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Cheetahs Return To India

Cheetahs Return To India

3rd August 2010
The Fastest Creature On Land

The Fastest Creature
On Land

The Indian government have recently announced that they will support a plan that aims to return cheetahs to the country, by introducing them to three sanctuaries in central and northern parts of India over the next few years.

The Asiatic cheetah was hunted to extinction in India by hunters during the British Raj period over 100 years ago. Around 3,400sq miles of dry-land and grasslands in the central state of Madhya Pradesh and northern Rajasthan, will be turned into a natural habitat for the cheetahs.

The project to establish the three sites that have been marked for the cheetah reintroduction programme, is set to cost nearly half a million pounds in the first year alone and will displace more than 100 human settlements as native nomadic tribes will no longer be able to inhabit these areas.

Cubs In The Grass

Cubs In The Grass

However, the Indian government has said that the re-introduction of this majestic animal will restore India's grassland habitats, with the cheetahs arriving from Africa, the Middle-East and Iran, with six individuals being introduced at each site.

Cheetah Natural Hab itat

Cheetah Natural

Although it is believed to take up to 15 years to fully implement, the hope is that the populations of six, will have turned into 50 within the next decade. The cheetah's return to India will also mean that 6 of the world's 8 large cats, will be found on the Indian sub-continent.