Cavapoo vs Cockapoo: How Are They Different?

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Written by Megan Martin

Updated: October 24, 2022

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Poodle hybrids are some of the most popular mixed breeds around, but can you tell the difference between the Cavapoo vs Cockapoo? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Despite their similarities, the Cavapoo and the Cockapoo are two distinct types of dogs with unique characteristics. And we’re going to tell you all about them.

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Comparing the Cavapoo vs Cockapoo

Cavapoos and Cockapoos differ in parent breed, size, personality, energy, coats, and grooming.

At a glance, the Cavapoo and the Cockapoo are very similar. However, they’re not the same. Here are some of the key differences between these breeds.

Size9 to 14 inches
9 to 25 pounds
10 to 15 inches
6 to 19 pounds
Coat/Hair TypeShort, curly or wavy that is soft to the touch with proper groomingStraight, wavy, or curled coat
ColorsCream, fawn, brown, gold, chestnut, white. It may be solid, dual-colored, or tricolored.Variety of colors, typically cream, white, chestnut, or fawn
TemperamentFriendly, affectionate, laidbackFriendly, playful, affectionate
Life Expectancy12 to 15 years12 to 15 years
Energy LevelsModerateModerate

The 6 Key Differences Between Cavapoos and Cockapoos

The key differences between Cavapoos and Cockapoos are parent breed, size, personality, energy, coats, and grooming.

The Cavapoo and Cockapoo are two very similar dogs. They’re both Poodle mixes that are loved for their small sizes and friendly dispositions. However, while they’re similar in height, the Cavapoo can weigh much more – up to six pounds more. Although both have moderate energy levels, the Cavapoo tends to be more laidback and relaxed than the Cockapoo.

One of the most important things to note when comparing the Cavapoo vs Cockapoo is that neither of these is a purebred dog breed. As mixed breeds, there is less of an “average” to attain as there is no breed standard. As a result, some Cavapoo dogs may be more different when compared to the Cockapoo than others, depending on their genetic makeup and what traits they got from which parent breed. 

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo: Parent Breed Differences

cavapoo laying in the grass

Cavapoos are the offspring of Spaniels and Poodles.

One of the most important differences between the Cavapoo vs Cockapoo is their parent breeds. Both dogs are mixed breeds, which means that their parents are two separate breeds.

For the Cavapoo, their parent breeds are the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. Other names for this sweet mixed breed dog include various combinations of those two breeds, including Cavadoodle and the Cavoodle.

However, the Cockapoo is the mixture of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. While they’re mostly known as Cockapoo, you may also hear them called Cockerpoos.

Because the Cockapoo’s parent breeds are so similar to the parents of the Cavapoo, there are a lot of similarities between these two dogs. However, since the Cavalier is not the same as the Cocker Spaniel, you’ll find just as many differences – including the others on this list!

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo: Size

While it may not be noticeable at a glance, the Cockapoo is actually taller than the Cavapoo in most instances. However, this difference is slight, with only a one-inch difference between their maximum sizes.

In terms of weight, though, the Cavapoo blows the Cockapoo out of the water. Despite possessing a smaller stature, the Cavapoo can be anywhere from 6 to 19 pounds heavier than the Cockapoo.

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo: Personality

Cavapoo laying in the grass with a harness

Cavapoos are less likely to suffer from anxiety than Cockapoos.

One of the most popular points of the Cavapoo vs Cockapoo is their personalities. Both the Poodle and different breeds of Spaniels are known for being loyal to their owners with affectionate personalities. The Cavapoo and the Cockapoo embody these traits well.

However, while both of these mixed breeds are fairly similar in terms of personality and temperament, the Cockapoo is more likely to suffer from anxiety compared to the Cavapoo. This means that you may wish to consider the Cavapoo over the Cockapoo if you plan to spend an abundance of time away from home, such as a busy job or schedule. Cockapoos may need more reassurance during heightened times of sensitivity as well, such as during storms.

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo: Energy

Both the Cavapoo and the Cockapoo are moderate energy dogs. However, moderate is a spectrum on which these two mixed breeds fall on opposite sides.

Cavapoos are far more restful than Cockapoos. While they’ll still require regular exercise, you won’t find them to be as hyper or energetic as Cockapoos. Cockapoos are prone to playful spells and will spend more time up and about during the day. They’re less likely to rest and would rather play than cuddle on the couch most of the time.

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo: Coats

Another reason that both of these mixed breeds are so popular is because of their coats. Poodles are famous for their nearly hypoallergenic coats. Though you’d need to take time to groom each week, shedding is nearly nonexistent due to their hair-trapping curl pattern.

These characteristics tend to ring true for the Cavapoo as well. The Cockapoo, however, may inherit the coat characteristics of its Cocker Spaniel parent. This can include a straight coat, which results in more noticeable shedding than the Cavapoo.

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo: Grooming

black cockapoo standing

Cockapoos are prone to shedding and require regular grooming.

Because both the Cavapoo and the Cockapoo share the Poodle as a parent breed, their coats have a lot of similarities – including that they’re often regarded as hypoallergenic and shed-free! However, despite a shared parent, these mixed breeds have slightly different grooming needs.

Although neither is high maintenance, the Cavapoo is considered more low maintenance than the Cockapoo. As mentioned above, the Cockapoo may be more prone to shedding depending on which parent traits it demonstrates the most. However, while this may require a bit of extra brushing throughout the week, both tend to be fairly easy to groom.


Despite being similar in many ways, the Cavapoo and Cockapoo have just enough differences to make them unique. For instance, the Cavapoo is a bit more laidback and independent than the Cockapoo. However, with the right attention and training, both mixed breeds could be the right addition for any family as long as they’re adopted from an ethical and careful breeder.

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