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pink double knock out rose flower in the field.
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Written by Larissa Smith

Updated: August 23, 2023

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Why do we love roses? They don’t just grow beautiful flowers, but each color can express our emotions. The timeless red rose symbolizes passion and love, white purity and elegance, and peach roses can communicate sympathy. Growing roses are not just to add a pop of color to your landscape. A simple rose can speak what’s on the heart. Some roses are susceptible to fungal diseases, overwatering, and soil pH sensitivity. However, you can create a beautiful, bold rose garden with easy-to-grow roses. Let’s discover a range of easy-to-grow roses you can plant to bring your garden to life.

1. Roald Dahl English Rose

Named after the famous artist Roald Dahl, this gorgeous peach-colored English rose bred by rose breeder David Austin is everything you would expect and more. You can grow this easy-to-grow and disease-resistant medium shrub as borders, hedges, or in containers.

The Roald Dahl roses will grow 4 feet wide and tall when mature with few thorns. The stunning apricot or peach flowers have around 55 soft petals with a delightful tea scent. Water them regularly and keep them in full sun to partial shade for optimum care.  

Apricot colored English Rose 'Roald Dahl' in flower

The Roald Dahl roses have beautiful apricot-colored flowers with a tea scent.


2. Ebb Tide Rose

The ebb tide rose is a Floribunda rose famous for its deep purple flowers and clove scent. The desirable flowers bloom in the late spring and summer and get better with each blooming season. In addition, this beautiful rose bush has dark green foliage and is perfect as hedges and borders.

The ebb tide rose bush grows 4 feet tall and wide and in a round shape. They grow perfectly in well-draining soil and full sun. Don’t miss an opportunity to make these striking purple flowers a centerpiece in your garden.

Ebb Tide

The Ebb Tide rose has rich purple petals and a citrus-clove scent.


3. Rainbow Knock Out Rose

The rainbow knock out rose bush is a low-maintenance rose bush that can survive in zone 4-11. They are hardy roses and can withstand cold temperatures, so you can grow them even if you live in harsh weather conditions.

The rainbow knock out rose will grow 3-4 feet tall and wide with dark green foliage. The dreamy coral-colored 2-inch flowers have 5-7 petals with yellow centers. This delightful rose bush doesn’t need special care and will thrive in full or partial sun.

'Rainbow Knock Out' Rose flowers in field, Ontario, Canada. Scientific name: Rosa 'Rainbow Knock Out'.

The Rainbow Knock Out rose has delicate coral-colored leaves and dark green leaves.


4. Double Delight Rose

This award-winning hybrid tea rose is another easy-to-grow rose bush that won’t disappoint. The beautifully scented creamy white flowers with red edges will pop with color in the sun. They have tall prickly stems and green leaves to form a vigorous bush.

The double delight is mildew resistant and will bloom continuously in rich, well-draining soil and full sunlight. In addition, the rose bush will grow 4 feet tall and make excellent eye-catching hedges.

Rosa Double Delight

The Double Delight is a hybrid tea rose continuously blooms throughout the season.


5. Paint the Town Rose

The paint that the town rose provides a showy display of glossy green leaves and bright red roses. The blooms grow in clusters from late spring to fall and have a light scent. With a spreading growth habit, this multi-stemmed shrub will reach a comfortable 3-foot tall and a 3-foot spread when mature.

They only need occasional upkeep to flourish, such as pruning after cold winters and watering during drought. Paint the town rose is also black spot and mildew resistant, so don’t worry about giving them too much attention.

6. Graham Thomas Rose

You can grow the Graham Thomas rose as a 5-foot bush or a 12-foot climbing rose. They have rich yellow or gold flowers that bloom in the late spring. The flowers are either solitary or as a group with 3-9 flowers. The Graham Thomas rose has large, smooth green leaves contrasting beautifully with the yellow flowers.

These flowers are very reliable and resistant to disease, so you can enjoy them for years to come. So, attach these roses to an arch with a flexible cloth and add variety to your landscape.

Graham Thomas Rose

The Graham Thomas rose is a 4-foot rose bush or 12-foot climbing rose that produces sweet yellow flowers.


7. Sunrise Sunset Rose

The Sunrise Sunset rose is very easy to grow. The rose bushes can tolerate cold conditions with 3-9 hardiness and are resistant to blackspot and mildew, so not much can affect your roses.

Sunrise Sunset roses develop bright pink flowers and interesting blue-green foliage that will spruce up your garden. They are easy to grow when in well-draining soil and full sunlight. Since this rose bush only grows 2-3 feet tall, it’ll make an excellent ground cover or container plant.

8. Red Eden Climber Rose

The red Eden climber has large double crimson red flowers that put on a magical display when grown on a fence or trellis. The flowers are slightly fragranced and consist of 40+ petals. The red Eden climber can grow 10-12 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide.  

These stunning roses are not only a showstopper but easy to grow. With enough sun, and nutrients, the red Eden climber will be a great starter rose to grow.

Climbing rose 'Red eden rose' flowering with large, full, cluster-flowered, cupped, old-fashioned blooms in bright sunlight in a park

Attach the red Eden climber rose to an arch or fence with a flexible cloth and watch them grow.

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9. Oh My! Rose

The Oh My! rose is the deep red rose you dream of. They have brilliant velvety ruffled flowers with dark green foliage and look stunning when grown in masses. This full rose bush grows 3-4 feet tall and 3 feet wide, often planted as a hedge.

The Oh My! rose bush will have you saying ‘Oh my’ because of how dreamy they look and easy they are to grow. Plant them in well-draining soil at the end of the last frost. Ensure they get lots of sunshine and water them regularly.

Oh My! rose flower in the field. Scientific name: Rosa ' Oh My!'Flower bloom Color: dark red,

The Oh My! rose is a gorgeous 4-foot rose bush with magnificent red flowers.


10. All the Rage Rose

All the Rage roses provide non-stop blooms throughout the season. The flowers open into gorgeous apricot-colored blossoms with radiant yellow centers in early spring to fall. These easy-to-grow roses are highly resistant to mildew and black spot and will thrive in hardy zone 4.

All the Rage roses have a rounding growth habit and reach 3-5 feet tall depending on their growing conditions, such as weather and soil type. Grow these delightful roses in a container or around your porch and attract beautiful butterflies with the nectar-filled blooms.

Close-up of bright pink and yellow All the Rage hybrid shrub rose in selective focus outdoors in garden with green leaves in background

All the Rage roses are highly resistant to mildew and black spot.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new way to brighten your home, look no further than these easy-to-grow roses. They’re beautiful, versatile, and tough, so they’ll thrive almost anywhere.

Just make sure you choose the right type for your space. A range of delicate, easy-to-grow roses only requires regular watering, seasonal pruning, and lots of sunlight to blossom.

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