Deer Says “Sure” And Walks Right Up to A Car To Eat A Banana

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: November 18, 2022
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A modern-day Snow White shows us just how sweet deer can be in the wild. A viral Youtube Short showcases a woman with a gentle voice holding a banana out of a parked car window. With a deer merely a few feet away, she asks the animal if he wants a bite of her snack.

Any animal or person that enters a deer’s territory at an inappropriate time may be met with aggression. You will be aware if a hostile deer is around. Deer have a few distinct characteristics that include grunting and crouching when they get angry. 

The deer’s grunt resembles a burst of air being forced from their jaws. They groan and crouch with their legs extended. The deer’s hair stands on edge, giving it an even more ferocious appearance. A buck with antlers will turn its head in the direction of the prey it is pursuing. Deer will also stand on their hind legs and strike an opponent with their hooves.

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Thankfully, this precious baby simply wanted a big bite of banana. Friendly interactions between deer and humans are possible, but friendships are uncommon, much like attacks. On rare occasions, people would raise orphaned fawns as pets. The deer becomes a companion instead of a wild animal since it grows with the individual. Place an orange collar on a pet deer to prevent hunters from shooting it. 

Adult deer typically don’t make friends with people. Deer stay away from people instead. Deer are still regarded as wild creatures, so even if you see them in the city, do not assume that they are domesticated. Comparable to feeding moose in the wilderness, feeding deer can be harmful to the animals since they may come to trust people even if many would rather shoot them.

A Deer’s Diet

So, is it normal for deer to eat bananas? Bananas are a favorite food of deer and, when eaten without the peel, can be quite nourishing. Bananas are incredibly nutrient-dense since they are rich in potassium and fiber, both of which your neighborhood deer probably require. It’s fascinating to note that deer potassium requirements change with the season. 


Nevertheless, particularly those that have been allowed to mature for a while, bananas contain a relatively high sugar content. Just like us humans, deer have to be careful how much sugar goodness they consume, even if it’s natural. 

It’s not usually a good idea for deer to eat bananas that still have their peels on. The typical deer is unlikely to be finicky about consuming the peel, although they might have trouble properly digesting it. Despite their size, deer digestive tracts can be highly delicate and reliable. 

Deer may feel satiated after eating banana peels. As a result, people might not be as eager to search elsewhere for food that genuinely offers the nutrition they require. If you want to prep any banana peels for your wild guests, it’s a smart option to peel them fully as they don’t contain much that is beneficial for their diets.

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