December 13 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: August 30, 2023
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If you are a December 13th zodiac sign, you fall under the sign of Sagittarius! This independent firecracker lives life in a free, rebellious way. Do you recognize the confident individual in yourself if you were born on December 13th? What might astrology have to say about you if you’re a Sagittarius born on this specific day? This ancient practice may even surprise you with its insight into your personality! 

Because the personality of someone born on December 13th is exactly what we will discuss today. If you’re a skeptic, you may want to set that feeling aside momentarily to hear what astrology has to say about your motivations and instincts. In this article, we will cover all of the basics behind the Sagittarius personality, including the planetary ruler of this sign. Plus, we will discuss how a December 13th Sagittarius might differ from others. Let’s dive in! 

December 13 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

december 13 zodiac

Sagittarians are changeable people, flexible in their opinions and life paths.

© Vasylenko

How much do you know about astrology? Before we get more specific about the personality of a December 13th zodiac sign, there are a few things to cover. All zodiac signs have a planetary ruler, an elemental association, and a modality attached. The specific placement of the signs on the astrological wheel also indicates a connection to an astrological house and certain lessons that may be a priority. 

For example, Sagittarius follows Scorpio in terms of their astrological order. Scorpios are intense and interested in their capacity for personal power, which Sagittarians adopt as a mantra. The average Sagittarius is incredibly invested in their capacity for expansion and experiences. Being free and independent helps a Sagittarius feel powerful, therefore tying into their astrological 9th house connection of philosophical ideals.

The element attached to Sagittarius is fire. Elemental associations represent how the signs express themselves and what they are truly motivated by. Fire signs express themselves through their energy, drive, and presence. Sagittarians are no exception to this, possessing high energy levels and a focused drive that allows them to achieve a great deal in their lifetime. Fire signs are also incredibly straightforward communicators, something that is obvious about the average Sagittarius! 

Finally, Sagittarians are mutable modalities, given that Sagittarius birthdays occur as the seasons change. Mutable signs represent this changeable time of year through their flexibility, potential for cooperation, and adaptability. Sagittarians are changeable people, flexible in their opinions and life paths. In fact, Sagittarians prefer to keep their options open rather than committing, as they believe something better is always around the corner! 

December 13 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

december 13 zodiac

The expansive potential of Jupiter can make a Sagittarius restless.


The placement of your zodiac sign on the astrological wheel ties into their astrological house connection and their ruling planet. For example, Sagittarians are the 9th zodiac sign represented best by the 9th house of philosophy and higher truths. Jupiter is the planet in charge of both the 9th house and Sagittarius for this exact reason. Expansive and generous, your Jupiter sign placement represents your capacity for growth and higher learning in your lifetime. 

Jupiter is associated with optimism, luck, and long-distance travel. It is also a planet of intellectual opportunities and inner wisdom. There is a sense of truth-seeking and discovery in Jupiter, something this planet lends to the Sagittarius personality. In fact, most of the motivations of the average Sagittarius can be found by studying Jupiter. Sagittarians long to discover answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries, using their capacity for new experiences to uncover some of these answers. 

Jupiter is a positive planet, and Sagittarians certainly feel optimistic because of their planetary ruler. With their high energy levels and adaptable natures, Sagittarians rarely think of failure before they try something new. New possibilities and opportunities go hand in hand with Jupiter’s lessons, which is why Sagittarians aren’t afraid to try something new if their first option doesn’t work out. 

However, the expansive potential of Jupiter can make a Sagittarius restless. This zodiac sign is notorious for changing their minds about something before they even get started. There is a greed and hunger in Jupiter that is rarely sated by a single life path, partner, or interest. Sagittarians are endlessly curious, thanks to Jupiter, but they are also less likely to be satisfied with the predictable aspects of life. 

December 13 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Sagittarius 

december 13 zodiac

The concept of freedom always rings true to a Sagittarius.

© sutthisumdang

The philosophical life of the party, Sagittarians are entertainers at heart. This fire sign enjoys impressing others with storytelling and experiences from their interesting and varied life. While bragging is often a negative associated with Sagittarians, this humanistic sign values the experiences of others just as much as their own. In fact, this is a huge motivator for the average Sagittarius, as they believe higher truths can be learned through personal connection. 

Sagittarians long to be individuals more than anything else. This zodiac sign dislikes when anyone assumes anything about them, even if it’s a correct opinion. In fact, Sagittarians are known for changing their minds just to prove a point or to be contrary! While frustrating, this behavior grows charming over time. The chameleon in every Sagittarius is truly impressive and worth getting to know. 

Despite their often blunt and harsh way of communicating, Sagittarians use their mutable modality to connect easily with others. There is charisma and intellect in this sign that makes them charming and easy to get to know. While the truths of a Sagittarius are always shifting, this zodiac sign loves to discuss what they believe in for hours on end. The philosophical nature of Sagittarius is refreshing and enlightening.

The concept of freedom always rings true to a Sagittarius. However, one of the greatest weaknesses of this sign is the fact that Sagittarians struggle with commitment. Commitment naturally goes against freedom, which is why Sagittarians change themselves and their lives constantly. Even if something is going well, Sagittarians are skilled at talking themselves out of something and into something newer or more exciting! 

What Makes a December 13 Zodiac Sign Special?

december 13 zodiac

A December 13th zodiac sign may feel less inclined to wander compared to other Sagittarian birthdays. 


With all of this said about commitment, is this notion still true about a December 13th Sagittarius? When we turn to numerology for advice, adding up the digits in the number 13 lends us some insight into this specific Sagittarius. The number four is of significance to a December 13th zodiac sign. It is a number associated with stability, foundations, and homes. In fact, the 4th house in astrology is known as the house of home! 

Cancers are the 4th sign of the zodiac and deeply invested in their home life. The ability to retreat is very important to Cancer, which is why it may be an important theme for a Sagittarius born on December 13th. While the average Sagittarius prefers to explore rather than retreat, this Sagittarius birthday may value their privacy and a particular sanctuary more than others. This Sagittarius may have a home base and a special place that they don’t stray far from.

The 4th house is all about foundational strength and building upon something over time, something that Sagittarians don’t often do. However, a December 13th Sagittarius may enjoy contributing to something for the long haul. This could be a career, a family, or a literal house. No matter the case, a December 13th zodiac sign may feel less inclined to wander compared to other Sagittarian birthdays. 

Even if a December 13th Sagittarius still chooses to travel and maintain their freedom, this particular birthday likely feels incredibly stable to those in their life. A Sagittarius so connected to the number four makes a reliable, constant friend and companion. While Sagittarians are remiss to put down roots, this particular Sagittarius birthday may find a great deal of satisfaction in the deep connections they form with others! 

Career Paths for December 13 Zodiac Signs 

december 13 zodiac

Sagittarians have incredibly high energy levels and may choose an athletic career path.


With a propensity for travel, Sagittarians would love to get paid to explore the world. Choosing a career path that allows for this may be difficult, but things are rarely too difficult for a Sagittarius! Naturally lucky in life, Sagittarians find it easy to get jobs and maintain a variety of careers. Sticking with one particular job path doesn’t usually appeal to the average Sagittarius, but a December 13th zodiac sign may enjoy committing given their connection to the number four. 

Mutable signs make excellent collaborators, which is why Sagittarians often enjoy teams. However, their independent natures bristle if such teamwork requires them to assimilate too much. Sagittarians do best in collaborative efforts that still allow them to have a voice, such as artistic fields, team sports, educational careers, and advocacy groups. Given their somewhat rebellious natures, Sagittarians make excellent advocates and rebels, with or without a cause! 

While Sagittarians want everyone to have the same level of independence and freedom as they do, this zodiac sign often takes on a mentoring career path. People can’t help but be drawn to the experience of the average Sagittarius, which is why becoming a professor or guru of some sort may suit this zodiac sign well. When paired with their gift for storytelling, Sagittarians make excellent journalists, politicians, and more! 

Finally, Sagittarians have incredibly high energy levels and may choose an athletic career path. All fire signs enjoy physical expression. This is especially true for Sagittarius, as this zodiac sign rules the thighs. Whether it be dance or skydiving, rock climbing, or football, Sagittarians make tireless and successful athletes! 

Relationships and Love for December 13 Zodiac Signs

december 13 zodiac

It’s important for this Sagittarius birthday to learn that deep connections don’t always hamper your personal freedom!

©Marko Aliaksandr/

Long-term relationships and Sagittarians don’t exactly go hand in hand. This may be an unfair assumption, and everyone is still an individual capable of commitment sometime during their life. However, Sagittarians value new experiences so much that it is rare for them to settle down with someone, especially right away. They value their freedom as well, something that also goes against the foundational notions of committed relationships. 

But what of a Sagittarius born on December 13th? Given the connection that this birthday has to the number four, a December 13th zodiac sign may long for a more committed relationship than the average Sagittarius. In fact, this longing may go against the nature of this Sagittarius birthday, leaving them confused and frustrated. It’s important for this Sagittarius birthday to learn that deep connections don’t always hamper your personal freedom! 

When loving a Sagittarius, respecting their independence and need for freedom is important. It can be a delicate balance, loving someone so free and untethered. This is especially true when we consider how Sagittarians love people. All fire signs love with passion and earnestness, Sagittarians being no exception to this rule. Even though they changed their minds often, Sagittarians put themselves into every relationship fully and completely. 

Given how passionately they love people, Sagittarians often blindside their partners when they choose to pursue a new path. However, Sagittarians don’t typically hold grudges or engage in regrets, allowing them to love many unique people over the course of their lifetime. 

Matches and Compatibility for December 13 Zodiac Signs

december 13 zodiac

All fire signs love with passion and earnestness, Sagittarians being no exception to this rule.


Not everyone will appreciate the wandering and independent nature of the average Sagittarius. From a strictly astrological perspective, fire signs communicate the best with fellow fire signs. They are also excited by air signs, as air fuels fire. Water and earth signs will have the hardest time understanding Sagittarians, but that doesn’t mean these matches are impossible! 

For a Sagittarius born on December 13th, who might be especially compatible with this birthday? Here are some matches for this specific Sagittarius:

  • Leo. Given that a December 13th Sagittarius longs for some stability in their life, they may be particularly drawn to the fixed energy of Leos. Leos and Sagittarians already get along quite well, but this match may be especially powerful. As a fixed fire sign, Leos are generous and brave, longing for a committed romance they can contribute to for a long time. This Sagittarius birthday will appreciate this and may even settle down for the right Leo! 
  • Aquarius. Also fixed, Aquarians naturally understand the philosophical wanderer in every Sagittarius. However, this air sign longs for a soulmate-level romance, even if they won’t readily admit it. An intellectual and spiritual match, Sagittarians and Aquarians get the weirdness in one another. Plus, a December 13th Sagittarius will appreciate the foundational and reliable strength of the average Aquarius. 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on December 13th

  • Werner von Siemens (inventor)
  • Kristian Birkeland (explorer)
  • Russell W. Porter (artist)
  • Marc Connelly (playwright)
  • Harold Guinzburg (publisher)
  • Laurens Jan van der Post (writer)
  • Kenneth Patchen (author)
  • Antoni Tapies (artist)
  • Larry Doby (athlete)
  • Dick Van Dyke (actor)
  • Jack Tramiel (businessman)
  • Christopher Plummer (actor)
  • Lou Adler (executive)
  • John Davidson (host)
  • Ferguson Jenkins (athlete)
  • Don Dixon (producer)
  • Ben Bernanke (economist)
  • Tamora Pierce (author)
  • Steve Buscemi (actor)
  • Gavin Andresen (programmer)
  • Jamie Foxx (actor)
  • Jesse Armstrong (producer)
  • Tom DeLonge (musician)
  • Amy Lee (singer)
  • Anthony Callea (singer)
  • Taylor Swift (singer)

Important Events That Occurred on December 13th

december 13 zodiac

On this day in 1974, Malta officially became a Republic.

©Anna Marin N/

  • In 1577, Francis Drake officially set off on his journey to circumnavigate the earth
  • In 1864, the Battle of Fort McAllister occurred
  • In 1920, the popular German candy company, Haribo, was officially founded
  • In 1974, Malta officially became a Republic
  • In 1989, the film “Driving Miss Daisy” was officially released
  • In 2018, Apple announced intentions of expanding and building multiple new facilities across the United States

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