Discover Just How Tall Utah’s Mount Nebo Really Is

Aerial view of Mount Nebo, Utah with the towns of Nephi and Mona in the background.
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Written by Telea Dodge

Published: October 30, 2023

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There are 3,442 named mountains in Utah, a state in the Mountain Western region of the United States. Of these many mountains, Kings Peak towers over them all with a massive elevation of 13,527 feet. Today, we’ll be looking at another impressive mountain in Utah – Mount Nebo. This mountain is the tallest and southernmost mountain in the Wasatch Range of Utah. Let’s take a closer look, and answer one big question: “How tall is Mount Nebo?”

How Tall is Mount Nebo?

Mount Nebo summit

Mount Nebo is the southernmost mountain in Utah.

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According to the official website for Nephi City, Utah, Mount Nebo towers at an elevation of 11,928 feet. This mountain is also impressive in its prominence, boasting a prominence of 5,488 feet. How does this stack up against other peaks in Utah – and across the United States? Let’s take a look using two helpful tables.

Mount Nebo vs. Other Utah Peaks

Kings Peak13,528 feet6,348 feet
Mount Nebo11,993 feet5,488 feet
Mount Peale12,726 feet6,161 feet
Mount Timpanogos11,752 feet5,269 feet
Bald Mountain11,942 feet1,823 feet

Mount Nebo vs. Peaks in the United States

Mount WhitneyCalifornia14,505 feet10,075 feet
Mount KatahdinMaine5,269 feet4,288 feet
Mount DenaliAlaska20,308 feet20,194 feet
Mount RanierWashington14,409 feet13,246 feet
Mount ElbertColorado14,439 feet9,093 feet

Where is Mount Nebo on a Map?

Mount Nebo Wilderness autumn panoramic views hiking from peak 11,933 feet, highest peak in the Wasatch Range of Utah, Uinta National Forest, United States. USA.

Provo, Utah, is the closest large city to Mount Nebo.

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Let’s take a closer look at the exact location of Mount Nebo and check out how far it is from major cities in Utah.

You can zoom in and out on this map to explore the area, but you can see that Mount Nebo is slightly east of Highway 15, south of Provo. It’s only a 34.9-mile drive from Provo to the parking area for Mount Nebo. This drive takes about 50 minutes to complete. Further away is Salt Lake City, Utah. It takes about an hour and 40 minutes to complete the 78.4-mile drive to the parking area.

Can I Hike Mount Nebo?

Mount Nebo Tallest Peak Wasatch Range Utah

Mount Nebo is the highest southern peak in Utah.


You can absolutely hike Mount Nebo, though it is a pretty challenging route to get to the summit. AllTrails rates the hike to the summit as a challenging route. The out-and-back hike is estimated to be about 8.6 miles in length with an elevation gain of 3,569 feet on the trek. Make sure to do your research before trying to hike any summit, and get the local weather and trail information before you attempt to get there.

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