Discover The 15 Absolute Best Animals on the Internet Today

Written by Jeremy Phillips
Updated: January 24, 2023
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Hello animal friends!

In today’s edition of The Absolute Best Animals on the Internet you’ll find some badgers, baby deer (also know as fawns,) plenty of puppies (of course), a lion, a crazy chimp, and plenty of other sea, air and ground creatures for you to enjoy and learn about.

If you want YOUR cute critter featured, or just want to see more of something in our next edition, scroll to the bottom of article to send me some editorial feedback.



Birthday Pup!

Suspicious Pup!

Hey – that’s not a popsicle!

Smiling Pitbull!

Dogs That Save Us In More Ways Than One!

Can’t Blame The Seal

What a Baby Elephant!

Surely All Eagles Don’t Look This Way?

What If The Lion Was Saying “Leave me alone?”

Friday mood on a Tuesday

Meet the Most Chill Animal in the World

It might be true

He’s otter this world!

As I said above, let me know what animal buddies you’d like to see next!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Mullen

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