Cute Kitten Names

Written by Lisha Pace
Updated: September 28, 2022
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Key Points:

  • Choosing a name for your new kitten is important and forms a bond with your family.
  • Names like Callie, Tabby and Lynx are good for kittens who look like these breeds.
  • Shelters name kittens to help you fall in love with them.
  • It’s ok to change your shelter pet’s name after you adopt them.

Adopting a new kitten is an exciting event in a family. It’s an honor and a responsibility to take care of a kitten as it grows into a healthy adult cat. Along with making sure the new kitten has food, bowls, a bed, and maybe a little collar, there’s another item on the to-do list — giving the new kitty a name!

It may seem like an easy task – but your new kitten will learn quickly to respond to this name – so choose well! We have strived to make it easier for you by combing through lists of popular cat names to make this list. There are ten names for boy kittens and ten names for girl kittens. Some of the names included on this list are popular for certain cat breeds while others relate to the coloration of a cat’s fur.

Fun fact: A kitten’s whiskers are as long as its body is wide.

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#10: Callie

When you think of the word cute, a calico kitten may pop into your mind. Callie is just one of the many cute kitten names for a calico cat. Did you know there are most calico cats are female? This makes the name specially appropriate for a girl kitten. Calico is not one of the many cat breeds. Instead, it is a description of the patchwork of colors displayed in this feline’s coat. So, the name Callie is a reflection of the black, orange, and white colors of a calico cat’s coat.

#9: Ebony

Ebony is a popular name for a girl Burmese kitten. The Burmese breed of cat can have a shiny sable or black coat. Their coat is such a deep shade of black it makes it difficult to see them at night. Good thing Burmese kittens and cats have glowing gold or yellow eyes!

#8: Tabby

Tabby is a popular name for a girl kitten. Some people may think it’s a shortened version of the name Tabitha. The name tabby can also refer to this cat’s coloration. Like a calico, tabby doesn’t describe the breed of a cat. It describes the spotted or striped pattern of its fur. One common feature of tabby cats is the M-shaped pattern of fur above their eyes.

#7: Lynx

When searching for cute kitten names for an American bobtail cat consider Lynx. The American bobtail is one of a few cat breeds with felines that display a very short, or bobbed tail. Its bobtail makes this domesticated cat look a little like a wild lynx.

#6: Jade

If you have a girl Persian kitten in need of a name, why not Jade? It’s a popular name for one of the most beautiful cat breeds. Persian cats have thick, luxurious fur from head to tail. But it’s their eyes that make this girl kitten’s name so popular. Many Persian cats have deep green eyes. They are especially notable in Persian kittens with pure white fur. Picture a jade gemstone and it’s the perfect name for a cat with such unique peepers!

#5: Savannah

What better name for a girl kitten belonging to the Savannah breed than Savannah? The Savannah is one of the most unique hybrid cat breeds. It is a cross between an African serval and a domesticated cat. The Savannah breed has the appearance of a cat wandering through a field or forest out in the wild with its pointed ears, light brown or silver fur covered with black spots. But, if you have a Savannah kitten, you know these are gentle, affectionate felines that love to be around people.

#4: Cleo

Cleo is another very popular girl kitten name. Cleo is short for Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen. Cleo is an apt name for the Abyssinian breed of cat. In fact, with its slender body, large ears, and graceful movements, the Abyssinian looks the part of an Egyptian feline.

#3: Tuxie

Tuxie is a must-have on a list of cute kitten names. Tuxie is a fun choice for a girl Tuxedo kitten. Though Tuxedo isn’t one of the official cat breeds, it goes a long way to describe the colors of this feline’s coat. A Tuxedo kitten or cat has black and white fur. The typical Tuxedo cat has black fur on its body and head with splashes of white on its chest and paws. This black and white pattern makes it look like it’s wearing a formal tuxedo to a big party!

#2: Cashew

A Siamese kitten with its sparkling blue eyes and sweet nature is irresistible. Cashew is a popular name for girl Siamese kittens. The Siamese is a cat breed from Asia. Cashew nuts are a common ingredient in Asian recipes. So, why not give your girl Siamese kitten a cute name with a little bit of meaning behind it?

#1: Pepper

Do you have a Siberian kitten? The Siberian breed of cat is notable for its long, fluffy coat. Though Siberian cats have fur in a variety of colors, Pepper is a cute name for a girl Siberian kitten with soft gray fur. Think of it. If you add a pure white Siberian kitten to your family, you already have the perfect name for it. Salt!

On average, kittens only weigh three to four ounces at birth.

#10: Morris

Orange tabby kittens are a popular choice with households of all types. Morris is just one of many cute kitten names for orange tabby cats. Morris was the name of the orange tabby cat featured in cat food ads for years. He was so well-known his picture made it onto t-shirts, hats, posters, and more! This feline helped sell a lot of cat food.

#9: Midnight

American shorthair kittens are a common sight in neighborhoods across the country. Midnight is a cute name for a boy American shorthair kitten with a coat of glorious black fur. Of course, the name describes the color of this kitten’s fur. In addition, Midnight may describe the period when this little kitty is most active!

#8: Cocoa

A boy Burmese kitten is a special addition to any family. Look at a brown Burmese kitten and a cup of swirling cocoa and you’ll see why this is the perfect name. A Burmese kitten may have dark or light brown fur on its face and different shades of brown on the rest of its body. If you’re looking closely at the different brown cat breeds, a Burmese kitten makes for a sweet pet.

#7: Yeti

When making a mental list of cat breeds known for their thick fur, Himalayans are likely to leap to mind. Yeti is a popular name for a boy Himalayan kitten. The Yeti is a tall, furry creature in folklore believed to roam around the snowy Himalayan mountains. That’s why it’s such a popular name for this furry feline!

#6: Smokey

A Russian blue boy kitten would be a standout in a lineup of felines. These cats have a solid coat of charcoal gray fur. Smokey is a traditional name as well as a descriptive one for this breed of cat.

#5: Oreo

If Oreos are on your favorite cookie list, you are not alone! So, why not give this beloved name to a boy Tuxedo kitten? It describes the black and white pattern of your boy kitten in the most complimentary way!

#4: Siam

A boy Siamese kitten needs a regal name to match its slow, majestic movements. The King of Siam was a big fan of this cat breed. So why not go with Siam as a name for your boy Siamese kitten? Give your boy Siamese kitten a name with a meaning behind it.

#3: Blaze

The Cymric is a lesser-known cat breed. Cymric cats are seen in many fur colors including deep orange/yellow with a reddish tinge. This makes the name Blaze well-suited for a Cymric boy kitten with orange-red fur.

#2: Chewy

Here are another one of those cute kitten names that refer to a well-known character. Chewy is short for Chewbacca who is a character in the Star Wars movies. Chewbacca has dark brown fur kind of like a Persian kitten. A boy Persian kitten is so furry and cuddly it looks almost like a toy. But these kittens are full of energy and curiosity. Chewy is a playful name for a boy kitten with personality to spare!

#1: Snickers

Tortoiseshell kittens are extremely cute. Tortoiseshell is not one of the long lists of cat breeds. It refers to the mixture of colors in this kitten’s fur. A kitten with tortoiseshell fur has a swirl of brown, tan, orange, black, and sometimes white hair. Snickers is on the list of cute kitten names because this feline’s coloration is a lot like the popular candy bar’s mixture of caramel, peanuts, and chocolate.

Why Shelters Name Pets

Your new kitten may have already been given a name by the shelter that took her in. There is a reason why shelters name the pets in their care – to make it easier for you to fall in love with them! It’s much easier to love little Peanut than Cat#5,037. It’s also ok to rename your shelter kitten. With such large numbers of homeless kitties – shelter workers often run out of creativity and start naming a litter after casts from their favorite shows or members of favorite sports teams. So, make this kitten a member of your family by giving her a special name chosen by you just for her.

Summary of Cute Kitten Names

Girls NamesBoys Names
#1. PepperSnickers
#2. CashewChewy
#3. TuxieBlaze
#4. CleoSiam
#5. SavannahOreo
#6. JadeSmokey
#7. LynxYeti
#8. TabbyCocoa
#9. EbonyMidnight
#10. CallieMorris

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