Discover 5 Meanings of Seeing a Snake in Your Path

Written by Gail Baker Nelson
Updated: June 13, 2023
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Snakes infographic
Snakes infographic

Discovering a snake in your path could be terrifying, depending on how you feel about the slithering legless reptiles. Throughout history, cultures assigned meaning to seeing particular animals — whether you were awake or dreaming could also affect the meaning. Regardless, there was power in seeing signs and portents. The kind of power that could alter the course of your life.

Whether or not you agree, it can be enlightening to analyze the things you see in your dreams. Why? If you consider that your subconscious probably picks up on things more quickly than your conscious mind, then signs and symbols make sense. It’s an effective way for your intuition (subconscious mind) to communicate ideas, fears, and feelings quickly.

The animals, plants, and people you may see in your dreams will likely have meaning for you, but not necessarily for someone else. Regardless, there are some common themes across many cultures — let’s dive in!

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Why Focus on Sleep and Dreaming?

First, it helps to understand a little about our sleeping minds. Whether we want to or not, we spend approximately 25% of our lives asleep. Part of that time (up to 23%) is spent in deep sleep. 

Deep sleep is where your heartbeat and breathing are at their slowest. Your brain waves slow down and you cycle through several sleep stages throughout the night. 

This is the most restful period, where your body heals and your mind processes things that occurred during the day. 

It’s why, after spending a day learning something new and challenging, all you want to do is sleep — and why sleep is so important to our sanity. Here are a few physical changes that happen during deep sleep: 

  • Blood flow to muscles increase
  • Cells regenerate
  • Immune system strengthens
  • Growth & repair of tissues and bones
  • Energy restoration

In contrast, REM sleep brings your mind to a more wakeful state. This is where you dream. It’s also when you’re most likely to see a snake or three in a dream.

What Does it Mean When You See a Snake in Your Path?

Understanding why sleep is so important is one thing. If you’re getting the deep sleep that you need, even on a shorter night’s sleep you can feel refreshed.

But it’s fun and sometimes enlightening to explore whether seeing a snake in your path — either real or in a dream has any significance. While a snake crossing your hiking trail may be “just a snake,” snakes in dreams often have stronger connotations. 

So, what did seeing that snake mean?

It depends!

We’ve gathered a few of the most likely answers here so you can decide for yourself.

1.     Growth & Transformation

snake shedding skin

Snakes shed their skin several times a year, some cultures believed they were symbols of transformation.

© Kostich

Of all the symbolism we found regarding snake symbolism, this is the most common. Cultures throughout history and around the world often respected and feared snakes all in the same breath. Of course, this makes sense — some snakes could kill you with a single bite while others are harmless helpers. If you don’t know which is which, it’s easy to fear them all.

Snakes shed their skin several times per year and immediately afterwards, they’re gorgeous! Their shiny new skin almost glows with vitality. They’re a brand new snake! Sometimes their shed doesn’t go as planned, and some leftover old skin is still there. They try to remove as much as they can. What doesn’t come off will come loose in the next cycle.

Growth and change are similar to a snake’s shedding cycle. We try to let go of old habits that no longer fit, but it isn’t always easy. However, when we let go of the old it leaves room for tremendous growth and transformation.

Sometimes seeing a snake in your path means that it’s time to shed your old worn-out skin and try something new. So, ditch the old habits holding you back and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Transformation and growth are rarely easy, but they are necessary. 

2. Knowledge, Wisdom & Intuition

The Greek god of healing, Asclepius was able to miraculously heal nearly any wound and even brought some people back to life, a skill that landed him in deep trouble with Zeus. In some stories, a snake whispered the name of a healing plant in Asclepius’ ear, while others say that he spotted a serpent carrying it. 

Regardless, snakes were strongly connected to the underworld and the Greeks believed they had knowledge of things mere mortals simply couldn’t see or understand.

In this case, that snake you spotted in your path may have been a hint at seeking hidden information — look below the surface. Follow your intuition and find what your subconscious is telling you.

3. Healing

Snakes are associated with any number of cultures with dozens of beliefs. Many regard snakes as symbols of healing. Some cultures use snake venom in their healing practices — we’re not just talking about pharmaceutical research here! The snake-handling medicine men and women of certain Scythian tribes milked snakes for venom. They then used that venom to create antidotes and medicines.

Unlike humans who slough off dead skin every day, snakes hold on to it until they’re so uncomfortable that they must escape from it. When a snake sheds, it often removes old scabs and scars with the skin, making it look as though it doesn’t age and has infinite healing faculties. So, seeing a snake in your path can be a sign of healing.

4. Warnings of Danger — Physical or Emotional

eastern diamond back rattlesnake on road

Rattlesnakes in dreams can be warnings that you’re headed in the wrong direction.

©Chase D’animulls/

Of course, snakes can also be seen as warnings. Maybe you ran across a rattlesnake while hiking and decided to turn back. Later, you discovered there was a landslide that would have injured you.

While dream-path warnings aren’t always so obvious, our subconscious minds use metaphors that we understand. It won’t pull some random thought from an unfamiliar culture and call it a sign. 

So, seeing a snake on your dream path may be a warning to take another direction. Venomous snakes can be even bigger signs that you’re headed in the wrong direction. 

5. Life-Altering Change

Thanks to snakes’ position as agents of growth and rebirth, they’re also seen as harbingers of massive, life-altering change. Seeing any snake in your path may indicate that your life is about to change dramatically. But it doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s directed at you, just that you may be affected by it.

Sort of like pulling the “death card” in a tarot reading — it doesn’t usually mean literal death. Just massive change. 

Does the Type of Snake Change its Meaning?

Probably, but you’ll have to decide for yourself on that one.

Realistically, if you’re terrified of any and all snakes, you probably won’t see it as a good thing. Ever. However, if you love snakes and dream about them, you may be thrilled! Maybe you’re dreaming about your newest pet.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Cobra: wisdom & knowledge, fearlessness, and protection
  • Water snake: cleansing and renewal
  • Rattlesnake: warning, life-altering changes marked by fear & caution
  • Small or nonvenomous snake: new beginnings & growth
  • Black mamba: people around you may be jealous or bitter
  • Python: According to Egyptian legend, giant pythons were symbols of the god Apophis — god of death and destruction. In China, it’s the embodiment of feminine yin energy. 

Here are a few different cultures and a quick run-down on how they saw snakes. Seeing the variety of beautiful ideas really makes you think — hopefully you’ll see snakes just a little differently.

  • The cobra-headed goddess Meretseger was represented by an Egyptian cobra (Naja haje).
  • The goddess Wadjet’s representation was a stylized Egyptian cobra called an uraeus.
  • The Hopi people celebrated the union of Snake Youth (sky spirit) and Snake Girl (underworld spirit) with an annual snake dance, and to renew nature’s fertility.
  • Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs was a feathered serpent and the spirit of intelligence.


We’ve only touched on a few cultures and beliefs. There are hundreds more to explore! Hopefully, we’ve given you a few ideas to help figure out what it means when you see a snake in your path.


The photo featured at the top of this post is © Pavaphon Supanantananont/

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