Discover 20 Gorgeous Covered Bridges in the United States

Written by Mike Edmisten
Updated: July 26, 2023
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Key Points:

  • Most covered bridges in the United States were constructed between 1825 and 1875. Covers helped bridges hold up longer and helped horses not to get spooked by the moving water.
  • At one time there were 12,000 covered bridges in the U.S. Though many are gone, there are still covered bridges in existence for people to enjoy.
  • Enjoy the history and beautiful photos of 20 historic covered bridges in the U.S.

Covered bridges have a more extensive history than many folks realize. The first such bridges date back to ancient Babylon. China also constructed covered bridges over 2,000 years ago. 

Covered bridges appeared in the United States in the nineteenth century. Before constructing these bridges, travelers often relied on ferries to transport goods, livestock, and their traveling parties across the nation’s waterways.

This put ferrymen in the catbird seat since they offered the only way across many U.S. rivers. Their monopoly allowed them to charge whatever they wanted for their services essentially. This spurred a public outcry for more accessible river crossings. Covered bridges soon began appearing throughout the country.

Bridges Built

Builders constructed most of the covered bridges in the U.S. between 1825 and 1875. By extending the roofs and sidewalls, they significantly lengthened the bridges’ lifespan, protecting them from rot and decay. An uncovered wooden bridge might only survive 20 years, while a covered one could endure for over a century. The cover also offered a solution to the problem of horses getting spooked by the sight of the water underneath.

Beyond just protection, these covers served a plethora of additional purposes, both intentional and incidental. People used covered bridges for meetings, political rallies, and religious gatherings. They even held luncheons, dances, and poker parties under these bridges. The secluded environment of these structures offered an ideal rendezvous spot for young lovers, earning them the nickname “kissing bridges.”

Bridges Replaced

Builders erected around 12,000 covered bridges in the United States. However, many of these charming structures have succumbed to time, as steel, concrete, and asphalt bridges we cross every day supplanted them. These modern infrastructures undoubtedly accommodate our high-speed lives more efficiently, yet they miss the nostalgia, romance, and serenity that the covered bridges of yesteryears exuded. Fortunately, we still have some covered bridges standing that hark back to less complicated times. Although the list is far from exhaustive, here are 20 stunning covered bridges you can find in the United States today.

1. Weaver’s Mill Bridge – East Earl, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania probably stands as the most renowned state for its covered bridges, with Lancaster County being one of the most picturesque locations. The Amish community frequently uses Weaver’s Mill Bridge as a buggy crossing. B.C. Carter and J.F. Stauffer constructed this enchanting red-and-white bridge back in 1878. It stretches 85 feet across the Conestoga River. Also known as the Isaac Shearer’s Mill Bridge, it holds a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Weaver's Mill Covered Bridge in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
The Amish community often uses Weaver’s Mill Bridge in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

©MH Anderson Photography/

Where is Weaver’s Mill Bridge Located on a Map?

2. Flume Covered Bridge – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Flume Covered Bridge serves as a pedestrian crossing over the Pemigewasset River in Franconia Notch State Park. Hikers trek to Flume Gorge to view the magnificent granite walls of the gorge and the 45-foot waterfall. The Flume Bridge adds another Instagram-worthy picture along the hike. The bridge is also open to vehicular traffic. The exact history of the bridge is unknown. Some assert that builders constructed the bridge at a different location in 1871, then relocated it to the current site, although no documents confirm this claim.

Flume Gorge Covered Bridge, Flume Gorge State Park, Franconia, New Hampshire
This bridge is a photo-worthy stop on the hike to Flume Gorge.

©Jim Lozouski/

Where is Flume Covered Bridge on a Map?

3. Mary’s River Covered Bridge – Chester, Illinois

Wilhelm Misselhorn built this bridge back in 1854, and it remained in service until 1930. A comprehensive renovation that preserved the original native white oak timbers took place in 2005. The bridge, which spans 86 feet across the Marys River, is located four miles northeast of Chester, Illinois. This bridge holds the unique distinction of being the only one of its kind left in southern Illinois.

Covered bridge over Mary's River near Chester, Illinois. The wooden bridge was built in 1854. It's the only remaining covered bridge in Southern Illinois & is on National Register of Historic Places.
This bridge is the only one of its kind that remains in Southern Illinois.

©Dan Lewis/

Where is Mary’s River Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

4. Henniker Covered Bridge – Henniker, New Hampshire

This bridge is relatively young, as Milton and Arnold Graton built it in 1972. They used traditional methods when constructing the bridge, including using oxen to pull the framed trusses across the river. The bridge serves as a footbridge over the Contoock River, connecting the village of Henniker with New England College. Many call this bridge the New England College Covered Bridge.

The Henniker Covered bridge in New Hampshire
The Henniker Bridge was built in the 1970s using traditional methods.

©Belia Koziak/

Where is the Henniker Bridge on a Map?

5. Everett Covered Bridge – Peninsula, Ohio

This bright red and white bridge is located in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Builders constructed the original bridge in the late 1800s, only for it to meet destruction in 1975. In 1986, they built a new replica of that bridge. Visitors to the national park can stroll across this footbridge. It has become one of the most photographed sites in the park.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Everett Covered Bridge
This red bridge is a must-see location when visiting Cuyahoga National Park.


Where is Everett Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

6. Roseman Covered Bridge – Winterset, Iowa

Movie buffs might recognize this bridge. It was featured in the 1995 film, The Bridges of Madison County, based on the 1992 book by Robert James Waller. This is the bridge where Francesca Johnson (played by Meryl Streep) leaves a note inviting Robert Kincaid (played by Clint Eastwood) to dinner at her home. The 107-foot bridge was built in 1883 by Harvey P. Jones and George K. Foster. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Historic Roseman Covered Bridge in Madison County Iowa
This Iowa bridge is a movie star!

©Yeokum Photography/

Where is Roseman Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

7. Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge – Windsor, Vermont

In 1866, builders constructed this historic bridge, which held the title of the longest wooden bridge in the United States for over 140 years. The bridge’s lattice pattern evenly distributed the load, an innovative design that enabled the bridge to span the 460-foot expanse of the Connecticut River. Despite the destruction of three previous bridges in 1796, 1824, and 1849 due to floods, the Cornish-Windsor stands strong, having been built higher than its predecessors. Its elevation has allowed it to withstand the test of time and weather.

Autumn view of Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge - longest in New Hampshire and Vermont on the Connecticut River
The Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge was the longest wooden bridge in the U.S. for 140+ years.

© Zerbe

Where is Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

8. Newfield Covered Bridge – Newfield, New York

Benjamin Starr and Samuel Hamm & Sons built this bridge in 1853, making it the oldest of the 33 surviving covered bridges in New York State. Stretching 115 feet across the West Branch of Cayuga Creek, the bridge lies within the Finger Lakes wine region. Remarkably, it continues to accommodate vehicular traffic to this day.

Newfield Covered Bridge In New York
The bright red Newfield Covered Bridge in New York still carries vehicles across Cayuga Creek.


Where is Newfield Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

9. Smolen-Gulf Bridge – Ashtabula, Ohio

Built only in 2008, this bridge stands as a relatively new addition. It looms 93 feet above the Ashtabula River and stretches over a 613-foot span, making it the longest covered bridge in the U.S. This surpasses the length of Vermont’s Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, previously mentioned. The bridge also ranks as the fourth-longest covered bridge worldwide. Open to all legal load traffic, it boasts walkways on both sides. Experts anticipate that the bridge will last 100 years. Although the Smolen-Gulf Bridge might not embody the most quaint character on this list, its blend of twenty-first-century structure with a nineteenth-century vibe certainly sets it apart as distinctly cool.

Scenic covered bridge in Ashtabula County, Ohio. The Smolen-Gulf Bridge is the longest covered wooden bridge in the US.
The Smolen-Gulf Bridge is the longest-covered bridge in the United States.

©M. DiCesare/

Where is the Smolen-Gulf Bridge on a Map?

10. Pengra Covered Bridge – Fall Creek, Oregon

Built in 1938, this bridge incorporates two of the longest timbers ever cut for bridge use in Oregon, measuring a staggering 16 inches x 18 inches x 126 feet. Because of their colossal size, mills couldn’t handle these timbers. Therefore, they were roughly hewn right in the woods and transported to the construction site, where they became part of the bridge’s bottom chord. This bridge stands as a replacement for a previous one built in 1904. It earned a place in the historic register in 1979, but coincidentally, it was also closed to traffic in the same year. However, after a successful renovation, the bridge reopened to public use in 1995.

Pengra Covered Bridge in Oregon's Willamette valley.
Massive timbers were used to construct the Pengra Bridge in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.


Where is Pengra Covered Bridge on a Map?

11. Felton Covered Bridge – Felton, California

Built in 1892, the Felton Covered Bridge stands as the tallest covered bridge in the United States, boasting a height of 35 feet. For 45 years, it served as the sole entry point into Felton. However, in 1937, it ceased catering to vehicular traffic and became a bridge solely for pedestrian use. The bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors can still stroll across the bridge when visiting Felton Covered Bridge Park.

Covered Bridge in Felton California
California’s Felton Covered Bridge is the tallest covered bridge in the U.S.

©Allard One/

Where is Felton Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

12. Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge – Colrain, Massachusetts

Built in 1869, the Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge bears the name of a local Civil War Army captain. This 99-foot bridge, which crosses the North River in western Massachusetts, is the state’s only remaining of the Burr arch truss bridge. Theodore Burr, the patent holder of the Burr arch truss in 1817, constructed multiple covered bridges, one of the very first such bridges in the nation being his. His initial bridge project, the Waterford Bridge, stood over the Hudson River in New York for over a century, after its construction in 1804. Over the years, restorations have kept the Arthur A. Smith Bridge in Massachusetts in good condition. As of 2020, the bridge once again supports vehicular traffic.

Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge, Colrain Massachusetts
The Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge in Massachusetts was built in 1869.

©John Phelan / CC BY 3.0 – License

Where is the Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge on a Map?

13. Campbell’s Covered Bridge – Landrum, South Carolina

Once, South Carolina boasted 20 covered bridges, but now only Campbell’s Covered Bridge remains in the Palmetto State. Constructed from bright red pinewood by Charles Irwin Willis in 1911, the bridge takes its name from Alexander Lafayette Campbell, the owner of a downstream grist mill. Campbell also donated the land for the bridge’s construction. Stretching 38 feet over Beaverdam Creek, the bridge stopped carrying vehicular traffic in the early 1980s. Today, as a pedestrian bridge, Greenville County owns and maintains it.

Campbell's covered bridge in Greer, South Carolina, USA with fall foliage and smooth water in stream
Campbell’s Covered Bridge is the last remaining covered bridge in South Carolina.

©Mark Castiglia/

Where is Campbell’s Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

14. Bridgeport Covered Bridge – Penn Valley, California

The Virginia Turnpike Company constructed this bridge in 1862. The Bridgeport Covered Bridge, with its 225 feet length, holds the record for the longest clear span of any standing covered bridge in the United States. Clear-span bridges don’t have any vertical support structure at any point along their span. Acknowledged as a historic landmark in 1947, the bridge stopped carrying vehicular traffic in 1969 and closed its walkways to pedestrians in 2011. However, after restoration, the bridge reopened for pedestrian use in 2021. Visitors can walk across the South Yuba River via this covered bridge while visiting South Yuba River State Park.

Bridgeport Covered Bridge, California
Bridgeport Covered Bridge is a 225-foot clear span-covered bridge.


Where is Bridgeport Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

15. Sachs Bridge – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

David S. Stoner built the Sachs Bridge, also known as Sauck’s Bridge, in 1852. This 100-foot bridge stretches over Marsh Creek and carries a deep historical significance as both Union and Confederate soldiers used it during the Civil War. The bridge resides in Gettysburg, the stage for the war’s deadliest battle that left 10,000 dead and an additional 30,000 wounded.

During the war, a unique incident occurred where three young Confederate soldiers disguised themselves in Union uniforms and infiltrated a Union regiment. Their motives remain unclear — whether they were Confederate spies or trying to flee from the Southern military service. However, the Union soldiers discovered their ruse, leading to their hanging from the wooden support beams of Sachs Bridge.

Numerous reports suggest that the bridge is haunted by the ghosts of these three men or possibly other Civil War soldiers. Some claim to see three floating disembodied heads in the water beneath the bridge, while others report sighting three apparitions hanging below the bridge. There are instances of detecting cigar smoke on the bridge without anyone smoking, believed to originate from a Civil War soldier still patrolling the area. Others recount hearing nighttime cannon fire or feeling a tap on the shoulder with no one in sight. The lore surrounding Sachs Bridge is vast.

Although it’s a stunningly beautiful sight in daylight, this pedestrian bridge also welcomes visitors at night. But be warned, as many would suggest, you might not be visiting alone.

   Picturesque wooden, red sachs covered bridge over marsh creek in spring in  gettysburg, pennsylvania
The gorgeous Sachs Bridge is loaded with history…and ghosts, according to some paranormalists.

©Nina B/

Where is Sachs Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

16. Ada Covered Bridge – Ada, Michigan

This covered bridge was constructed in 1867 by William Holmes. The 125-foot bridge spans the Thornapple River. Before a dam was constructed for flood control, the Thornapple River was prone to severe flooding. Covered bridges were often destroyed by floods in the nineteenth century. A historical marker at the Ada Covered Bridge offers some information on a creative solution to the problem. The marker reads, “It is said that farmers used to drive wagons loaded with stones onto the bridge during high water to hold it to the foundation.” The bridge was closed to vehicles in 1930. It was added to the national historic registry in 1970. The original bridge was destroyed by fire in 1979, but a replica bridge was built. That bridge is open to pedestrians and is maintained by Kent County Parks.

Ada Covered Bridge Wintertime at the historic Ada Covered Bridge in Kent County, Michigan.
The Ada Covered Bridge spans 125 feet over the Thornapple River.

©Mark Baldwin/

Where is the Ada Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

17. Sunday River Covered Bridge – Newry, Maine

Builders completed the 100-foot bridge, which crosses the Sunday River, in 1872. Its alternative name, the Artist’s Bridge, may come from its standing as the most painted and photographed covered bridge in Maine. The bridge’s crisscrossed posts, along with the beautiful surroundings, attract artists. In 1958, traffic stopped using the covered bridge after the construction of a new bridge downstream. However, pedestrians can still use the bridge today.

Sunday River Covered Bridge (Artist's Covered Bridge), Newry, Maine
The Sunday River Covered Bridge is also known as Artist’s Bridge.


Where is the Sunday River Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

18. Wawona Covered Bridge – Wawona, California

The original bridge, built by Galen Clark in 1857, was constructed without a cover. The cover was not added until 1879 when three brothers named Washburn opened the Wawona Hotel. These brothers were from New England. According to a granddaughter of one of the brothers, converting the bridge into a covered bridge reminded them of their home, where covered bridges were common. The bridge served for years as the only direct route to the Yosemite Valley. The famed essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson, crossed this bridge. The Wawona Covered Bridge spans the south fork of the Merced River in Yosemite National Park. Visitors can walk across the bridge today, remembering the rich history that the bridge holds.

Scenic view of the old wooden Wawona Covered Bridge over Merced River, Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, USA
Wawona Covered Bridge fits perfectly with the natural setting of Yosemite National Park.


Where is Wawona Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

19. Stark Bridge – Stark, New Hampshire

This bridge is a survivor. Built in 1862, the bridge washed away in a flood in the 1890s. Workers used oxen teams to pull it back to its site. They placed the bridge on new stone piers to shield it from future floods. The bridge failed again in the 1940s. The residents of Stark were fed up with the bridge and its upkeep and voted to replace it with a steel bridge in the 1950s. This drew the ire of many who loved the bridge. The outcry was so strong that the state stepped in and helped restore the bridge. Today, the 134-foot white bridge still spans the Upper Ammonoosuc River. It has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Stark Covered Bridge (1862), New Hampshire, USA
Stark Bridge was nearly torn down in the 1950s, but instead, it was restored and still stands to this day.

©Richard Semik/

Where is Stark Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

20. Humpback Covered Bridge – Covington, Virginia

This unique bridge has an arched design. The 100-foot-long bridge that spans Dunlap Creek is four feet higher in the center than at either end, giving the bridge its “Humpback” moniker. It is the only such humpback bridge remaining in the United States.

In 1857, workers constructed the bridge that stands today as the oldest covered bridge in Virginia. This bridge replaced its predecessors destroyed by floods in 1827, 1842, and 1856. The designers of the current humpback bridge shaped its unique arch to raise it above potential floodwater damage.

The bridge stopped accommodating traffic in 1929 and subsequently fell into disuse. One farmer even took advantage of the deserted structure to store hay. However, restoration began in 1954, reviving the bridge for public enjoyment. Further restorative work took place in 2013. Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, it presents a beautiful sight that calls out to be captured in photographs.

Humpback Covered Bridge near Covington, Virginia. Sometimes called the Kissing Bridge
The arched design helped the bridge stay above damaging floodwaters.

©Johnnie Laws/

Where is Humpback Covered Bridge Located on a Map?

The Featured Image

The Sachs Bridge crosses Marsh Creek between Cumberland and Freedom Townships in Pennsylvania.
The Sachs Bridge crosses Marsh Creek between Cumberland and Freedom Townships in Pennsylvania.
© Krumpelman

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