25 Companies With the Most Sustainable Packaging

Written by Nina Phillips
Published: November 28, 2023
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With everything you could ever want available at the press of a button, it’s easy to pile up on single-use plastics and unsustainable packaging.

Thankfully, these 25 companies with the most sustainable packaging are leading the way to show that e-commerce is still possible without serious damage to the environment.

To learn more about these companies, keep reading below.

1. Boxed Water

Pouring water from bottle into glass on blue background

In a world dominated by bottled water, boxed water offers a solution to the plastic problem.

©Tarasyuk Igor/Shutterstock.com

For years, there’s been a push to get rid of water bottles. Unfortunately, not much has worked. Some tap water isn’t clean enough to drink or doesn’t taste right. Metal water bottles are cumbersome to carry and may alter the taste of water. Instead of getting rid of single-use water bottled, Boxed Water offers a solution by creating a milk carton-like box. Since the cartons can lie flat, the shipping carbon footprint is also reduced.

2. Gucci

Lovable, pretty brown puppy and shopping bag

Can a luxury brand be sustainable? Gucci says they can.

©Sviatlana Barchan/iStock via Getty Images

Gucci has set a standard for luxury products. It manages to still live up to their brand while switching to more sustainable products and packaging. Gucci has cut back on all unnecessary packaging, and the staff hold off on giving out boxes and bags unless their customer specifically asks for them. It also uses more sustainably sourced paper and has replaced polyester handles with cotton ribbons without detracting from the brand.

3. Lush

Japanese hot spring, open-air bath

Lush provides luxury bath products in sustainable packaging.

©kuppa_rock/iStock via Getty Images

When possible, Lush tries to avoid wrapping up their products in unnecessary packaging. Soaps, shampoos, and conditioners can be bought in bar form to reduce plastic. Even when items do use plastic, they’re made from 90% recycled materials.

4. Tetra Laval

Faygo soda

The child companies of Tetra Laval don’t sell their own products but work with other companies to create sustainable packaging.

©Texas Lane / CC BY-SA 4.0 - License

Tetra Laval is a company that specializes in the packaging and shipping of various foods and drinks. It’s a parent company to three other companies; Tetra Pak, Sidel, and DeLaval. These companies are constantly pushing to do better and better with their packaging and shipping methods

5. Alima Pure

Rosemary, Spray, Shampoo, Bottle, Hairspray - Hair Product

Alima Pure is a cosmetics brand that’s working to balance beauty and sustainability.

©S847/ via Getty Images

This cosmetics brand doesn’t just claim to be a natural company, it works hard to prove their dedication to the environment and natural products. The products are soy-based, and the containers are refillable. Instead of tossing out old packages, you can just buy refill packs. Alima Pure packages and labels are made from recycled paper and soy-based inks.

6. Agood Company

Old leather notebook with open blank pages for garden planner or botanical nature study with herbs and flowers used in natural alternative plant remedies. Flat lay, on cream, copy space.

Agood Company focuses on not only sustainable packaging but products as well.

©marilyn barbone/Shutterstock.com

Not only is Agood Company climate neutral, but it is also one of the few climate-positive companies focused on e-commerce. Like the products it sells, the packaging, journals, and pens are made from stone paper and compacted grass. The company uses what it sells, which is more than some companies can say.

7. Unwrapped Life

Bar of soap with soap suds

Want to find more sustainable methods for your shampoos and conditioners? Look at Unwrapped Life.

©ScottyCo/iStock via Getty Images

Unwrapped Life has the goal to prevent over 20 million plastic bottles from getting into the ocean by 2025. It helps meet that goal by selling beauty products in other materials than plastic. Unwrapped Life sells all sorts of products, but it started with soaps and shampoos in compostable paper. The company made its entire fulfillment and shipping system paperless as well and ships out products in as little material as possible.

8. Samsung

Phone, social media and music with a woman in the city using her mobile for streaming, audio or communication. Web, internet and networking with a young female reading or typing a text message

Through fun repurposing, Samsung is helping its customers make use of shipping boxes.

©PeopleImages/iStock via Getty Images

Samsung has found a unique way to make its packaging a bit better for the environment without having to make that many changes. Instead, when someone is buying an item from Samsung, the company asks how the customer wants to repurpose the box. Then, it comes with instructions on how to turn the leftover box into something like a table stand, a console, or a cat tunnel, depending on the customer’s preference.

9. Lifestyle Over Luxury

Overhead view of Traveler's accessories, Essential vacation items, Travel concept background

For environmentally-friendly clothing and accessories, Lifestyle Over Luxury is a brand to try out.

©I am Kulz/Shutterstock.com

With a slogan like “The most sustainable product is one that already exists,” you best believe that Lifestyle Over Luxury is a sustainable brand. Every product and product packaging is made with upcycled materials including fabric from the end of a roll, cuttings from the factory floor, and water bottles.

10. Plaine Products

Coconut milk

Keep your skin looking healthy and support the environment with companies like Plaine Products.


To be better than its competition, Plaine Products uses aluminum containers for all of its products. When a customer finishes a product, they can return the container and receive a refill at a discounted price. Plaine Products also use fully recycled packaging.

12. Kencko

Olive-skinned woman with high cheekbones and long dark hair, wearing a sleeveless grey t-shirt with muted stripes, is visible in the left frame drinking beet juice smoothie walking in city park.

Smoothies are a big health trend but premade ones can use a lot of single-use plastics.


Kencko makes freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders that you can turn into a smoothie just by adding water. Instead of storing these powders in plastic containers, the company uses compostable packets.

12. Zara

Portrait beautiful woman with jewelry

Fast fashion is still alive with Zara, but in a more sustainable way.

©heckmannoleg/iStock via Getty Images

Fast fashion isn’t going away anytime soon, and Zara knows it. So instead of changing its business model, Zara has found a way to make fast fashion as sustainable as possible. It offers in-store recycling and donation programs. Zara also upped their packaging with goals to contribute no waste to landfills as early as 2025.

13. PVH

Young hispanic customer couple smiling happy holding shopping bags and dog at clothing store.

The company PVH is a parent company for brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

©AaronAmat/iStock via Getty Images

PVH is one of the larger brands pushing for sustainability. By 2025, it’s hoping to have all packaging not only 100 percent sustainable but ethically sourced as well. It’s are also the first apparel retailer to join How2Recycle, which is a group focused on educating customers with information on how to recycle packaging their products arrive in.

14. Puma

Four men jogging on beach, low section, rear view

Companies like Puma aren’t afraid to push the boundaries.

©Ryan McVay/DigitalVision via Getty Images

Fuseproject and Puma partnered together to create what’s known as the Clever Little Bag. This is the packaging used to send out Puma’s shoes. This packaging saves over 20 million megajoules of electricity, 1 million liters of water, 8,500 tons of paper per year, and 136,000 gallons of fuel every year. It’s also reusable and recyclable.

15. Allbirds

Robert Wadlow shoe (size 25) compared to normal size 12.

When it comes to holding themselves accountable, the shoe brand Allbirds doesn’t play around.

©Doug Coldwell, CC BY-SA 3.0 - License

Allbirds knows that the fashion industry isn’t well-known for sustainability. It’s looking to change that. This company doesn’t only want to be carbon neutral, it’s aiming to be completely climate-positive as soon as possible. And Allbirds is doing pretty good, reaching many of their goals earlier than expected.

16. Pangea

tomato soap body skin care

Pangea Organics already makes 100 percent plant-based beauty products, but it took it a step further.

©studio kacha/Shutterstock.com

Want to have a little plant whenever you buy soap? Pangea has you covered with its packaging. All you do is soak the box in water and plant it in the soil. Now, you can plant a tree every time you buy a bar of soap.

17. Seasalt

Dog socks

Even sock companies can make small changes to their packaging to make a huge difference.

©Aleksey Boyko/Shutterstock.com

Instead of using tape and plastic to make sure a bag seals closed, Seasalt simply added a small magnet. With this change, the company managed to remove almost 20 tons of single-use plastic from its business model. The boxes are also made from recycled cardboard and are reusable.

18. Elopak

plastic bottles with soft drinks background

Imagine the positive effects on the environment if sodas were sold in sustainable packaging.


Elopak is another company that primarily works with other groups to help improve packaging. Elopak specifically works at producing packaging for liquid foods. It is working towards having 100 percent of all their cartons made from renewable or recycled content.

19. The White Company

Studio shot transparent glass perfume bottle

Sustainability can be beautiful and luxurious, as The White Company is here to prove.

©HelloRF Zcool/Shutterstock.com

The White Company sells simple but elegant products for your home and use. It has managed to offer the same for its packaging and shipping process. The company uses recycled LDPE poly bags that are recyclable. These bags also come from ethical suppliers.

20. JUST Water

Dog drinking water from bottle

These water bottles are convenient, but not good for the environment.


Like Boxed Water, JUST Water is looking to change up the game on single-use water bottles. Instead of going with a plastic bottle, Jaden Smith’s company is making cartons of water that are completely recyclable. They are made from plant-based plastics, and paper from certified forests, and produce 74 percent less harmful emissions than a PET plastic bottle.

21. Reformation

Woman walks on Sarakiniko, on the island of Milos, Cyclades, Greece

Feel good about walking along beaches with clothes made and shipped as climate-positive as possible.

©SHansche/iStock via Getty Images

Reformation isn’t just jumping on the bandwagon. It has been 100 percent carbon-neutral since 2015. That’s not enough for the company, however. Reformation is looking to be better by contributing some of its sales towards the use of clean energy and water. The e-commerce side of the business even manages to use 30 percent less energy than most other retail.

22. Patagonia

Hunters on a Mountain Ridge

Patagonia is one of the leading brands not only for sustainable packaging but for giving back to the environment.


This clothing and accessory company is working hard to make a change for the better. About 68 percent of its clothing line uses recycled material and it helps promote the recycling of their garments. Patagonia also promotes social, environmental, and fair trade initiatives alongside its sustainable packaging options.

23. Amazon

Airplane and boxes in hangar

Though Amazon is looked down on for being a megacorporation, they do have some good sustainability initiatives.

©Paul Bradbury/OJO Images via Getty Images

Amazon is a company that makes and sells its own products, but its more known for being a site that other companies can sell on. Amazon takes advantage of this by pushing their sellers to reduce plastic waste whenever possible. It also sells items in the packages they’re already in, instead of a separate box.

24. ASOS

Fashion, Gen Z and skater friends portrait in road for hangout in Los Angeles neighbourhood. Skateboard, bike and diverse friendship with trendy people gathering for street leisure together.

A company that specializes in both affordable and luxury fashion has to focus on unique solutions for sustainable packaging.

©PeopleImages.com - Yuri A/Shutterstock.com

While ASOS isn’t quite at the level of some of these other companies, it’s taking steps to make a change. The company uses 10 percent post-consumer waste content for all new mailing bags and it has made every package thinner. They’re still thick enough to keep contents safe while saving almost 650 tons of plastic a year.

25. Origin X Performance

Female, front, and male,rear, dressed in black leisure wear, performing a squat, with their legs bent at 90 degree angle, their arms in front of their chests, clasped together. The floor is white and shiny, the background consists of three plate glass windows.

Get fit and stay relaxed knowing you’re supporting the environment with Origin X Performance’s clothing line.

©F8 studio/Shutterstock.com

Origin X Performance’s packages are fully sustainable. Most of the mailer bags are made from biodegradable items while still remaining just as durable as any other plastic bag would be. It also makes a lot of its activewear out of plastics pulled from the ocean.

Summary of the Companies With the Most Sustainable Packaging

List NumberCompanyWhat They Sell
1Boxed WaterWater
2GucciLeather bags
3LushBath items
4Tetra LavalPackaging for food and drinks
5Alima PureCosmetics
6Agood CompanyStationary
7Unwrapped LifeBeauty products
9Lifestyle Over LuxuryClothing and accessories
10Plaine ProductsPersonal care items
13PVHClothing and apparel
16PangeaBeauty and health products
18ElopakPackaging for liquid drinks and food
19The White CompanyBeauty and home goods
20JUST WaterWater cartons
22PatagoniaClothing and accessories
23AmazonAll sorts of items
24ASOSClothing and apparel
25Origin X PerformanceSportswear

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Chay_Tee/Shutterstock.com

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