Discover 5 Deep Sea Animals That May Be the Strangest on Earth

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: July 21, 2022
© NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, INDEX-SATAL 2010, NOAA/OER / public domain – License / Original
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In the deep sea, it’s like a completely different world. There are depths that humans have yet to discover but what we have found continues to mesmerize not just marine biologists, but even folks who prefer to stay on land.

This video covers five of the most fascinating deep sea creatures currently known to humankind. The first is the Halitrephes jelly. These jellies have been found in depths between 4,000 to 5,000 feet deep throughout the world. It looks like an underwater firework, with dazzling colors like pink, blue, and purple.

The second creature is a Chimaera, which has existed for millions of years. It’s known as a “ghost shark,” and is found in depths up to 8,500 feet. Chimaeras have long bodies, large translucent eyes, and large heads. The fins on their sides look paper thin and flap in the water like sheets hung up to dry in the wind.

Rabbit fish (Chimaera monstrosa) in Trondheimfjord
Chimaeras are also known as rabbit fish, ratfish, and ghost sharks.


The third creature is a Ctenophore or a “comb jelly.” This jelly has been seen in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Ctenophore fossils have even dated back as far as 525 million years ago. They’ve been found in nearly all the world’s oceans, and not just thousands of feet under but also close to the surface. They are glittering creatures with incredibly bright colors and bioluminescence.

The fourth is the Deepstaria Enigmatica. This is a deep-water jellyfish that has been spotted between 1,950 to 5,740 feet deep. They’ve been seen off the coast of the United Kingdom, but there is very little known about these creatures. They have a warm glow and move in an undulating fashion, the way a plastic bag would move if caught in a small whirlwind—except in slow motion.

The fifth is the Stygiomedusa Gigantea. This creature has only been spotted on rare occasions. It’s one of the largest known invertebrate predators in the deep sea. It has an umbrella-like shape with multiple arms and its body has a spongy texture, which is what allows it to withstand the immense pressure of the deep parts of the ocean it inhabits.

The abyss is filled with spellbinding beings, and these short clips of the top five will leave you wondering what else may be lurking in the depths of the sea.

Spellbinding deep sea creatures caught in captivating footage.

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Chimaera fish from Indonesia
Chimaera fish from Indonesia
© NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, INDEX-SATAL 2010, NOAA/OER / public domain – License / Original

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