Discover 5 Fairytale Ski Towns In Vermont

Written by Kyle Glatz
Updated: April 29, 2023
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New England has a certain magic to it. The rural areas, small towns, and snowy winters in places like Vermont have captured the hearts of people throughout the U.S. and beyond. Skiers especially love this area because it combines great skiing opportunities with a gorgeous aesthetic. Anyone planning a wintertime trip to New England should consider going to these five magical ski towns in Vermont where they can indulge in the towns’ delights and experience great skiing!

1. Stowe

Skiing in Stowe, Vermont
Stowe is a very popular destination for skiers that want to experience the tallest peak in the state.


Located near the mountain with the tallest peak in the state, Mount Mansfield, the town of Stowe is a popular destination for skiers. The town offers beautiful scenic views as well as access to some of the best skiing in northern Vermont.

Stowe may be the quintessential New England skiing town and resort. The town has all sorts of places to stay, from resort-style, family-oriented lodgings to bed and breakfasts suited for couples.

Of course, the proximity to Stowe Mountain Resort, a major ski location, is very helpful. People that love alpine skiing will never be far from the action. You can ski on Mount Mansfield as well as Spruce Peak. Visitors can take lessons from experts and learn how to safely and effectively tackle the beginner sections of the mountains.

People who are intermediate and expert-level skiers can also find slopes to ski as well. The mountains near Stowe have something for everyone.

The town has a lot more to offer than just great skiing, though. You can also find a bounty of places to shop and eat. You’ll find typical American fare, burger joints, pubs, and breakfast nooks in and around the town.

If someone loves skiing more than the average individual, then they can head to the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum when they’re not on the slopes.

2. West Dover

Mount Snow ski resort in Vermont.
Mount Snow ski resort in Vermont.

©JacobUS Pictures/

While Stowe is in the north, West Dover is nestled against Mount Snow in the far south of the Green Mountains. People traveling to Mount Snow can enjoy skiing, tubing, and snowboarding. The summit of this mountain is about 3,600 feet, and the entire mountain is outfitted with a wide variety of lifts, tow lines, and even a few conveyors to bring snow-loving people up the mountain.

Not only does the mountain get a fair amount of natural snow, but the resort operators use snow machines to keep the slopes packed with powder.

As for the town of West Dover, few places can match its charm. The village was originally settled in 1796. Since then, it has spread and become a great place for people looking to ski in the area. The town is filled with quaint inns, day spas, breweries, and more. This town is New England at its finest.  

3. Warren (Sugarbush)

Sugarbush Ski Area, Vermont
The Sugarbush Ski Resort is a very popular destination for skiers in Vermont.


Warren is another one of the most charming ski towns in Vermont. From the covered bridges and the old-fashioned architecture to the modern resorts with amenities, visitors can experience a place that blends old and new together perfectly.

The Sugarbush Ski Resort is located in the town of Warren. Both Mt. Ellen and Lincoln Peak are nearby, and they rightfully get the most attention from skiers. This resort has dozens of trails and a summit elevation of 3,975 feet. Complete with 10 lifts, skiers can quickly ascend the slopes and ride down trails with many levels of difficulty.

After skiing, visitors can check out the town. Warren has a few old-fashioned attractions like the Warren Store. Also, the town has several different interesting lodgings available. The town also has many places to hike, including Warren Falls.

4. Killington

Killington Ski Resort in Vermont
Killington Ski Resort, Stockbridge, Vermont.


The town of Killington was first founded in 1761, making it older than the United States. While Killington may have originally been an old-fashioned town, it’s now one of the ski towns in Vermont that are undergoing tremendous growth!

The town is modernizing and bringing new attractions to satisfy newcomers and people that have lived in the area alike.

The resorts in Killington comprise the biggest skiing area in Vermont and possibly the eastern United States, and they’re not done growing. The owners of the area are constructing new lodges, a New England-style village called Six Peaks Killington, and a new base camp by the Killington Bear Mountain Lodge.

The skiing in this part of the state is fantastic. Killington Peak has the second-highest point in the state, measuring 4,241 feet tall! The Killington area provides seven different peaks for skiers to enjoy. That means people of all skill levels can find a place to learn or challenge themselves.

Some of the slopes and amenities have even stayed open up to Memorial Day, even if they are not necessarily available for summer skiing.

5. Manchester

Snow, mountain, climbers, skiing
Several skiable mountains are near Manchester, Vermont.

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Manchester was also founded in 1761, and the town is rife with architecture reflecting the state’s longevity. The village itself is not a ski town in the sense that the slopes are very close. However, Manchester is a very good base for people that want to stay close to the mountains without staying at a major mountain resort.

The town has a country club, several resorts, and a fair amount of lodging. The Stratton Mountain skiing area is about half an hour away from the village. Also, Mount Snow is only 50 minutes away. So, this village is close to everything but still far enough to avoid the big crowds.

Moreover, the town is not simply a winter destination. Instead, Manchester is a good destination for every season. That being said, Manchester is positively enchanting when it’s covered by snow.  

Knowing the best ski towns in Vermont is the key to having an unforgettable skiing trip. The towns we’ve mentioned here offer great access to skiing, lodging, restaurants, and more. These quaint villages, towns, and resorts embody everything that is New England.

Summary Of The 5 Fairytale Ski Towns In Vermont

RankSki TownMountain Located Near
1StoweMount Mansfield, Spruce Peak
2West DoverMount Snow
4KillingtonKillington Peak
5ManchesterStratton Mountain, Mount Snow

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