6 Countries with Red and Yellow Flags in 2024

Written by Jennifer Gaeng
Updated: May 9, 2023
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This article takes a closer look at the six nations represented by the colors red and yellow on their flags. Although many flags use both of these colors, we’ll be focusing on those that use only red and yellow, with the possible exception of the coat of arms, which may also include other colors. At present, we are discussing the flags of China, Spain, Montenegro, Vietnam, North Macedonia, and Kyrgyzstan. We’ll take a quick look at the history, design, and symbolism of each of these below!

The Flag of China

The Chinese flag has a red field with a big yellow star on the upper hoist-side and four smaller yellow stars, organized in a vertical arc toward the center of the flag.


The People’s Republic of China adopted the flag that had been designed by Zeng Liansong on October 1, 1949, and it has been the country’s official flag ever since. The field is red, and there is a large star with points in the center, along with four smaller stars that are yellow.

Red is a symbol of the violence and loss of life that occurred throughout both the communist revolution and the civil war. In addition, the huge yellow star is a symbol of the country’s status as the dominant power in the region. The tiny yellow stars indicate the citizens’ unwavering support for their elected officials and stand in solidarity with them.

The Flag of Spain

Spanish flag

The Spanish flag is red and yellow.

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In 1978, at King Charles III’s direction, the current flag of Spain was formally adopted into use for the first time. Even though its design is in a simpler form, it is still incredibly essential to the nation. The flag of Spain is tricolored and features horizontal stripes of red, yellow, and red. In addition, the coat of arms of Spain is embroidered in the center yellow stripe on the flag, more to the left versus the center.

The crimson color is a symbol of the power and bravery that the nation possesses. While the yellow represents the generosity that the nation has shown both to its own people and to the rest of the globe in general.

The Flag of Montenegro

flag of Montenegro

The flag of Montenegro is red with yellow fringe and a coat of arms in the center.


Following the collapse of communism in Yugoslavia in 2004, the flag of Montenegro was finally given the green light for official use. The customs of the Montenegrin people are represented on this flag in a manner that is both proud and dignified. The flag of Montenegro is red with a yellow fringe, and in the middle of the flag is a depiction of the country’s coat of arms.

The color red on the flag is meant to represent the blood of Christ as well as the blood of those individuals who gave their lives in the fight for freedom. In addition, the yellow edge is a representation of the royal status that the nation formerly held.

The Flag of Vietnam

Flag of Vietnam

The Vietnam flag is a red background with a large five-point yellow star.

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The present flag of Vietnam was designed by Nguyen Huu Tien, and it was adopted as the country’s standard in the year 1945. During this time period, the revolutionary commander was directing a rebellion to seek independence for Vietnam from both the Imperial Japanese and the colonial French governments.

The flag of Vietnam is a rectangle that is red, and in the middle of the flag is a large, yellow star with five points. Yellow is the hue that the Vietnamese have chosen to represent their nation as a cultural symbol. While the blood-red signifies the lives of those who were lost during the revolution, including workers, soldiers, and merchants.

The Flag of North Macedonia

Macedonia's flag

The flag of Macedonia is red and features a large yellow sun.

©Osman Bugra Nuvasil/Shutterstock.com

Pr. Miroslav Grev is credited with designing the flag of North Macedonia, which was subsequently used at the country’s first formal ceremony on October 5, 1995. It is intended to represent the beginning of a new age in which people in this country will have more freedom.

On the flag of North Macedonia, the sun is depicted in a golden color on a red backdrop. In addition to the eight rays that radiate from the center of the flag, it also features a star. The people of this nation have traditionally associated the color red with the nation itself. The color yellow stands for the beginning of a new age, one that they are working hard to usher in.

The Flag of Kyrgyzstan

flag of Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyzstan flag is red with a yellow sun and tunduk.


When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Kyrgyzstan quickly moved to replace its flag with a new one. It was the moment when the nation first gained its freedom in the contemporary period. The flag of Kyrgyzstan is designed to promote national pride by showcasing the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The flag’s red color reflects the citizens’ bravery and heroism, and the yellow sun stands for the nation’s tranquility and prosperity. In addition, the sun’s central tunduk stands for the nation’s status as a place of refuge for its citizens.

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