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Written by Colby Maxwell
Published: December 20, 2022
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Flags are some of the most interesting and descriptive tools used to represent people, groups, ideas, and countries. Over the thousands of years that humans have used flags and banners, a few rules and specialized words have developed in order to best represent them. Today, the art of studying flags is known as vexillology, and passionate people all around the world have contributed to the field. Today, we are going to learn about one of the more interesting elements of flags, namely, the canton. Let’s find out what a canton flag is, plus see a few examples!

What is a Canton on a Flag?

A canton is a square or rectangular area, usually positioned in the top left corner of a flag, that often contains a symbol or design that represents a country or state. Generally, the canton takes up about a quarter of the flag, although that isn’t always the case. The term “canton” originated from the French word for corner and was first used in relation to flags in the 16th century.

The canton of a flag is typically reserved for important national symbols, such as the stars on the American flag or the Union Jack on the British flag. In some cases, the canton may also contain the national coat of arms or another significant emblem. It can also be used to represent various regions within a country, with each region adding its own canton to the existing national flag.

The use of a canton on flags dates back to the Middle Ages when flags were used as a means of identification on the battlefield. At that time, the canton was often reserved for the heraldic symbols of a particular kingdom or state, allowing soldiers to quickly identify which side they were on. Over time, the use of the canton on flags spread to other countries and contexts, and it became a common feature on many national flags.

Some Notable Examples of Cantons

While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of flags with cantons, there are a few that are recognizable to many. Here are some examples of flags that utilize cantons as a notable element of their design. As a reminder, each flag is unique, and something on one flag may not represent the same thing even if used on another flag.

The American Flag

The canton of the flag of the United States of America contains 50 white stars on a blue background, representing the 50 states. The use of stars on the American flag dates back to the original design of the flag, which was created by Betsy Ross in 1776. Ross is noted to have suggested the use of a circle of stars to represent the colonies, with one star for each colony. As new states joined the Union, more stars were added to the canton of the flag. Today, the 50 stars on the canton of the American flag continue to represent the unity and diversity of the United States.

Flag of the United States of America (American flag) blowing in the wind

The canton of the flag of the United States of America contains 50 white stars on a blue background, representing the 50 states.

©Leonard Zhukovsky/Shutterstock.com

The Union Jack

The Union Jack is one of the most famous symbols and is used across many flags today. It consists of the red cross of Saint George, the white cross of Saint Andrew, and the red saltire of Saint Patrick, representing the countries of England, Scotland, and Ireland, respectively. The Union Jack is a symbol of the British Empire and is often used as a canton on flags to represent a country’s association with the United Kingdom. Some notable examples of countries (or states) that utilize the Union Jack to represent their connection with the British Empire are Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

Union Jack canton on the Australian flag

The Union Jack canton on the Australian flag represents the history of British settlement in Australia. 

©iStock.com/Oleksii Liskonih

The Christian Flag

The Christian Flag is a white flag with a blue canton containing a red cross. The flag is commonly used by Christian churches, schools, and organizations, and is often displayed alongside the national flag of a country. The design of the Christian Flag is said to have originated in the late 19th century, when a Methodist minister in Brooklyn, New York, proposed the use of a simple, unifying flag to represent Christians of all denominations. The flag was officially adopted by the International Council of Religious Education in 1942 and has since become a well-known symbol of the Christian faith.

Christian flag has a blue canton containing a red cross

The Christian Flag, a well-known symbol of the Christian faith, is white with a blue canton containing a red cross.


The Republic of China (Taiwan)

The canton of the Republic of China (ROC) flag, also known as the Taiwanese flag, contains a blue sky with a white sun. The blue sky represents the freedom and democracy of the ROC, while the white sun symbolizes the national spirit and unity of the people. The use of the blue sky and white sun as national symbols dates back to the 1895 revolution against the Qing Dynasty when the Republic of China was founded. Today, the ROC flag remains a symbol of Taiwan’s struggle for independence and its desire to be recognized as a sovereign nation.

Flag of Taiwan

The canton of the Republic of China flag, also known as the Taiwanese flag, contains a blue sky with a white sun.

©railway fx/Shutterstock.com


The canton of a flag serves both a symbolic and practical purpose, representing the country’s history, values, and traditions, while also ensuring that the flag’s symbol is easily visible and recognizable. Overall, the canton of a flag is an important part of the flag’s design and meaning, and is used on flags all over the world to identify special elements and represent its country or state.

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