Chocolate and Vanilla Wolves Put on A Howling Show At Yellowstone

Wolf Howling at the Moon

Written by Katie Melynn Wood

Updated: October 19, 2023

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If you’ve visited Yellowstone National Park, you’ve probably heard about the abundance of wildlife in the park. Yellowstone is home to animals such as bison, elk, bear, and, of course, wolves.

One lucky visitor captured two wolves letting out eerie howls as she recorded from her vehicle. The wolves, one white and one dark brown, watched the visitors but didn’t come any closer to show any signs of hostility. Remember that most wild animals are not interested in attacking humans or even dangerous in many situations. As long as you respect their space, just like the people recording this video, the wolves will likely stay away as well.

Witness the Wolf Crooner in the Video Below

It’s unclear exactly when the visitors were at Yellowstone, although there is snow on the ground in the video. Many people choose to visit Yellowstone in the late summer months because the weather is mild. During these months, there are plenty of places to see wildlife, plants, and majestic views. Visiting Yellowstone in the winter offers a unique experience that should not be missed. Just make sure to check in with park officials to see what areas are closed. Extreme weather and wildlife migration can all have an impact on which parts of the park allow visitors. This is for their own safety and that of the beautiful natural environment of Yellowstone.

Why Do Wolves Howl?

While people may think that wolves howl at the moon, they actually howl to communicate with other wolves and animals. It can be a sign that they are getting ready to hunt or just a way to show that this is their territory. Based on the wolves’ behavior, it’s likely that these two were just alerting the people driving by that they were there and that this was their domain. During any encounter with wildlife, it’s important to respect their space and territory. If this videographer had tried to get closer, the encounter could have gone from really cool to really scary very quickly.

The woman shooting the footage clearly gave the wolves their space. The vehicle was stopped and she zoomed in rather than try to get closer to get a better shot. The white wolf lets out a couple of howls as the brown wolf moves to stay close. Both animals stay on the snowy hillside, just observing the visitors, during the entire short clip.

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