Discover 11 Rare and Unique Pitbull Colors

Closeup Happy Friendly Fawn Pit Bull Dog

Written by Katelynn Sobus

Updated: August 8, 2023

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Want to look at some rare and unique Pitbull colors? According to the UKC (United Kennel Club) breed standard, American Pit Bull Terriers can have any coat color, but some are rarer than others. There is no AKC (American Kennel Club) breed standard, as they don’t recognize the breed at all.

Some rare colors you might see in Pit bulls include black, black and tan, white, red-nosed chocolate, and more!

In this article, we’ll discuss 11 rare and unique Pit bull colors. Remember to adopt or shop responsibly by researching your breeder, ensuring they complete recommended genetic health testing, and being prepared for all aspects of dog ownership!

1. Black

One black Pitbull dog wearing a black and orange collar posing on the grass by a white fence in the background

Black Pitbulls often have white markings.

Purely black Pit bulls are rare. More commonly, you’ll see black Pitties with white spots–especially on the chest.

2. Black and Tan

Black and tan Pit bulls have similar markings to Rottweilers, with brown “eyebrows” and markings on the cheeks, chest, and feet.

3. White

White pit bull terrier dog laying on grey sofa in a living room

White Pitbulls can either have pigmentation or be albino.

White Pitbulls are also pretty rare. They may be albino (lacking pigment in the body) or not. Albino dogs are prone to disabilities and health problems such as deafness, eye problems, light sensitivity, and an increased risk of sunburn and skin cancer. Therefore, they shouldn’t be purposefully bred or purchased.

White Pitbulls who aren’t albino have no more health problems than your average Pittie.

4. Red-Nosed Chocolate

brown pit bull terrier with not cropped ears
Red-nosed chocolate Pit Bull Terriers have brown fur and matching noses.

Red-nosed chocolate Pitties have dark brown coats and matching noses with red tones.

5. Light Fawn

Closeup Happy Friendly Fawn Pit Bull Dog

Light fawn Pitties have light tan colored coats.

Light fawn Pitbulls aren’t excessively rare. They have light tan colored coats, sometimes with white markings.

6. Red

dog sneezing

Red Pitbulls have orange fur.

Red American Pit Bull Terriers have orange-hued fur, kind of like a fox.

7. White and Black

Black and white American Pit Bull Terrier siting and smiling in park

White and black Pitbulls have a variety of fur patterns.

White and black Pitties have both white and black fur. Their patterns can vary.

8. Red Brindle

Red brindle Pitbulls have red fur (an orange shade) with a darker striped pattern that’s easiest to see along their torsos.

9. Blue

american pit bull terrier

Blue is a silvery coat color.

Blue Pitbulls are fairly common and typically have white patches on their bodies. The color “blue” is a dilute, silvery black color.

10. Blue Fawn

Blue fawn Pitties have silver undertones and often have white patches.

Blue fawn has more silvery undertones than regular fawn coloring. These Pitties often have white markings, especially around their chests.

11. Tricolor

photograph of a tricolor PITBULL taken in close-up of a puppy posing for a beauty show

Tricolor Pitties have three coat colors.

Tricolor Pitbulls have three coat colors; typically black, brown, and white.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and seeing all of the rare and unique Pitbull colors out there. Which is your favorite–and are you considering rescuing or buying an American Pit Bull Terrier?

Summary of 11 Rare and Unique Pitbull Colors

NumberPitbull Color
2Black and Tan
4Red-Nosed Chocolate
5Light Fawn
7White and Black
8Red Brindle
10Blue Fawn

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