Crocodile Takes Revenge on Zoo Worker and Eats Their Lawnmower

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: November 10, 2023

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Crocodile with open mouth
Audrey Snider-Bell/

When a loud lawnmower violated an Australian crocodile‘s territory, he responded negatively and took the lawnmower, causing keepers to attempt a risky rescue. Elvis, a resident of the Australian Reptile Park, sprang for the mower and seized it from Tim Faulkner, the operations manager, and Billy Collett, the caretaker. The 16-foot saltwater crocodile flooded the machinery in the park outside of Sydney by dragging it underwater. 

”Once he got it, he just sat there and guarded it,” said Mr. Faulkner. ”It was his prize, his trophy. If it moved, then he would attack it again.” The ancient creature sat by as the crew began to enter his sanctuary. The video below shows that it truly takes a village to get the job done. 

Yacare Caiman

Yacare caiman with open muzzle with big teeth, Pantanal, Bolivia.

But Elvis, one of the biggest crocs in New South Wales, is also known for being quite possessive and territorial. Like other crocs, Elvis loves to eat meat! The keepers used this knowledge to their advantage when distracting him to get the lawnmower out of the water.  

Mr. Faulkner was able to leap in and rescue the severely chewed-up lawnmower and two teeth that Elvis had shed in the act while the keeper enticed Elvis to the opposite end of the area with an enticement of kangaroo meat.

In regard to the two 3-inch teeth Elvis had lost during the battle, Faulkner soon located them and made an unhurt exit from the pool while still carrying the lawnmower. Later he takes the teeth and compares them to the size of his arm, showing how shockingly large they are! 

Not His First Offense

Elvis, a wild crocodile who was rescued and is estimated to be over 50 years old, has historically been a grumpy animal. When he was captured, he was assaulting fishing vessels in Darwin Harbor, according to his keeper. He devoured two of his girlfriends at the crocodile farm where he was first taken after being apprehended.

“’He is so full of testosterone that he views everything as a threat,” says Mr. Faulkner. ”Even potential mates. “When they are the dominant croc, they’re just full of testosterone,” Faulkner continues. “He’s got his beautiful own yard, he wants to be a solitary creature. He’s happy.”

“I can’t lie, the bosses are not going to be happy about the cost of a new lawn mower,” Faulkner states while laughing “(But) we love it. No one’s injured … and when you get scared and it all turns out to be good, it’s actually quite enjoyable.”

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