Coyote Tries Attacking a Badger But Backs Away Due to the Smaller Creature’s Lack of Fear

Written by Chris Madden
Published: August 29, 2023
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Badger Bluffs a Coyote Into Giving Up the Chase!

In a sun-drenched, arid landscape with parched and rocky soil, the awesome trail-cam video below captures the daily drama of survival. The scene reveals a lone badger claiming its place between hardy bushes, positioned strategically above its burrow’s entrance. As the morning sun casts its warm glow, the badger emerges from its underground abode. It settles onto the ground above, alert and curious, its keen senses scanning for potential prey or intrigue.

Transitioning to another perspective, the camera unveils a coyote in its own morning ritual. The coyote diligently traces the ground in search of sustenance. Back to the badger’s realm, positioned just outside of its burrow, a shift in the scene below reveals the approaching coyote in the backdrop. The coyote navigates purposefully through the bushes, building tension as it advances toward the badger driven by its quest for a meal.

Sensing impending danger, the badger’s demeanor transforms. Its once-casual gaze sharpens into frantic surveillance. The badger makes a calculated move towards the safety of the nearby bush. It positions itself against the bush as the coyote closes in, showcasing an impressive defensive stance.

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Coyote and badger fight over prey

Coyotes and badgers interact very often, sharing habitats and small prey. Though they don’t always clash in violence, fights are far from a rare occurrence.


The coyote hesitates, faced with this unexpected boldness. In a matter of moments, the would-be predator evaluates the situation. The coyote decides that the tenacious badger is not worth the confrontation. With a sudden change of heart, the coyote alters its course and retreats.

The badger emerges victorious in its display of courage visible in the incredible footage below. In this heart-pounding encounter, the desert stage becomes a theater of survival, where the boldness of a badger outwits the hunger of a coyote.

What Do Badgers Eat, and What Tries to Eat Them?

Badgers are efficient foragers with distinctive behaviors. They maintain a diet centered around small mammals and insects. Transitioning from dawn to dusk, they actively seek out rodents like mice and ground squirrels. They utilize their strong forelimbs and sharp claws for excavation. Additionally, badgers exploit their keen sense of smell. They locate insects such as beetles and grubs hiding within the earth. 

However, their quest for sustenance also places them in the sights of various predators. Coyotes, agile hunters of the same habitats, occasionally view badgers as potential prey. Interestingly enough, badgers and coyotes have been documented teaming up to hunt together, rather than one another! Foxes, mountain lions, and even birds of prey like eagles can pose threats to these creatures. To counter these dangers, badgers rely on their powerful build and defensive tactics. Their tenacious nature and ability to quickly dig into the safety of their burrows provide protection.

Coyote jumping for food

In great displays of athleticism, coyotes can jump over fences and other structures, helping them navigate suburban neighborhoods!

©Eivor Kuchta/

Coyotes: From the Wilderness to the Suburbs!

Coyotes, previously limited to natural habitats, now infiltrate suburban neighborhoods due to habitat encroachment. This adaptable species thrives in diverse environments. They transition from forests to urban settings, capitalizing on their omnivorous diet. They consume small mammals, birds, insects, and even fruits. In suburban landscapes, coyotes find food resources in trash cans and unattended pet food.

As coyotes navigate suburban areas, they face threats. Encounters with vehicles on busy roads pose significant danger and lead to roadkill incidents. Moreover, clashes with vengeful or protective pet owners, correctly perceiving coyotes as threats to their pets, escalate conflicts. Balancing adaptability with coexistence is a challenge. It prompts the need for public awareness and responsible practices to mitigate tensions.

Witness This Brave Badger Fight Off a Coyote in a Dramatic Defense!

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