December 15 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: August 28, 2023
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Key Points

  • Sagittarians are known for their adventurous spirit and changeable natures.
  • Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, lending them a desire for knowledge and optimism.
  • The number 6 is significant for December 15th Sagittarius, representing health, service, and routines.
  • Sagittarians excel in careers that offer independence and personal freedom, such as teaching, athletics, and the arts.
  • Sagittarians have a reputation for being noncommittal in relationships, valuing new experiences and independence.

Are you a December 15 zodiac sign? If this is your birthday, you fall toward the very end of Sagittarius season! Known for their adventurous spirit and changeable natures, Sagittarians are the ninth sign of the zodiac, typically born from November 22nd to December 21st. Astrology can have a lot to say about your particular birthday, whether you believe in it or not. By studying our planets and their transits, astrology attributes traits and motivations to all of us.

A Sagittarius could be compatible with a Gemini, Libra, Aries, or Leo.

Not only will we be addressing what it’s like to be a Sagittarius in this article, but we’ll also address what it’s like to be a Sagittarius born specifically on December 15th! By utilizing the ancient practices of astrology and numerology, we can glean a great deal of information about a person. We’ll discuss the personality, career path, love life, and so much more for a Sagittarius born on December 15th. Let’s get started now!

December 15 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

december 15 zodiac

Sagittarians aren’t afraid of being intense. In fact, they relish it.

© Vasylenko

Dedicated to freedom, independence, and the pursuit of life’s biggest questions, Sagittarians are full of life. Fire signs are naturally energetic, and Sagittarius is no exception. Their fiery elemental connection lends them boundless capacities for newness, physical exertion, and expressing themselves. You’ll always know how a Sagittarius is feeling, and likely in the bluntest way possible!

Sagittarians are also mutable signs. Mutable modalities occur during the transition times of the year, as one season becomes another. In the northern hemisphere, Sagittarius season occurs as fall becomes winter, as the harvest is completed and we prepare ourselves for the long, dark winter ahead of us. The mutability of a Sagittarius allows them to remain flexible, adaptable, and optimistic as the days darken.

As the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarians are closely linked to the ninth house in astrology. The ninth house stands for philosophy, knowledge, and sharing that knowledge with others. Teaching is a huge theme of the ninth house, which is one of the reasons why Sagittarians make excellent mentors. They won’t teach others to boost their own ego; they just want to ensure that others have the same opportunities as they do.

Sagittarians follow Scorpio on the astrological wheel. This mutable fire sign learns from Scorpios the importance of intensity. Sagittarians aren’t afraid of being intense. In fact, they relish it. If you aren’t willing to get intense with a Sagittarius, they will know immediately. This intensity can manifest in a variety of ways, but the average Sagittarius isn’t afraid to feel how they feel– fully, completely, and intensely!

December 15 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Sagittarius

december 15 zodiac

One of the reasons Sagittarians are so good when it comes to new experiences is because of their overall optimism.

© sutthisumdang

Capable of changing plans within a moment’s notice, Sagittarians are the most adaptable and exploratory signs of the zodiac. Travel and new experiences excite this fire sign. In many ways, Sagittarians find the most strength and independence in life when they allow themselves to explore. Their ability to blend and mesh seamlessly into new experiences is one of their greatest strengths.

One of the reasons Sagittarians are so good when it comes to new experiences is because of their overall optimism. There is an enthusiasm and a sunny aspect to every Sagittarius personality. This sign of the zodiac is always looking ahead, capable of seeing all sorts of possibilities. Their mutable modality works in tandem with their energetic fire element to create someone unafraid to dive right into something unknown!

But in such flexibility and possibility lies a weakness. Sagittarians struggle to value their present circumstances, and often. Rather than enjoy what is right in front of them, many Sagittarians spend their time thinking of the future, of opportunities around the bend. This often leaves them feeling tired or exhausted by their current circumstances. Every Sagittarius sun can benefit from appreciating what they have rather than focusing on what they could have instead!

There is a philosopher inside every Sagittarius. Their intellect and probing mind allow them to connect to wide swathes of people. Despite their blunt and occasionally offensive communication style, Sagittarians are often respected and turned to for advice or lessons. They value truth above most things, inspiring others through leading by example. Being free and questioning the world around them at all times– these are some of this sign’s biggest strengths.

Jupiter: the Ruling Planet of a December 15 Zodiac

december 15 zodiac

Jupiter lends every Sagittarius a desire to know more.


It isn’t just fiery energy that helps a Sagittarius maintain their optimism. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and it is the planet that rules this sign of the zodiac. Bountiful, generous, expansive– all of these words describe Jupiter. In a birth chart, Jupiter rules our capacity for learning, expanding, and connecting to others through faith and philosophy. This is one of the reasons why Sagittarians are so curious and questioning.

Jupiter lends every Sagittarius a desire to know more. More is a huge word for Sagittarius, as they are constantly in pursuit of personal growth. While Sagittarians make wonderful teachers, they pursue knowledge for themselves first and foremost. Others are often pulled in by a Sagittarian’s gravity– no doubt also thanks to Jupiter. The optimism and bright disposition of this sign make it easy for others to look up to them.

Optimism is another theme of Jupiter. This planet teaches Sagittarians that things tend to sort themselves out in the end; it is also a lucky planet, according to many. There are always more opportunities, more fish in the sea, more places to discover. Sagittarians readily accept this lesson from Jupiter and enact it using their adaptable, mutable modality. However, this plays into their avoidant or changeable behavior.

Jupiter doesn’t ask Sagittarius to be beholden to anyone or anything other than the truth and the pursuit of knowledge. This is one of the reasons why Sagittarians struggle with commitment, as well as their tendency to change their minds even after stating their opinions so strongly. It can take some getting used to, the energy from a Sagittarius. Jupiter lends them so much of it, after all!

December 15 Zodiac: Significance of the Number 6

december 15 zodiac

Naturally energetic, a December 15 Sagittarius may feel motivated by physical activity and their own health.

©maradon 333/

Everything we’ve discussed so far applies to every Sagittarius birthday, but what can we say about a December 15th zodiac in particular? When we add 1+5, we see the number 6 manifest; 6 is also half of 12, the numeral associated with December. In numerology and angel number associations, the number 6 speaks of health, service, and routines. There is an appreciation of the day-to-day in the number 6, something that can truly benefit the Sagittarian personality.

While many Sagittarians experience restlessness constantly, a December 15th Sagittarius may be able to slow down and appreciate what they have more readily. The motivation to explore will still be in a December 15th zodiac sign, but the number 6 helps this birthday recognize all that they have before they move onto something else. Building a routine, even a small one, may also matter to this Sagittarius birthday.

The number 6 is associated with Virgo (the sixth sign of the zodiac) and the sixth house in astrology (known as the house of health and wellness). Virgos are motivated by helping others, something that directly aligns with the sixth house. Service and assisting others are big themes of this house, something a Sagittarius born on this day might enjoy doing. Sagittarians born on December 15th may feel a great deal of personal satisfaction through helping others.

Naturally energetic, a December 15 Sagittarius may feel motivated by physical activity and their own health. This person may invest in or build a routine around their wellness, whether it be physical or mental health. A Sagittarius so connected to the number 6 is likely always found in motion!

Career Paths for December 15 Zodiac Signs

december 15 zodiac

Many Sagittarians pursue higher education, including graduate school, though their degrees and specialties might change.


Intelligent and motivated by learning, Sagittarians are capable of taking on a variety of career paths. No matter the field they choose to work in, Sagittarians need some level of independence or personal freedom from their career before they will be happy. Whether this involves making their own content or making their own schedule, a Sagittarius will be miserable if they aren’t able to do things their own way, on their own time!

Many Sagittarians pursue higher education, including graduate school, though their degrees and specialties might change. This person may be a perpetual student, taking classes that aren’t always career-oriented for much of their adult life. Through their learning opportunities, Sagittarians accumulate plenty of knowledge to share. Should they choose to master something rather than simply dabble, Sagittarians make excellent teachers, gurus, mentors, and more.

With so much physical energy and a special connection to health thanks to the number 6, a December 15th Sagittarius may enjoy a career in sports or athletics. This mutable sign does well on a team, though they won’t want anyone to hold them back. Because of this, Sagittarians often bolster and encourage teammates easily. They have enough luck and optimism to go around, after all!

Given that they are a fire sign, Sagittarians are magnetic and boisterous entertainers. They make wonderful artists, particularly public speakers, actors, and performers. Choosing a creative route also allows Sagittarians to do things on their own terms or schedule. Becoming a social media influencer or advocate are careers that may appeal for this reason too.

December 15 Zodiac Signs in Relationships and Love

december 15 zodiac

Anything is possible when you’re with a Sagittarius.


While their positivity and vibrance certainly make Sagittarians difficult to resist, this sign of the zodiac has a reputation for flirtation. Given their ruling planet and mutable modality, Sagittarians are keen on the new, the boundless, and the exciting. One of the biggest weaknesses and notorious reputations associated with Sagittarius is the fact that they are noncommittal. In fact, this sign doesn’t hesitate to end a relationship, no matter how old.

Sagittarians always see the potential in something new. They value new experiences, people, romantic affairs. While they make wonderful and inspiring friends, the average Sagittarius struggles to commit romantically for the long haul. Even if they find someone they deeply care for, their desire for independence and the call of new opportunities will always prevail. No matter how passionately they profess their love, Sagittarians can change their mind at the drop of a hat.

Still, though, there are wonderful qualities about Sagittarians in love. This sign of the zodiac will bolster and encourage their partners to do things they’ve never dreamed of. Anything is possible when you’re with a Sagittarius. A December 15th Sagittarius will likely have more motivation to help their partner, whether it be with practical matters or emotional turmoil. Their desire to serve their partner will be strong, something that may help make matches last longer.

No matter how long a relationship with a Sagittarius lasts, know that it will be passionate. It has the potential to change your life, something that the average Sagittarius hopes for. Their optimism, passion, and vast collection of interests will keep you entertained for a long while– at least, until your Sagittarius starts to wander!

Matches and Compatibility for December 15 Zodiac Signs

december 15 zodiac

Air signs will appeal to the intellect of a Sagittarius and likely inspire them endlessly.


The changeable nature of Sagittarius is often difficult to match. When looking for astrological compatibility, signs of the zodiac tend to communicate best with same-element signs. Therefore, fire signs work best with Sagittarians; they speak a similar language and have a compatible zest for life. Air signs will appeal to the intellect of a Sagittarius and likely inspire them endlessly. Water and earth signs will need to work the hardest to understand the ninth sign of the zodiac.

With a December 15th birthday in mind, here are some potential matches for this Sagittarius!:

  • Gemini. Also mutable but an air sign, Geminis pair wonderfully with Sagittarians. Endlessly curious and not easily offended by the somewhat flighty nature of Sagittarius, Geminis can talk to this fire sign for hours. This match will inspire each other frequently without inhibiting each other’s independence!
  • Libra. Another air sign, Libras will be attracted to how intellectual and philosophical Sagittarians are. A December 15th Sagittarius may be particularly attracted to the fair and generous sign of Libra. While these two may clash from time to time, both of these signs are mature and comfortable with being independent people, taking time to come together over intellectual debates.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on December 15th

If you’re curious about what a Sagittarius born on December 15th might be like, here are some famous and historical December 15th zodiac signs to consider:

  •  Nero (emperor)
  • Charles Cowden Clarke (critic)
  • Gustave Eiffel (architect)
  • Henry Gadsby (composer)
  • Henri Becquerel (physicist)
  • Emilio Jacinto (revolutionary)
  • Maxwell Anderson (writer)
  • David Guion (composer)
  • J. Paul Getty (magnate)
  • George Cressey (geographer)
  • Nudie Cohn (tailor)
  • John H. Hammond (producer)
  • Freeman Dyson (physicist)
  • John Sladek (author)
  • Chico Mendez (activist)
  • Michael King (historian)
  • Julie Taymor (director)
  • Catherine Fox (swimmer)
  • Adam Brody (actor)
  • Michelle Dockery (actor)
  • Charlie Cox (actor)
  • Wang Hao (table tennis player)
  • Alana Haim (singer)
  • Jesse Lingard (soccer player)
  • Maude Apatow (actor)

Important Events That Occurred on December 15th

december 15 zodiac

On this day in 1939, “Gone With The Wind” officially premiered.

©Tanya Antusenok/

Over the years, December 15th has had many important events occur. Here are only a few of those events:

  • In 1791, the US Bill of Rights was officially ratified
  • In 1938, the groundbreaking for the Jefferson Memorial officially took place
  • In 1939, “Gone With The Wind” officially premiered
  • In 1967, the Silver Bridge in West Virginia collapsed, killing nearly 50 people
  • In 1979, the popular game “Trivial Pursuit” was officially created
  • In 2001, the Leaning Tower of Pisa officially reopened after being closed for repairs
  • In 2004, “Million Dollar Baby” officially premiered
  • In 2018, an over 4,000 year old tomb was discovered in Egypt, thought to be the resting place of royal priest Wahtye

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