close to us because they simply want to check us out. The problem is that being investigated by a shark can also include a ‘test bite’ which is both frightening and dangerous.

What Do Great White Sharks Eat?

Great white sharks eat fish, seals, and dolphins.


Do Sharks Eat Dolphins?

Not all species of sharks eat dolphins but there are a couple that do. The most notable examples are the great white sharks and the tiger sharks. These are both large predators who can catch and overpower dolphins. Having said that, these sharks are opportunistic hunters and are more likely to attack sick or juvenile dolphins. This particular shark seemed to be more curious than hungry!

Watch the Extraordinary Clip Below

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